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TWP Endorsement Cap Policy

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[size=125][b]Current Caps:[/b] [color=#481c5e][b]250[/b][/color] if endorsing [nation]Dilber[/nation], [color=#cc0000][b]10[/b][/color] if not.[/size][hr]

Please take a moment to inform yourself of the Endorsement Cap Policy of [region]the West Pacific[/region]. Endorsement caps are common in regions across NationStates, and are even more important for the security of Game Created Regions including ours, because they have no founder nations and all the power over them is centralized into the Delegate, i.e. the nation with the most endorsements. Our security precautions ensure our stability and the protection of our community from those that would selfishly seek to overrun our community with their ego.
All players are encouraged to join [url=]The World Assembly[/url] and endorse the Delegate and [url=]Guardians[/url]. Our Delegate is the supreme leader of [region]The West Pacific[/region], and our Guardians are selected by the Delegate to assist and advise. Guardians are exempt from the endorsement cap. Your endorsements empower our region in World Affairs as well as increase the Delegates and Guardians influence to ensure our region's security. In addition, the more endorsements you have, the more influence you gain within the region, and you could even earn golden top 1% badges for endorsements and influence.

[i](Just remember NationStates Rules allow only one World Assembly member nation per player.)[/i]

Please take note that while each nation has the right to choose whether or not to endorse any given World Assembly nation, failure to endorse the Delegate places a drain upon the Delegate's influence. Because of game mechanics and the limitations on the accumulation of influence now in place, those that choose not to endorse the Delegate will be held to a lower endorsement cap. A World Assembly member nation only needs two endorsements in order to fully participate in all World Assembly game features, so this lower cap will not affect your ability to fully participate in the game.

These endorsement cap levels and policies are subject to change by rule of the Delegate.

[size=125][b]What happens when a nation exceeds the cap?[/b][/size]

[*]If a nation has not endorsed the Delegate and exceeds the lower cap then that nation will be contacted and given the opportunity to either endorse the Delegate or take action to bring their endorsement count into compliance (see below). Failure to take either of these actions in the time-frame specified by the Delegate will result in removal from the region.

[*]If a nation has endorsed the Delegate and exceeds the higher cap then that nation will be contacted and given the opportunity to take action to reduce their endorsements (see below). Failure to take action in the time-frame specified by the Delegate will result in removal from the region.

[*]If a nation is clearly [i]endotarting[/i] (rushing to endorse a ton of nations in a short timespan) to quickly gain endorsements with the goal of threatening or testing the security of the region, or they are obviously attempting to take the Delegacy, that nation will be contacted and expected to take immediate action to reduce it's endorsements within one update (no more than 12 hours). If that nation fails to respond or cooperate, they will be removed from the region through a [i]banjection[/i]. Furthermore, an immediate banjection will occur if the nation indicates that they will not comply with the Delegate's order or otherwise displays hostile intent.

[size=125][b]I've exceeded the cap, what should I do?[/b][/size]

If you have [i]not[/i] endorsed the Delegate, we encourage you to do it! Endorsing the Delegate will allow you to have up to 250 endorsements.

If you do not wish to endorse the Delegate, but have exceeded the lower cap or if you have endorsed the Delegate, but have exceeded the higher cap, this is what you can do:

[*]The quickest method is to briefly resign from the World Assembly. You will lose all your endorsements. You can then reapply and rejoin the WA, and start rebuilding your endorsements up to the appropriate cap.

[*]Don't want to bother with resigning and rejoining the World Assembly? You can move your nation out of the region for one update (updates occur twice daily. so plan on a 12 hour vacation from the region). Your endorsements will then be removed after the update is completed.  You can return to the region with a clean slate, and seek endorsements up to the appropriate cap once again.

[*]The hardest method in terms of effort but the easiest in terms of keeping your endorsement count high, is to Telegram some nations that are endorsing you and request that they remove their endorsement. This method will take some time and really should only be used if you have slightly exceeded the cap. [i]REMEMBER: You must be proactive when using this as an option. Failure to take action in a timely manner will result in the Delegate removing you from the region.[/i]

[size=125][b]Can I get an Exemption from the cap?[/b][/size]

The Delegate in consultation with the Guardians may consider exemptions under very extraordinary conditions.

[size=125][b]Is there a Government participation exemption?[/b][/size]

Yes, but only at the discretion of the Delegate. Currently, there are two exemptions: the Minister of World Assembly Recruitment is capped at 350, while the elected Hall of Nations Guardian is capped at 325.

[size=125][b]I have other questions.[/b][/size]

Feel free to post any questions you have, or send a telegram to the Delegate or Guardians. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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