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TWP Code of Conduct

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Code of Conduct

The West Pacific is usually an easy-going, fun, relaxed region that welcomes anyone willing to be a part of it. However, we do have some rules that make life here better for everyone. In order to help you understand us a little better, we present you with this Code of Conduct. Please read it thoroughly and keep it close to your heart. Violation of the Code will result in at the least a warning, and at the most an one way ticket to the Rejected Realms.

Respect the Endorsement Cap

  • The Endorsement Cap Policy can be found in full in this dispatch. In order to keep the region secure and stable, any nation violating the cap of 250 endorsements will be usually contacted before being removed from the region, sometimes even more than once, so they have a chance to comply. Please pay attention to your endorsement number—it is your responsibility!

Follow the Regional Message Board Etiquette

  • Our Regional Message Board (RMB) is a public place where we all come to chat, share something funny, debate or simply find entertainment. Therefore, we have a set of rules to keep the RMB a friendly place that can be enjoyed by everyone. Check the full RMB Etiquette here in order to avoid having actions taken against you, and of course, follow the NationStates rules at all times when posting as well.

Respect all our policies

  • We don't like troublemakers who come and try to make trouble. There is a huge difference between joining the region and trying to make an impact, and just being a huge pain in the "backyard". Remember that the Delegate is the ultimate authority in the region, and his Regional Officers and Guardians inherit the authority given to them by the Delegate and may use it at their discretion. So play nice.

Respect other nations' names and symbols

  • Each nation in TWP belongs to a player who has molded it into whatever he or she desired it to be, including symbols, descriptions, name and other custom fields, and we believe it is disrespectful if you use or abuse any of those without first getting the proper permission. Some level of similarity can be understood, but sometimes it is clearly obvious that you have taken something from another nation. Ask first and most times the other nation will be more than happy to help you out. If not, then the Delegate or Guardians will take whatever actions they deem necessary.

Do not come here with ill intentions

  • If you come here trying to topple the rightful Delegate of the West Pacific, or to harm our RMB with unwanted spam or advertisements, or to support a foreign organization trying to harm us, you will quickly find out we are neither passive nor welcoming when threatened. Visitors are welcome to participate in our RMB, but are expected to read the regional rules when entering, and will be shown less leniency than residents and new players if the Guardians and Delegate so choose.

Do not harass your fellow players

  • If you harass a fellow player publicly in the RMB or privately through telegrams, you will not only find yourself quickly kicked out of the region, but you'll also be reported to the Moderators. We want everyone to enjoy this place in a safe environment. This is a zero-tolerance rule. Please understand that what someone else considers harassment may not seem like harassment to you, so err on the side of caution.

Choose your nation's name and motto wisely

  • We do not allow inappropriate subjects or images in the name, motto, currency, national animal, demonym, capital city, leader, national religion, national flag, factbooks, dispatches, or banner of your nation. If you decide to something inappropriate with these fields, the Delegate or Guardians may or may not give you a chance to fix the issue. It's up to them. Most new nations who get banjected are gone because of a violation of this rule.

Ask questions but take the time to learn

  • Most of the experienced players love to help you out and answer your questions. But if you are told where to find the answer then don't expect to be spoon-fed. We all try to be adults here and that means that pointing you to an answer is as good as giving it to you, especially for ones that are easy to locate. Nothing will make you less welcome than to demand a full page, detailed answer after being told where you can find it. You won't get kicked out, but you won't make any friends.

English please, and the formal version of it

  • This game's main language is English, and our region has decided that English is the language of its RMB, regional forums, and Discord server. This does not mean that other languages are forbidden. It means that we expect you to offer a translation of whatever you said, so the rest of the community can understand you. Google Translate usually works well enough to get your message across if you don't feel confident enough to provide your own translation, so no excuses. There is nothing worse than seeing a whole conversation that you can't understand. And if English is not your primary language, let us know.

  • Furthermore, we know that a lot of people are used to text-speak where words are shortened or initialed to make your point quicker, and we have no problem with the use of abbreviations (like "sup fam" and "IIRC") or emojis if done occasionally. However, remember that there are people from all over the world in our region. English may not be their first language and what seems innocent to you may be an insult or impossible to understand if shortened or initialed. So think before doing that too often. However, one thing that is not tolerated is speech like "if u gonna rite lik u know, tis, u no what I say?" That will get you a warning first then a banjection if it continues. Remember the words of Weird Al, "(we) hate these word crimes". Watch Linkthis video if you don't know who Weird Al is or what Word Crimes are.

Don't be a dick (should be self-explanatory)

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Just remember that the Delegate and their appointed Regional Officers and Guardians are committed to allow the West Pacific to become your home region, and to make you feel welcomed. However, realize we have our own culture. We are snarky, sometimes cynical, sometimes satirical, but never pitiful or cruel. We aim to find entertainment in this game, without allowing anyone to ruin that entertainment. This is a GAME after all, and it is meant to be fun for EVERYONE. Have a playful spirit, be wise with your words and quick with your keyboard, and you'll fit in here.


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