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Master Factbook for Castelia

Master Factbook for Castelia

Greetings to you, poor soul who finds themselves here.

The reason why you're here is irrelevant. What is relevant is what is written below. Because it's a warning.

If for some reason you find yourself unable to understand what the hell is written here, you become annoyed, you cringe, or you find yourself unable to suspend your disbelief, then that's good. That means these factbooks were written the way they were intended.

This nation is written exclusively for crapposting, powerwanking, and the fun of the author. Don't say you weren't warned.

But if for some reason, you decide that you still want to carry on, then go ahead. You won't be stopped. But just to be clear, the author is not responsible for any headache, cringe, facepalm, or desire to commit not alive that happens to you while reading this. You were warned.

Oh, there are a few decently written factbooks here. Chances are they were written before the current incarnation came up, so they're usually of a better quality.

List of Factbooks:

Overarching Factbooks - These are the factbooks related to Castelia herself overall. These include symbols, the terminology, the overview, blah blah blah. Read this if you want to know more about this the extensive lore I've planned, or if you want to submit yourself to a painful headache.

Nation Factbooks - These are the factbooks related to the Retropunk Eperopolis. If you happen to come from the forums, especially from Forum 7 where all the factbook games come from, this is the section you're looking for.

Regional Factbooks - These are related to the region Castelia is staying in. Pay it no mind unless you're a member of the Azure Watester Foundation (in which case I encourage you to read them) or you're just really bored and have nothing else to do.

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Outdated Factbooks - Old factbooks that for some reason the author can't find the will to delete. They no longer apply to the current iteration of Castelia. Or do they? Hmmmm...

Roleplay Factbooks - These factbooks are related to the roleplays the author is doing, both regional and forum. Read if you want to. But really, don't.

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