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by The Socialist Democratic Tsardom of Liruslau. . 54 reads.

Ham Sandwich

We interrupt this RMB to bring you a freshly baked dispatch

Liruslau here: you know, the guy who is always confused about whether he wants to apply for the government or not.

Iím here to tell you why you should vote for Wymondham this October.

HEíS GOT DAT EXPERIENCE, YO Am... am I cool yet?

During a time known as ĎThe Dark Agesí (March-April), Wym was President of Pacifica and helped to shape it into the Pacifica/Thalassia Democratic Union it is today. This period was characterised by events like the creation of PPKF/The levellers, and other u n s a v o u r y activities.

If Wym can handle us at our worst, he deserves us at our best.

Now back to scheduled programming