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TWP Message Board Rules

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

TWP Message Board Rules

We ask you to follow these rules: most are common sense and basic courtesy.
Remember that the
NationStates Site Rules apply at all times too.

Residents of the West Pacific are shown more leniency in regards to these rules, especially new nations.

Visitors are also welcome, but they are expected to read the rules when entering and will be shown less leniency.

Breaking these rules can result in warning, suppression, or banjection; with immediate banjection for serious offenses.


Be careful with quotes: Replace their content with -snip- when dealing with long or rule-breaking posts, but do not alter their content in any other way.

Be patient: This is a worldwide game played in people's spare time. Understand that your post might not get a response in a timely fashion.

Respect everyone: Always be courteous and respectful to your fellow players. Flaming, baiting, trolling, harassment and the like result in banjection.

Stay calm: Discussion is encouraged, but if things get heated during a debate, step away from the keyboard.

Speak English: English is the language of NationStates, so please use it or provide an English translation for your fellow regionmates.

Take time to read: If you ask a question and are directed to look it up somewhere, look it up instead of demanding a full page answer.

Welcome new nations: New nations should have their greetings and queries answered in a friendly manner and be encouraged to get involved.


No advertising: This includes dispatches, factbooks, polls, events, and of course recruitment, unless permission is given by the Delegate.

No asking for endorsements: Endorse other nations to be endorsed back, instead of asking in the RMB.

No double posting: You should always use the Edit button at the bottom right of your post to add more information.

No feeding the trolls: Instead of giving attention, notify the Delegate and Guardians (you can ping in the Discord Server) and wait for them to act.

No inappropriate content: Examples include but are certainly not limited to homophobia, racism, sexism, fascism, nazism, and non-PG-13 content.

No puppetwanking: Don't use puppets to ban evade, like your own posts, or create false conversations.

No real life politics: We're here to have fun playing NationStates, not to get stressed in political discussions.

No roleplaying: We have dedicated roleplay areas in offsite platforms, you can read more in the Map & Roleplay dispatch.

No rules-lawyering: If you are unhappy with a Delegate or Guardian decision, telegram them instead of complaining in the RMB.

Remember, the Delegate and Guardians have final say on what is and isn't acceptable.

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