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Union of Foreign Affairs

Overseer of Foreign Affairs

What is the Union of Foreign Affairs?

Well, in short, the Union of Foreign Affairs is essentially where all foreign affairs in TSSU are conducted. The Union of Foreign Affairs is where TSSU represents itself abroad, and its main focus is to improve relations with our allies, coordinate foreign policy, and be mindful of what happens abroad. In this ministry, you are able to get to meet new people and explore several other regions.

Can my region create an embassy with TSSU?

Having an embassy with TSSU is a good opportunity to connect with our region but first check out our Embassy Requirements.
Once you have fulfilled our embassy requirements you can join our discord or telegram the region's Overseer of Foreign Affairs to talk about constructing embassies.

How can I get involved in the Union of Foreign Affairs?

One way you can help the Union of Diplomacy is by becoming an Ambassador! In this job you're posted to an allied region where you will represent TSSU. While an ambassador you will inform the Overseer of Foreign Affairs of any important developments in the region you are sent to every 15 days.