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Stanierian Leadership Overview (From the eyes of an agent of the Intelligence Agency)

Sing Antonio Montemaggiore, President of Stanier
"President of Stanier, retired Divisional General of the Carabiner Corps, successful entrepreneur. Sing Montemaggiore is many things, but not a man you'd like to mess with. Behind the Populist speeches and the pregnant birds he paints to his opponents, lays a man who would gladly put away the most popular of celebrities for the 'greater good of the people'. God might know what that means, but apparently he would rather focus on the needs of many than the wants of the very few. I would say he is the epitome of centrism, seeing as he draws the best out of each ideology in order to make something that will make the country prosper. A military man and a businessman? I suppose that's enough qualifications to make you the best President Stanier has ever had since 1994. But I know that he hides something. I just don't know what"

Sandro Mèndez, Attorney General of Stanier
"Incumbent Attorney General, former football star turned lawyer, prominent face of the Stanierian justice and anti-corruption efforts. Sandro is humble and hard-working, but overtly naïve with his thinking that he can rid Stanier completely of crime and corruption. And though he might never get that done, he's great at cleaning up the house as of late, if you ever find significant amounts of dirt on the rest of the leadership of the country, or evidence of corruption within an organization or ministry, this is the man to speak with if you want swift retribution"

Akira Shinoda, Lead Commissioner of Stanier
"Incumbent Lead Commissioner of the Republic, the position's akin to a speaker of the house of sorts. She's a shady and secluded businesswoman with an empire built on her hometown of Porto Nippòn, not to mention she's also very racist since childhood, being raised mostly by an Imperial Japanese Colonel so high in patriotism he created a Zaibatsu clan to try and reclaim the nation for the Japanese again, can't link her to the clan though. She thinks that only people like her, that means Japanese-Stanierians, should rule the country for perpetuity. She tones down this rhetoric in public though, as a way to draw popular support for her causes. She fancies herself as a Libertarian, but I think of her as an anarchist. One of the promoters of the 2006 popular uprising which ended in the 2007 military coup. She's a woman that got a city under her thumb, lost it because she fell out of grace with the military, and got it back again when they were gone. Ruthless, selfish, and careless. Those are the three words I'd use to describe her"

Ennio Barbaro, Vice-President of Stanier
"Ennio. Barbaro. That would be the owner of Canale Tuo, one of the most charismatic men in the nation, one of our best comedians, and at one point, the richest man in Stanier. Childhood Friend of Sing Montemaggiore, they're like water and soap, best to have them together because they compliment each other so great. He raised his fortune working for Matteo Fidanzata back in the day and Ennio took over when Fidanzata died, and though he was declared innocent of being linked to the crime family, I'm pretty sure he's still in touch with the Fidanzata Crime Family in some way or another, though he isn't directing it anymore, that I am sure of"

Kofuku 'Kako' Kasei, Secretary to The Vice-Presidency
"I know, I know what you're thinking. Why is the secretary to one of the actual leaders in this list? Well, because she is interesting for reasons other than her hard-working ethic. For one: She didn't officially exist prior to June 7th 2015, that's a little more than a week before she started working with Barbaro. Secondly: She doesn't have any formal instruction, yet she can solve equations and list all elements in the periodic table without a hitch and faster than anyone else. And finally: Try to put her close to a Doppler radar and she'll get a striking headache. Something's wrong with that woman, and I'm bound to find out what"