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OmniOne: Guidebook


A guidebook to the region that encompasses all aspects and dimensions of existence, creation, species, and race, and willingly gives a dwelling place to anyone of any level of advancements, political ideology, and belief. Hopefully, you will have gained necessary knowledge of the region.
There are many regions and nations out there, reserved for our exploration. Yet, despite the interesting sights one may come across, you can not stay independent, and you can not travel on your own—you need friends.

Friends is where we can help. This region is free from corruption, free from hatred, and it’s quest is to give peace to those who seek it, and a settlement to those who wishes. After all, this region is more than a floating blob of space—rather, a land of fantasy, shared by our different advances in technology, magic, and government ideas.

Would you like to share a space with others despite your different political and religious backgrounds? To talk to, to ask for help, or to get to know more about a certain topic?

Maybe roleplaying? Fun and games? Hanging out with some people to talk about a specific hobby/interest? How about do your own hobby here? Write music, debate politics...

Fair and democratic elections? A highly valued and respected, yet powerful position in the regional government? Or maybe just some quiet and peace to play the game?

After all, we are a region that caters to everyone. No matter what lore you have, whatever personality, we want to adopt you and bring you into the family! The opening statement said, “Gives a dwelling place to anyone of any level of advancements, political ideology, and belief.” So even if your nation is ancient, or extremely advanced, have different political ideologies or believe in a religion, we accept!

Hopefully, this guidebook will give you more, and all the insight you need about OmniOne. Let’s start with the basics of gameplay first, in case you’re not familiar with NationStates.

PART ONE Gameplay
Things you should know about the game, it’s features, what you can do if you plan to keep playing.

1 What is NationStates?

NationStates is a game that simulates the experience of running a nation, dealing with politics, the economy, and the people; You have the power to lead them as you see fit, setting up laws, sometimes establishing diplomatic relations with other nations.

One way you can establish diplomatic relations with others is by setting up peace agreements and military pacts with nations around you in spaces called regions.

On the other hand, you are also supplied by the help of the World Assembly (WA) if you wish to apply for it.

What is the World Assembly? What can World Assembly members do? What provisions and benefits does OmniOne give to World Assembly members? You can find out more about that in the next section.

2 What is the World Assembly?

The World Assembly is a collection of nations, gathered together to fulfil the same purpose: To ensure and maintain peace and civility between WA member states.

2.1 What can WA members do?

WA members can do their part in bringing peace to other WA member states. How can they do that?

By passing resolutions and proposals through a vote. Nations of the WA can make bills that all member nations of the WA can vote on. If the majority votes against, the bill is not passed and thus not put into effect. But if the majority votes for, the bill is put into effect.

The bill is effective only on WA members. Do note that it is optional to apply for the WA. If you do not choose to apply for the WA and aren’t inside it, then you are not affected by the bill’s effects.

2.2 A World Assembly Delegate

WA members can elect a delegate for the region, which gives the nations the chance to have their WA proposals approved, revised, or personally checked.

The delegate, known officially as the ‘World Assembly Delegate’ (WAD) is elected by the amount of endorsements the person’s nation has. The nation with the most WA endorsements in the region is the World Assembly Delegate.

To endorse a WA member, go to their nation page and scroll down to the bottom. There, you will see an option to endorse the nation.

2.3 How can WA members benefit in OmniOne?

OmniOne is a member of the United Regions Alliance (URA). The URA gives WA members of its member regions the chance to express their opinion on WA proposals and resolutions.

From your voice, other regions and their members can benefit from your thoughts and learn to look at a different perspective. You can join in their helpful and healthy debates on bills on the URA’s discord server (see the World Factbook Entry).

2.4 Is it a must to be a WA member to join OmniOne?

Nope. However, we really recommend it, since we give you a say in WA resolutions and proposals. Think of it as a chance to learn more and look at things from another perspective.

3 What are regions?

A region is a group of nations led by a government, consisting of individual nation states. Some considerable positions in a regional government are the World Assembly Delegate (WAD) and the Founder.

3.1 The Regional Government

A regional government is one that directs and leads the region’s nations, giving them laws to abide by depending on whatever government they have.

In OmniOne, the four most prominent roles in the government are: the Founder, the Leader, the Grand Chancellor, and the WAD. The regional government in OmniOne is named the Governing Body, or known as ‘those who take the lead.’

3.2 Does the WA have any effect on the regional government?

Not at all! Regional governments can give all its members—WA or not—policies and laws in which they must go by. The WA does not have any effect on what the regional government can, or can not do.

The regional government could also choose that the region be fully-WA. Meaning, all of its region’s members must be a member of the WA. Being a fully-WA region can have some benefits. For example...

If a WA member notices that a fully-WA region is being held under hostile occupation [by another region] and has grown inactive, the WA member can file a resolution to liberate the specific region of its captives.

PART TWO OmniOne: The Basics
Things you must come to know about OmniOne if you plan to keep playing, in this region.

4 Rules and Etiquette

Are you in OmniOne? Then you need to follow the rules and etiquette. If you have a rough attitude, try to comply. You can talk to any one of the region members, or officers of the regional government for help!

More importantly, here are the three rules you will need to comply with:

4.1 Thou shalt not bully.

Bullying with the use of words (verbal bullying) can be off-putting and hurtful to the victim, and unprofessional when viewed in the eyes of others. After all, did you know that the brain receives hateful speech the same way it receives a punch? Likewise, your words can actually harm someone as if they had been punched.

Sure, maybe the other party deserved it. That’s your opinion. But if someone happens to have a disagreement with you, use constructive criticism. Not bullying. For a while, forget the other party, focus on your reputation.

You may feel satisfied after throwing some roasts at the other side, but people are watching. What will they think of you after seeing you taunting people? Will they see you as smart, humble, reasonable? Or some guy who can’t even solve a problem nicely?

If you have a disagreement with another region member and you can’t seem to fix it, contact one of the regional officers. They’ll help you! You can always trust on them to make sure you abide by the rules and standards.

4.2 Thou shalt not spam.

Spamming the regional message board (RMB) and the region’s discord server is extremely obnoxious, disturbing region members with unnecessary notifications.

But what if you have an extremely important message to tell and you’re worried that it will be buried under other replies? Never fear, for the regional officials are here!

If you don’t wish to send telegrams to the entire region by spending money, then contact the regional officers who have the power to send telegrams to the entire region for free.

4.3 Thou shalt not cheat.

Cheating in elections is immature and selfish. OmniOne has base standards for attitude that abhors cheaters and the use of cheating to get their way.

Simply put, if a member nation is under the suspicion of cheating, or is proved to be cheating, the member shall be impeached [put to questioning; interrogated]. If the member is deemed guilty, the member is banned from the region.

OmniOne hates cheaters who blocks other candidates and voters the right to a fair election. The regional government will not hesitate to ban anyone who is found guilty of such. Be assured that there are no exceptions to this law.

4.4 Thou shalt not post in the wrong [Discord] channel.

Yes, yes. We said 3 rules. But there is an additional fourth law in the region’s Discord server. That is, not to post in the wrong channel.

Posting in the wrong channel can be quite disruptive to the discussion that may be ongoing there. If you have accidentally done so, please delete your post. Any post that are obviously in the wrong channel that are not deleted within twelve hours result in a warning to the member nation.

Three strikes and you’re out.

5 Etiquette

Obey the rules with sincerity and understanding. Why are the rules put in place? How are we to act in accordance to the rules?

5.1 A politically-neutral region

Do remember that this region, it’s members, and it’s policies are not based on political views. This region is politically-neutral. No politics affects it.

But, you are always free to express your political views. Just remember that others have the same right to express their political views, and you are not obliged to follow, so don’t take it as a forceful attempt.

If you feel like someone has been attacking you and your views, feel free to contact the regional officers.

5.2 A religiously-neutral region

This region is not influenced by religious views and beliefs. We are a secular state. But we give all member nations the right to express and share their religious beliefs with others.

Don’t attack people for what they believe. Debate, not demean. And debate nicely, politely, and with sense. You wouldn’t want to forget your manners.

If you feel like you’re being forced to join a religion by another member nation, feel free to contact the regional government.

6 Regional co-Operation

Being in the region together, there is a need for bonding, getting to know each other, and helping each other when times get tough.

6.1 Activities on the Regional Message Board (RMB)

Nations and their users can learn more about each other, In Character (IC) or not (OOC). One simple way to do this is by sharing your nation’s facts on the RMB.

Did your nation recently pass a controversial law that is now being widely-debated? Is your nation having a celebration? Did your nation recently elect a new official? Share it with us.

There are games and roleplays in which you can reveal your inner personality and get to know others. Whether it may be you, or your nation, everyone has something to share.

6.2 Regional Interdependency

Regardless of your nation’s government, regardless of your nation’s technological or magical advancements, regardless of how big your nation is, all nations, once a member of OmniOne, is part of a region-wide alliance and military pact.

This alliance and pact ensures that every nation comes to an agreement to help each other out in times of distress and crisis. For example, if a region nation is being attacked by a non-region member, member nations must help the attacked nation.

If a nation is lacking basic needs for survival, member nations must supply the affected nation with resources.

7 In-Character Provisions

OmniOne gives provisions to supplement your nation’s lore, such as maps—where do you stand in the world, or the universe? Help others come to know your power and influence!

7.1 Maps

Putting a spot on OmniOne’s map helps others to know and recognise where you are, how big you are, so that they may be readily able to give supplies when needed (in IC).

To place a spot on the map, you need to be active for at least four weeks, or 28 days. After that, you may place a spot on a regional map by alerting a regional officer; Maps can be seen here.

7.2 Roleplays

Sometime, a roleplay is going to come up. Regional roleplays can be out-of-character (OOC), but we’ll focus on being IC:

IC roleplays help others to know what kind of nation you rule, what it stands for, and what it has that is unique. This helps others to know more about your nation, so when others may want to comment about it, they can do so appropriately.

PART THREE OmniOne: Influence
Things you should know about OmniOne if you wish to gain influence and power in the region.

8 The Governing Body

So, you’re a member of the region. Great! You’re officially an awesome person! What else can you do to make that ‘awesome’ badge shine? Well, you can take up a position in the regional government (Governing Body of OmniOne)!

8.1 The path to leadership

OmniOne is a meritocracy. What’s that? A meritocracy is a form of government that elects people by their influence—how active they are in the region—and merit—how much benefits they have done to the region.

The more active you are in regional activities and discussions, the more influence you gain. That way, more people will notice you and may vote you into a position based on your attitude.

8.2 Positions

Some positions available are ‘Grand Chancellor’ and ‘World Assembly Delegate.’ Sometimes, even the ‘Leader’ position is available if the incumbent steps down, is inactive, or has left NationStates entirely. Other roles focus on certain aspects of the government. For example, the ‘Minister of Defence Forces’ focus on OmniOne’s military and its advancements.

However, there are some rules on positions. For example, how long can a person be in a certain position? How long is a position’s term length? How is a person put into power?

A term length depends on the position.

Term length: Forever. Irreplaceable.

Grand Chancellor & Vice Grand Chancellor of OmniOne
Term length: One year.

World Assembly Delegate for OmniOne
Term length: One year.

To get into a specific position, a person must sign up to be the candidate of an election for that position. If the candidate wins the majority of the votes, the candidate wins the position and is inaugurated on another day.

9 Regional Organisations

Joining the Governing Body sounds cool and all that, but what if you don’t get in? What if you can’t get ahead no matter what you do? Or, what if you’re starting out small?

Be a part of a regional agency!

9.1 Whats a regional organisation?

A regional organisation is one that comprises of nations to focus on a specific task. One regional organisation, for example, is the ‘Bulletin Writers’ (BW). This organisation focuses on writing for issues of the OmniOne Bulletin.

9.2 List of Regional Organisations

In case you’re interested to apply, here is a list of the regional organisations you can sign up for:

The Chronicle’s Journalists (TCJ)
Focus: To write and edit articles on the OmniOne Bulletin: Ever Announcing the Advancements of OmniOne.

The Roleplaying Chamber (RPC)
Focus: To form roleplays for region members. Also to gather together and write stories about nation lore.

The Conducted Minstrels (CMS)
Focus: To come together and write songs and lyrics, sometimes for the region. An informal club that gives influence.

”Let’s Talk Politics” (LTP)
Focus: To debate and discuss political issues of the world—a chance to show off your political views and attract people of similar views.

Samaritans for OmniDwellers (SOD)
Focus: A special group of nations focused to help others emotionally when going through life’s struggles.

PART FOUR Beyond NationStates
Facts you should know if you should feel lost in life—what the region provides for you, the reader.

10 Regional Provisions out of NationStates

OmniOne is not only on NationStates, OmniOne is also Linkon Discord, which is where the Governing Body resides, where regional organisations have their meetings, where some roleplays are held, and where some nation’s users prefer to chat in. Of course, the Regional Message Board is not neglected. Nations are free to post there whenever they want. However, Discord is a huge suggestion if you want to gain influence and power, as there, some users prefer to reside in.

10.1 Feeling Sad?

You can always talk to fellow OmniDwellers for support when going through struggles. The Samaritans for OmniDwellers (SOD) group can help you by talking to you and give you advice. You can catch them on the Regional Message Board. If you have Discord, visit their channel on our region server and express your feelings.

10.2 Feeling Suicidal?

If you are feeling very depressed and you don’t want to carry life’s burden anymore, you should talk to a close friend, a family member, or a therapist. You can also try calling your national suicide hotline, of which there is a list Linkhere.

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