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Nuclear War is upon us

Nuclear War is upon us

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Delegates House
Magicality City
The North Pacific

From the moment the announcement came that the nuclear apocalypse would be upon us, I knew that only the most rapid of response could prepare us for what was to come. I immediately ordered a meeting of the Regional Security Team. All options were on the table. The threat we will face this year is greater than any yet. The Regional Security Team agreed that it was once again time to align ourselves under the banner of LinkUPPERCUT, if our region is to come out of this nuclear war unharmed.

I gathered with Regional Commanders Xentherida and Pallaith and with my Sub-Commanders Vivanco and Bobberino, to prepare for the battle that will soon be upon us. We believe today and always, that an alliance formed upon the nuclear annihilation of our enemies is one that will stand the test of time, that it is an alliance that can deliver peace, security and prosperity for our homeland.

We will fight fire with fire. That is our only option. The whole question of the defence of our home against nuclear warheads is emboldened by the fact that for the first time, we have significantly powerful military forces brewing against us - stronger than expected for this apocalypse, and far stronger than the last.

There was always the chance in the last apocalypse that we could be undone, and it is still this chance which excites and befool the imaginations of the tyrants far from our shores. They assure themselves that their methods of malice, aggression and brutality will prove too strong for us to overcome.

We will not be caught in simply a defensive battle at home. We shall ensure the defence of our partners in The Pacific, The Rejected Realms, The South Pacific, The East Pacific, and Europeia. We shall ensure the annihilation of our enemies. Only through their annihilation, shall our homes find salvation.

Ladies and Gentleman, we are at war. Best be prepared.

Yours faithfully,



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