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The Union Truth | Issue X -- Election Interviews [Election Special]

The Union Truth
Regional Newspaper - Issue X

The Union Truth
The Union's greatest news

|| Presidential Election Interviews ||

The Presidential Election
After four months of administration, bills, and executive actions the President will face
his next greatest challenge. Re-Election. September has arrived and the Executive term is
soon to end, as always the Election begins 2 days before the new President is to take office.
President Nova blazeville was the first to declare his candidacy and
announce his run for a second term, with Thomasear continuing
as his pick for Vice-President. If he wins he will become the 3rd President in
Union History to serve more than one term in office.
In a surprising announcement on the same day former Vice-President West tronia
Declared his candidacy and intention to run as President. This announcement was
surprising to most, as it seemed for a long time that West Tronia had retired from
Union Politics. He chose Albaznia
, the interim chair of the Social Democratic and Justice Party, as his pick for Vice-President.

Other notable candidates include; Assembly member Royal federative kingdoms
(runningmate: United asialavilba), Assembly Member Lizerland
(no runningmate has been chosen) and a citizen named Republic of zamboanga peninsula.

This is the first time in Union History, where five candidates have run for the Presidency!
Since it is school season, a live debate was not able to be held on the discord server.
However, The Union Truth was able to get some of the candidates to answer questions
via Telegram. Lizerland did not respond, and Republic of zamboanga peninsula
declared his candidacy late, and therefore we did not have time to collect his reponses.

Election Interviews
Question 1: Do you wish to bring back the Union's Roleplay which has currently died?

Nova Blazeville: I wish to bring it back when there is enough activity and interest shown by the population.
West Tronia: Currently not many citizens seem to be interested in roleplay, however I plan to call a referendum to answer this question.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: The roleplay should be brought back on a small scale with, some roleplay events planned out for a few months and having a 'roleplay recess' for some months.

Question 2: What do you think of the current constitutional amendment begin discussed in Parliament?

Nova Blazeville: I believe it has been a long time since significant reform. Don't get me wrong this isn't just reforming for the sake of improvement, but its time to update the system. May times in the past, we've introduced amendments and changes to update outdated governance systems. Such as when we created the 4th Constitution, which made both Houses of Parliament democratic and reduced the power of the unelected council of electors. Or when we amended the 4th constitution to abolish the Supreme Ministry and establish the Presidency and Premiership, or when we created our current 5th constitution which abolished the council of electors. Similarly, it is time to update the system again. The office of Prime Minister has no use at this point and therefore should be abolished, the Assembly as the upper House should not be able to be dissolved.
West Tronia: If I am President when this amendment passes, I will immediately issue a veto. The executive has no business interfering in the affairs of the legislature.
Royal Federative Kingdoms:The overall idea of it is good, however, the particular clauses such as where the President can prorogue parliament seem to give to much power to the executive.

Question 3: Do you think the UCWAA should be reformed?

Nova Blazeville: The UCWAA is in desperate need of reform, something to bring back activity while keeping the WA Delegacy stable.
West Tronia: The UCWAA has shown to be a clear failure and thus should be abolished.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: did not answer

Question 4: How do you plan to manage the Union's stagnant population?

Nova Blazeville: Let us go back to the idea of a recruitment competition. If more citizens get involved the more friendly and welcome we will seem to new nations.
West Tronia: We must establish a recruitment agency and its members will handle all recruitment.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: An executive order that allows all citizens to recruit.

Question 5: Do you plan on making the Union more open to foreigners or more closed off?

Nova Blazeville: More open, we need more people to quell our stagnant population growth
West Tronia: Definitely more open, if we keep our borders open we can allow more people to enter and gain citizenship so our population grows.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: More open, however some form of check should be enforced.

Question 6: Is it finally time for a citizenship/immigration law? If so how difficult would it be to immigrate to the Union? if not why do you think we should not have this law?

Nova Blazeville: I do not support an immigration law. However, I do recommend creating a citizenship law that requires some check but overall should not be a complicated process.
West Tronia: did not answer
Royal Federative Kingdoms: yes we must create laws to enforce background checks for potential raiders.

Question 7: Do you think the people should have more say in the legislative process?

Nova Blazeville: The people should have the power to overturn laws they think is unjust. This way, a further check is placed on the government, and it reinforces the idea that the government's authority comes from the people.
West Tronia: The people should have the power to propose legislation to parliament, this way our government is more in touch with its citizens.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: The people should only have a say in if laws are just or not, and may overturn them if they deem it necessary.

Question 8: Should our impeachment and removal process be restructured?

Nova Blazeville: Yes, as President the people must have confidence and mandate in us, removal from office should not just be limited to committing a crime.
West Tronia: No, the current system is fine.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: That is for the legislators to decide, not the President.

Question 9: Do you plan on making/proposing any major reforms to the region?

Nova Blazeville: First I'd like to restructure our impeachment and elections; this way the government represents the people in the best possible manner. A foreign cooperation between regions of similar size should also be pursued. So we can build allies for when we become stronger in the future.
West Tronia: We need a citizens, puppets and foreign envoy registry to keep track of all the nations in our region. We also should reorganize our bureaucracy.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: We need to create separate puppet offices for each individual branch of government, as well as a citizens and puppet list.

High knight kingdom, Executive Editor and Publisher

The union truth office