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TNP Census Underway!

Press Release

Produced by the LinkOffice of the Delegate of The North Pacific

October 3, 2019 - The regional census is underway, and you can help! There are currently two surveys open to the public that you can take part in.

LinkSurvey 1: Telegram Quality Survey - this survey analyzes the effiency of the regional telegram structure.
LinkSurvey 2: Information for Voters Survey - this survey helps the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs assess the Information for Voters program which helps the minstry inform World Assembly voters about the major issues with current proposals. This survey is CRUCIAL to helping The North Pacific be a strong and informed region when it comes to the proceedings of the World Assembly and your feedback is much appreciated.

More information about the Census can be found LinkHERE.

Thank you for your participation and for making the region the place that it is!

If you have any follow up questions or concerns, you can contact the Regional Press Secretary Castle Federation.