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Ambassador Trinity Ryan

Ambassador Trinity Ryan was recommended to the Governor-General by Prime Minister Elena Kuznetsova to fill the position of Representative of the Commonwealth of the San Carlos Islands to the World Assembly on 20 May 2019 and was officially appointed on 1 October 2019.

Ambassador Ryan served as the San Carlos Islands Ambassador to Canada from January 2017 until assumption of her SCIWA role in 2019. During her time as Ambassador, she has worked to increase the San Carlos Islands' participation in the organization.

Ambassador Trinity Ryan is a leader, diplomat, philanthropist, and self-described patriot who has made serving the people of San Carlos Islands and building something bigger than herself the cornerstone of her career.

As a second-generation Queenslander, Ambassador Ryan served her community by assuming several leadership roles at her local church in Charlotte as well as the Center for Environmental Protection, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Queensland.

With a deep commitment to environmental conservation and preservation as well the protection of endangered species, Ambassador Ryan has done extensive work with the both the Queensland and national Ministries of the the Environment.

As Ambassador to Canada, Ryan prioritized increasing economic and cultural relations with, increasing security cooperation between the two countries, and working with the Canadian government to do more to protect the natural beauty of the North Pacific and Cascadian region.

Ambassador Ryan is a graduate of the University of Queensland. She and her husband, Sullivan Ryan, who is also a native Queenslander, share little girl named Brianna.

San carlos mission to the world assembly