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The Entitizean Constitution

The Entitizean Constitution rev. 2

Article 1: The Limits of the Great Council

1.1 The Great Council is recognized as having the ultimate decision in all legislative issues.
1.2 The Great Council has the right to overturn any public vote with a unanimous vote, unless it directly affects the Great Council, ex. member votes, coalition formations, etc.
1.3 One member only has 1 seat and cannot hold 2 or more seats at once.

Article 2: The Rights of Citizens pertaining to the Great Council

2.1 Citizens have the right to assemble against the Great Council as an entity, or against a member of the Council.
2.2 Citizens have the right to vote to remove their district representative. Citizens that have residence(c1) in their representative's district are the only citizens that may vote for removal.
2.3 For the removal of office of a Council Member, citizens must run an official vote following guidelines declared in m.1.
2.4 Citizens may not vote to overturn a decision of the Council. They may petition for the Great Council to vote again on a previous decision.

c1: Residence---having legal documents or any other proof of having housing within district lines.

M: Miscellaneous References

m.1 The following are guidelines for citizens to run an official "Removal of Council Member from Office" vote.

  • You must have at least 3 centers where people can vote.

  • Citizens must use Entitizean Public Technology Association (EPTA) approved voting booths. They must NOT be connected to the Internet or World Wide Web in any way.a

  • Citizens must have proof of residence(2.c1) with them to vote.

  • All citizens must have their names recorded in an EPTA approved device and must be saved locally. The device must NOT be connected to the Internet in any way.

  • Citizens must have complete privacy while voting to prevent embarrassment and shame for what they are voting for.