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Torchwood is officially the Cybusian Empires intelligence-gathering organization, but is also in charge of all stealth ships, commando units, and special operations. Founded by Alexander shortly after creating the Empire, Yvonne Hartman was originally placed in charge. Under her administration, Torchwood primary goal was to suppress Orsonian uprisings. They failed in this capacity, though Hartman did end up saving Alex's life when she fired a flare directly at Charles Orsons head to distract him and giving Alex a chance to go on the offensive, forcing Charles to flee, and leading to the end of the Battle of Arcadia, and the signing of the Treaty of Arcadia. Despite this bravery, immediately following the Battle of Arcadia, Alex personally went to her office and proceeded to torture and Consume her for failing to do her job. Following Alex's death and subsequent resurrection by Dr. Nathan Koenig, who headed Torchwood at the time, Torchwood took on a new role, beyond collecting information and suppressing insurrection. Koenig was demoted to deputy director, and John Forge took charge. Forge, having spent centuries as an Imperial Marine, knew that Torchwood needed to be more active in its role. Taking Koenigs prototype stealth ships, he designated them Prowlers, and armed them to become advanced stealth warships intended for battlefield support and covert infiltration. Under his administration, which is ongoing, Agents are not merely intelligence operatives, they are each an army unto themselves. Agents are elite combatants, with an expert knowledge of combat, strategy, manipulation, psychology, and sociology, programming, hacking, and biology. While every Agent is armed and dangerous, the truly lethal arm of Torchwood are its Kill-Teams.

Torchwood Sections
Section 0: Officially nonexistent, serves as internal affairs, and archivist for things not trusted to other branches, typically for Directorial access only. It is rumored this division employs its own secretive set of Agents, and they hide things from even Alex. Within Torchwood, Section Zero is the boogeyman and the source of many whispered rumors.

Section 1: Domestic Intelligence and Operations. Concerned with dealing with information-gathering across the Empire, Section One Agent’s primary tool and/or weapon is information. While PRISM-style intelligence was banned by the Didactian Council, internet providers are obligated to produce red flag reports for activity deemed highly suspect, though a court order is required before any action can be taken by Torchwood to deal with this. Despite this, Section One is highly efficient and has stopped countless insurrections or terrorist attacks before they began through the careful collection and release of data, which even be false, intended to mislead a target. Section One Agents also assist in police investigations involving Imperial assets or personnel and also assist in the hunting of serial killers or other criminals if they operate across multiple planets.

Section 2: Foreign Intelligence. Concerned with infiltrating other nations and reporting intelligence back, Section Two Agents are highly skilled and almost all are Evolved, due to their ability to manipulate their appearance on the fly. Section Two deals with information gathering and monitoring of enemy assets, as well as sabotage, black-bag operations, the occasional wetwork mission (typically left to Section Four), as well as operating domestically in a counter-intelligence role.

Section 3: Research and Development. The Section headed up by Dr. Koenig, Section Three is responsible for scientific analysis of anomalies, E-99 refinement and weaponization, general research, weapons development, AI creation, and other such tasks. The labs of Section Three are where many of the Empire’s now common-place weapons were developed, such as Hardlight and Dark Matter weapons. Contrary to the name, Section Three is more than just R&D, as it is also responsible for creating and maintaining almost everything in Torchwood service, from the Usher Special .45 pistols used by every Agent, the armored and shielded trench coat and fedora, all the way up to Prowlers.

Section 4: Kill-Teams. Section Four is the source of countless ghost stories, and whispered rumors, most of them understatements. This reputation is well-earned, as Section Four is the single most deadly branch of Torchwood. While all Agents are capable combatants in their own right, Kill-Team members are seasoned veterans, consummate professionals who can handle anything. They can act as exceptionally powerful shock troops, just as easily as they can slip into a compound, eliminate a target, and leave without anyone the wiser. Anyway they are deployed, the enemies of the Empire are guaranteed doom. They are often inserted by Prowler, terminate the target and any targets of opportunity, and then either slip out or fight their back for extraction.

Section 5: Prowler Operations. The branch responsible for operating the Torchwood Prowler Corps, Section Five recruits from the Navy for its crews and captains, and the Marines for the shipboard defense teams. These are always the best of the best, the most talented captains and crew available. Section Five operations include gathering intelligence, inserting Agents or Kill-Teams, striking strategic targets with Wraith Class Prowlers, laying minefields, or conducting electronic warfare operations during fleet engagements.


Prowlers are advanced stealth vessels intended for covert infiltration and observation of enemy forces, mine-laying, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, and Kill-Team insertion. Currently, the smallest vessel designated as a Prowler is the Nyx Class Sloop, a small multipurpose vessel intended for Agent insertion and various operations, while the largest is the Headsman Class Interdictor Cruiser, a stealth cruiser intended for large ambushes of priority targets by ripping them from FTL and then destroying them.

Nyx Class Sloop
Length: 75 meters
Armaments: 4 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers, 1 Surge Cannon

The Nyx Class Sloop, named for the Greek goddess of night, are small ships, used for a variety of special tasks. The ship is designed to be modular to allow for a wide variety of roles. It is armed with four Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters beside the bridge, along with a pair of missile launchers, and a Surge Cannon which is designed to shut down enemy electronics and vehicles. The Nyx has all the stealth features of larger Prowlers, along with EW equipment.
The Nyx has only one true "fixed" room, due to its highly variable nature, and the room is the bridge. The bridge is more akin to a cockpit on an aircraft, with pair of stations, which can both operate as the pilot or weapons officer. These stations have access to the forward window, weapons control and flight control. Between this the main holotank, which can display a variety of inputs, or just the A.I. in most cases. Behind this is the electronic warfare operators seats, which has access to a wide variety of technical systems for observation, defense and offense, allowing them to defend against and perform attacks in the electromagnetic spectrum or cyberspace. Other than the bridge, crew quarters, armory, droid bay, and hanger, very little of the ship is the same throughout the class, each one unique to its owner or assignment. The rest of the ship is highly modular, having three decks to work with. It can be used for stealthy observation, clandestine research, VIP transport, or even a weapons testbed, complete with target drones or firing range.
The main defense of the Nyx is its stealth and speed, due to its light armament. It is extremely fast, and agile enough for dogfighting, should the need arise. It's engines are extremely efficient and are equipped with highly efficient heat sinks to eliminate heat emissions. The Nyx's hull is painted matte black and is covered in sensor-absorbing stealth plating and active camouflage systems which render it literally invisible to the naked eye as well as many sensors. The vessel has various "baffles", which can create the false impression of the vacuum of space around the Nyx, eliminating the primary means of detecting stealth ships. If the Nyx is forced into combat, it has four layers of ACE and four layers of ERA armor, as well as five shield generators to protect it. Due to the light armament, Nyx captains are almost always directed to use the vessels superior speed and agility to escape before committing to a random-vector Jaunt jump.
The Nyx is also equipped with drone launching bays, and a ultra-encrypted communications array. There is a hanger and vehicle storage bay, capable of holding 4 Raven Class Fighters, and 2 Crow Class Dropships(modified for stealth operations) and a small fleet of ground vehicles. There is also a droid bay, capable of holding up to twenty droids.

Orwell Class Prowler:
Length: 300 feet
Armament: 150 Hardlight Cannons, 200 missile pods, 200 Surge Cannons

Overview and role: The Orwell Class Prowler is the second newest Torchwood Prowler. It is small(for a ship) and sleek, bearing none of the Art Deco decoration of many Cybusian warships. The Orwell is largely meant to avoid active combat, acting in a supporting role by intercepting and jamming hostile communications, hacking into enemy systems, scrambling targeting or guidence systems, and committing other acts of electronic and cyber-warfare. However, if push comes to shove, it can be used to disable enemy ships, lay minefields, or change the course of a battle with a well-placed missile barrage. One Prowler is assigned to almost every battle group, and the Orwell, ironically, is becoming the most popular type for such purposes.

Armament: The Orwell has minimal armament, consisting mostly of Surge Cannons which are used to disable ships and spacecraft for capture or boarding, some Hardlight cannons, as well as missile pods, capable of firing everything from Surge missles, which have the same effect as a Surge Cannon, to Mesmer warheads, which are designed to emit a bright, Mesmerizing light, or more conventional warheads. It has several fabricators onboard which are reserved for the exclusive purpose of creating mines, and many Prowlers lay stealthed minefields prior to or during a battle. These mines, like the missiles, can have diverse payloads, including weapons of mass destruction.

Stealth Systems: However, the main defense of the Orwell is its stealth and speed. It is quite fast, and remarkably agile for its size. It's engines are highly efficient and are equipped with heat sinks to eliminate heat emissions. The Orwell's hull is painted matte black and is covered in ablative stealth plating and active camouflage systems which render it literally invisible to the naked eye.

Electronic Warfare: The Orwell has a large suite of both narrow-band and wide-band jamming equipment. Systems aboard the Prowler can intercept, decrypt, and trace the source of a message with 99.9% accuracy within sixty seconds. The source is automatically jammed, although false replies can be sent through, allowing misinformation to be provided. In addition, the Prowler has the best encryption technology in the Empire, ensuring Imperial communications are unreadable. Several crew members and AIs aboard are devoted exclusively to hacking into or otherwise manipulating or controlling enemy systems.

Protection: Layers of ACE and ERA armor are under the coating, while four shield generators shield the Orwell from harm. Hidden point-defense systems allow missiles to be shot down.

Other systems:
The Orwell has a pair of hanger bays, capable of holding fighters and dropships, as well as launching drones(the Orwell has quite a large array of drones, ranging from simple surveillance drones to high-end stealth UCAVs). The Orwell has a small but well-equipped laboratory, which doubles as biological and chemical weapon storage.

Nox Class Prowler:
Length: 200 meters
Armament: 1 AED, 1 Neutron Cannon, 50 Double Surge Cannons, 100 Double Dark Matter Cannons, 50 Missile Pods, 1 silo.

Built to replace the Orwell Class, the Nox is the newest and most advanced Prowler in the Torchwood fleet, and is equipped with bleeding-edge technology and weapons. Lightly armed with only 50 Double Surge Cannons, to disable enemy ships, 100 Double Dark Matter Cannons, as well as 50 missile pods, the Nox is also equipped with several unique weapon systems. It is equipped with a prototype Applied Entropic Device. A new, top-secret weapon developed by Torchwood with the consultation of Technocratic-Director James Abrasax, the Applied Entropic Device is an advanced E-99 based weapon, which creates “bubbles” in which time is advanced to such a point that anything in the area effectively becomes dust, be it organic or inorganic matter. Even Evolved will eventually die or mutate uncontrollably when affected by an AED. The AED is an omnidirectional weapon, and can target anything within its considerable range. The Nox is intended to use its AED to engage capital ships or high value targets before escaping using its speed, agility, countermeasures, and Jaunt Drive. The Nox is also equipped with a single silo for launching specialty munitions. Finally, the Nox is equipped with a single Neutron Cannon, a spinal mounted radiation weapon designed to kill the crews of enemy ships so they can be boarded and captured or destroyed.

The Nox Class is equipped with all the stealth features of earlier Prowlers, but has several unique new features. In addition to the stealth coating on the hull, the sensor-absorbing paint, heat and radiation sinks, active camouflage systems, and other features standard on previous Prowlers, the Nox is equipped with a prototype Neurostatic Field Generator, copied and heavily modified from Technate weapons but applied to the field of electronic warfare and protection rather than disabling organic foes. While it does retain the sensor-scrambling abilities of the original design, it amplifies this by several orders of magnitude. If sensors come close to detecting the Nox, the NFG is activated, and it generally either outright fries the sensor systems as they try to cope with the sheer volume of interference, false contacts, and errors, or causes the enemy to believe their systems are simply malfunctioning to a major degree. This system also makes it nearly impossible for missiles to achieve a target lock on a Nox, and even confuses most AI without immunity protocols. If the need arises, the NFG can be used to ‘surround’ enemy ships with the field, filling their sensors with false contacts, static, and interference to such a degree that some systems outright crash. The revamping of the field means it no longer affects organics in the way that a ‘conventional’ Neurostatic field does.

The Nox is equipped with several layers of ACE and ERA armor, as well as prototype Blacklight-Laced Armor. Armor made of solidified Hydrium, carbon nanotubes, and infused with Blacklight biomass, Blacklight-Laced Armor is difficult to create, due to the difficulty of getting the biomass to properly bond with the armor, but if the process is done correctly, the armor can regenerate damage on its own, much like Blacklight biomass can. The Blacklight in the armor is ‘passive’, so to speak, and will regenerate but cannot Consume, similar to the Blacklight strains in most Banshees and Orsonians.

The Nox is equipped with hangers for up to twenty small craft, and has a small detachment of stealth ground vehicles and droids to support Agent Kill-Teams. It is equipped with three smart AI.

Wraith Class Prowler:
Length: 400 meters
Armament: 200 Dark Matter Cannons, 800 missile pods, 50 silos

Torchwood operates many Prowler stealth vessels. They are primarily intended for covert reconnaissance, data collection, electronic warfare, mine-laying, and covertly inserting Torchwood Kill-Teams. The Wraith fulfills an entirely different role. It's goal is to infiltrate enemy systems and unleash hell by deploying heavy munitions.

As befitting it's role as a stealthy WMD platform, the Wraith has 50 silos, each equipped with a dedicated fabricator to create missiles and an armory of unique warheads. The fabricators can create a wide range of munitions, ranging from Surge(Airburst) to cripple a planets power infrastructure, sensors, communications, and otherwise throw it into chaos, E-99, which can literally age cities into dust, and generate bizarre and disturbing temporal anomalies, Mesmerization (Airbust), which detonated high in the atmosphere and Mesmerizes all who witness its detonation, and other unique munitions such as Terrain Deformation Warheads, large-scale Cryogenic Warheads, weather manipulation warheads, or even planet-killing Core Destabilization Warheads. The Wraith can deliver these munitions against planet-side targets, orbital installations, or ships with equal ease. The missiles themselves are equipped with broad-spectrum jamming equipment and sensor-absorbing materials, making them hard to detect. If they are detected, they are programmed with a variety of evasive maneuvers to avoid premature shootdown. If the need arises, it will automatically switch to a target of opportunity, a target it can eliminate without being destroyed.
The Wraith is also equipped with a number of missile pods and Dark Matter Cannons, giving it a lethal edge if it ends up discovered by enemy vessels. The Wraith has several mine-deployment bays. These can be either "real-space" deployed mines with stealth features or Flytrap Class Jaunt Mines, which reside in other dimensions until targets are detected. Wraiths often lay intricate minefields around target worlds to neutralize any vessels that would try to escape following a strike.

Stealth Systems: The main defense of the Wraith is its stealth and speed. It is quite fast, and remarkably agile for its size. It's engines are highly efficient and are equipped with highly efficient heat sinks to eliminate heat emissions. The Wraith's hull is painted matte black and is covered in sensor-absorbing stealth plating and active camouflage systems which render it literally invisible to the naked eye as well as many sensors. The vessel has various "baffles", which can create the false impression of the vacuum of space around the Prowler, eliminating the primary means of detecting stealth ships. If the Wraith is forced into combat, it has four layers of ACE and four layers of ERA armor, as well as five shield generators. Newer Wraiths are equipped with the NFG of the Nox Class.

Electronic Warfare: Despite its role as a delivery platform for WMDs, the Wraith has the same intelligence-gathering equipment of any other Prowler, so it can locate targets, jam or otherwise interfere with sensors, or prevent communications in the aftermath of a strike. It has a large suite of both narrow-band and wide-band jamming equipment. Systems aboard the Prowler can intercept, decrypt, and trace the source of a message with an average accuracy rate of 94% within sixty seconds. The source is automatically jammed, although false replies can be sent through, allowing misinformation to be provided. In addition, the Prowler has the best encryption technology in the Empire, ensuring Imperial communications are unreadable. Several crew members and AIs aboard are devoted exclusively to hacking into or otherwise manipulating or controlling enemy systems. The ships smart AI devotes part of its processing power to predictive analysis, trying to discern patterns in enemy deployments and defenses so as to calculate the most efficient firing solutions for the silos.

Other Systems: The Wraith also has three hanger bays, to launch fighters, bombers, dropships, or drones. There is a large number of stealth drones and dropships aboard. The Wraith is typically a launching platform for stealth-modified Spear Long Range Bombers, taking out enemy installations prior to a strike by the Prowler.

Stalker Class Interdictor Cruiser:
Length: 4,000 meters
Armament: 1 Super-Heavy Surge Cannon, 2 Artonic Cannons, 2,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 2,000 missile pods, 1,000 duel Surge Cannons, 200 Hurricane Class Coilguns.

A exceedingly rare and unique vessel developed by Torchwood to bolster its Prowler Corps. Only a handful exist, and they have a sole purpose. To intercept enemy vessels in FTL transit and force them into realspace, destroying them. The Stalker is heavily armed with 2 Artonic Cannons and a Super Heavy Surge Cannon to knock ships offline for boarding or destruction. Backing up this armament are 2,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 2,000 missile pods, 1,000 duel Surge Cannons, and, oddly for Cybusian craft, 200 Hurricane Class Coilguns. These are quad turrets, firing 1 foot rails of tungsten coated in plasma, designed to let the Stalker engage targets resistant to energy weapons.

The Stalker is equipped with a series of unique sensors and scanners allowing it to track various methods of FTL usage, from Jaunt drives, Slipspace engines, hyperdrives, and other systems. Once a target has been located, the Stalker activates its interdictor bubble, which envelops a target and forces it out of FTL, often alone and far from any friendly forces, helpless to resist the Stalker and its weapons. Stalkers are equipped with all the stealth systems of a Prowler, albeit on a much larger scale, making the Stalker hard to track, all the while its electronic warfare systems wreck havoc on enemy systems.
The Stalker is equipped with room for one hundred small craft, and there are extensive labs for analyzing captured cargo or equipment. The Stalker is protected by 50 feet of armor, 25 ACE and 25 feet of ERA, and has three shield generators. Ideally, the Stalker will rip a target from FTL transit and then ambush it before it can even detect it, let alone engage it.

There are only a small handful of Stalkers, operated by Section Five, the Prowler Corps, less than half a dozen of them. Few people outside of Torchwood are aware of them, and they aim to keep them a secret for as long as possible, rarely deploying them.
The Stalkers known to be in service as of 2577 are:
CCS Stalker
CCS Silent Observer
CCS Hangman’s Noose
CCS Guillotine
CCS Crucifixion

Headsman Class Interdictor Cruiser:
Length: 3,500 meters
Armament: 1 Super-Heavy Surge Interdiction Device, 1 Singularity Cannon, 1 Artonic Cannon, 2,000 missile pods, 1,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 10 silos

An evolution and refinement of the Stalker Class Interdictor Cruiser, the Headsman Class Interdictor Cruiser was created after noting the extreme success of the limited run of Stalkers. Featuring much of the same equipment, the Headsman is slightly smaller and more advanced. The Headsman, rather than interdict and then disable the enemy vessel with a Super-Heavy Surge Cannon, ala the Stalker, is designed to combine the two events into a single event, incapacitating the ship at the same time it is ripped from FTL.
Equipped a wide variety of advanced FTL sensors, the Headsman can and will track up to two hundred targets at once, but can only incapacitate and interdict targets one at a time, prioritizing high value targets such as dreadnoughts, command ships, and other such assets. The Headsman will locate a target and then form an interdiction bubble around the target while also firing it’s Super-Heavy Surge Cannon. The bubble itself acts as the firing mechanism, blasting the target from every angle and completely incapacitating the target. The target rendered helpless, it is ripped from FTl and then, just as quickly, forcibly sent through a Jaunt portal to the same system as the Headsman. It often then goes through another Jaunt portal, towed by the Headsman, to avoid being tracked, and to ensure the target’s destruction will not be interrupted. The interdiction device can be used in real-space as well, as a Surge weapon only, to incapacitate enemy vessels, but this is a rare occurrence.
Once the target has been incapacitated and relocated, the Headsman’s weapons be brought to bear, should it be deemed necessary it be destroyed immediately rather than boarded first. It accomplishes this with a Singularity Cannon, an Artonic Cannon, 2,000 missile pods, 1,000 Dark Matter Cannons, and 10 silos which fire speciality munitions used for such weapons.
If the target does not to be destroyed immediately, the Headsman can unleash it’s force of 150 small craft to individually take out the targets outboard systems (turrets, communication systems, engines, other systems) so that when the Surge effect wears off, the target cannot put up resistance or attempt to flee or call for help. The Headsman can also fabricate as many droids or robots are needed to bulk up it’s boarding contingent of 1,000 Marines, who will fight their way onto the enemy vessel to acquire intelligence or capture key personnel. Allied vessels are often deployed to assist with this, if the target needs to be boarded.
The Headsman is equipped with all the stealth systems of a Prowler, albeit on a much larger scale, and is equipped with basic Torchwood electronic warfare systems. While not as capable as a Prowler (a standard Prowler can render an entire planet’s communications networks useless), the Headsman is still more than capable of rendering it’s target blind, deaf, and mute, as well as faking Jaunt portal signatures to send the enemy on a wild goose chase.
The Headsman is only lightly armored, because it is not expected to face enemy resistance. It is armored with 30 feet of sandwiched layers of ACE and ERA armor, and three shield generators. In the unlikely event enemy resistance is encountered, the Headsman is to engage quickly with it’s most powerful weapons and then flee if the target is not destroyed.

Torchwood Vehicles:
Torchwood has access to the most advanced technology in the Empire, and thus has several unique vehicles as its disposal.

Raven Class Fighter
Armament: 1 Compact Artonic Cannon, 12 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers, 2 Surge Cannons,

The Raven Class Fighter is a fast, sleek(with Art Deco inspired design) fighter, used exclusively by Torchwood, as a general-purpose fighter. It is extremely heavily armed, with a single nose-mounted Compact Artonic Cannon, which is easily capable of obliterating any small craft it hits, and even damaging ship shields or armor. There are 4 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters clustered around it, with four more in each wing. There are two Surge Cannons in the wings, to disable enemy craft without damage, and a pair of missile launchers as well.
The Raven is equipped with 4 shield generators, 2 foot plates of ACE and ERA armor, an onboard AI, a jamming array, and an active camouflage device, similar to the kind used by the Jackdaw. There is also a small armory and armor stowage area on the Raven.

Jackdaw Class Stealth Fighter:
Armament: 2 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 1 Surge Cannon

A specialized Torchwood fighter intended to allow Prowlers to defend themselves from small craft more efficiently, or to launch their own attacks on enemy craft, the Jackdaw is a very rare craft. Armed with 1 Surge Cannon, 2 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, and 2 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, the Jackdaw is intended to rely on it’s speed and agility, and of course, its stealth features, to eliminate enemy small craft, rather than a heavy weapons loadout.
The Jackdaw is equipped with many of the same stealth features as a Prowler, possessing a smooth shape which minimizes it’s sensor signature, should it appear at all, sensor-absorbing paint and materials, heat and radiation sinks, and an active camouflage system, among other things. Equipped with extremely powerful engines, the Jackdaw is one of, if not the fastest small craft in Imperial service, and is immensely agile, even more so than the Strix Class Interceptor. It’s sensor systems are basic in comparison to the Prowler it operates from, but are still more capable then the average Cybusian fighter; allowing it to serve as a capable stealth scout.
Jackdaw’s are used exclusively by Torchwood, and on the rare occasion they are used alongside non-Torchwood assets, they are kept on separate flight decks, with Torchwood aircrew and pilots.

Agent Attire:
Torchwood Agents, while they are given significant latitude in how they dress for a mission, so that they can blend in with the local populace, have an unofficial uniform for non-infiltration duties, consisting of a suit, trenchcoat, and an optional fedora.

Suit: A custom-tailored suit from Drapers Ward, each Agents suit in highly comfortable and stylish. Far from being an aesthetic choice, the suit plays a critical role in protecting the Agent. The suit is lined with ballistic weave, a bulletproof material. The suit also has a small layer of flexible ERA(energy reactive armor), which absorbs the energy behind a bullet, punch/blow, or the energy from an energy weapon hit and converts it to chemical energy in the form of biomass for an Evolved to use. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Grisha Tailors and Torchwood engineers work together to create two unique systems. Shieldweave and Corecloth. Shieldweave is a series of tiny, flexible emitters and circuits contained within the suit. It, as the name suggests, emits a small personal shield around the Agent. There are two overlapping layers of Shieldweave, the Corecloth sandwiching it, to protect it. The Corecloth is a Grisha invention, a flexible material resistant to bullets, punctures, and extreme temperatures. It retains heat in cold weather but breathes easily in warm weather.
Trenchcoat: The trenchcoat is more of a stylistic choice than the suit, and some Agents go without it. But the trenchcoat and fedora is generally recognized as part of the Agents outfit. The trenchcoat has the same protection as the suit, but has more Corecloth layers and ERA layers. A pair of pistol holsters for an Agents .45s is built into the coat, and an internal pocket can fabricate grenades, MREs, and Stimpacks within moments. The coat also has a novel invention. An interior climate control mechanism. A system of durable wires connected to a battery can be heated to heat the coat during winter, and during the summer, the coat can have a series of thin membranes opened, allowing more air in. The air is cooled by a series of heat-absorbing bacteria near the membrane, which release the heat back into the air. There is also several pockets for a sonic screwdriver and anything else an Agent may carry with them, such as a small personal effect or Bone Charm, or a pack of cigarettes.
Fedora: The fedora has a communication device, more protective layers(not that it protects much, though it does emit another layer of shielding). Of course, an Agent may choose to wear an earpiece to replace the communication device, if they choose to go without a fedora. The fedora can also hold an Agents AI chip, though this can be implanted within the biomass if the fedora is not used.
All Agents are equipped with a pair of Usher Special .45s and a Sandman Device;

A device used by Torchwood Agents, the Sandman consists of a targeted artificial Mesmer and a burst of nano-scale droids designed to specifically erase certain neural connections, erasing certain memories. It can be rapidly programmed on the fly, and can only be used by the Agent to whom the device is issued. It uses the Mesmer to render the subject passive while the nanobots selectively locate and destroy the neural connections responsible for said memory. The Mesmer itself can force the subject to avoid recalling the memories, letting them naturally decay, but some people are resistant. The use of the nanobots ensures memory elimination, in case the subject proves resistant to the Mesmer. The nanobots themselves are coated in a thin layer of Blacklight incapable of infection, causing Evolved and near-Evolved bodies to ignore their presence and to let them harmlessly ignore any attempt by a body to destroy them in the short time before they complete their work and deactivate.
The device itself resembles a small pen-like device with a small LED and tiny lens attached to the top, the lens directing the Mesmer in a flash of blue light, while a tiny nozzle below the lens sprays out a cloud of nanobots. The bots are programmed to eliminate any knowledge of the targeted memories (often something related to a Torchwood operation or a Nyarlathotep incident) itself, the administration of the amnestic, and to linger and erase any new memories of the Agent for a few moments as they leave, though this can be disabled if need be so cover stories can be issued if circumstances warrant.
The Sandman device is mostly issued to Agents operating within foreign nations or for dealing with other intelligence agencies, civilian witnesses, and other liabilities in a non-lethal manner which still ensures they are not a threat to the Agent. Torchwood has also developed a large scale version for mass memory erasure. Section One operatives see heavy use of Sandman devices, to deal with witnesses in an efficient manner that does not overly inconvenience either party.

When expecting heavy resistance, Agents are equipped with the powerful and versatile Shadow Class Power Armor;

Originally designed for use by Section Four teams, Shadow Class Armor is the standard power armor used by Torchwood Agents regardless of Section. Sleek and streamlined, the Shadow armor is designed to infiltrate and eliminate, though it is still capable of engaging any number of threats and surviving with the user intact. The armor is made up of five thin layers of ACE and ERA armor, with three being ACE, the ERA being sandwiched through both. The armor is also equipped with two other armor systems, small layers of Shieldweave and Corecloth. Shieldweave is a series of tiny, flexible emitters and circuits contained within the armor. It, as the name suggests, emits a small personal shield around the armor. There are two overlapping layers of Shieldweave, the Corecloth sandwiching it, to protect it. The Corecloth is a Grisha invention, a flexible material resistant to bullets, punctures, and extreme temperatures, and is the same material used in Agent trench coats or Grisha keftas. The Shadow is also equipped with a pair of shield generators, which automatically supplement for the loss of one shield by boosting power drawn from the onboard micro-reactor. The Shadow can draw energy from the onboard reactor to create melee energy weapons, such as knuckle-dusters, or short Hardlight daggers. They can also fashion Hardlight riot shields on one arm.
The suit has a small Nullwave generator to shield the user from psionic or magical attack, or at least from things which effect the body itself, such as snapping necks or using mind control. The Nullwave effect can, however, reduce the potency of other magical attacks, such as magical lightning or telekinetically. thrown objects, though dealing with those would primarily fall to the shields and armor. The armor has 5 auto-injection devices, often loaded with Stimpaks or stimulants, with an internal fabricator to create more chemicals or medicines. They are sometimes loaded with Psycho, a powerful but unstable combat stimulant, though this is lethal to Human users, Jet, a combat drug which effects the users perception of time, or Med-X, a painkiller, to be used if armor is breached, or, for Evolved users, canisters of compressed biomass to be Consumed if they need it.
The suit is equipped with a number of useful and powerful tools. First and foremost is the suits active camouflage system, which allows it to turn invisible to both organic or electronic eyes, including camera and infra-red systems. The armor can also absorb the waves sent out by motion sensors. The armor adapts its external temperature to match that of the exterior, enabling it to appear as a ‘black spot’ on IR systems. The armor is typically painted matte black. The armors HUD displays hostile targets and assets with a red overlay, as well as showing basic information about weapons and the projected threat level to the user, allowing targets to be prioritized, and can display a number of different vies, including X-Ray, infrared, and others.The HUD also displays reticules and ammo levels (if using a weapon with limited ammo, a rarity). The HUD can also work in concert with the auto-injectors and AI to slow the perception of time and display hit probabilities for various body parts with the current weapon. The suit has a small number of areas, normally just as NBC protected as the rest of the suit, which can open up and allow for an Evolved user to rapidly Consume a target in close combat, and both arms have the ability to retract to allow biomass weapons to be used. The gloves of the armor can retract in whole or in part to allow plasmids or directed magical abilities to be used, if need be.
The armor can intercept enemy communications, allowing the user to listen in, and the armors AI can lip-read with a 97% certainty, and can use a laser to detect conversations inside buildings via vibrations on glass. The audio suite can accurately filter audio to listen to a single conversation in a crowd, and can also accurately record audio through walls, though the use of hacked microphones or cameras for lip-reading are highly recommended as a backup.
The Shadow can support a Smart AI, capable of hacking into enemy systems, intercepting communications, flagging priority targets, suggesting methods of attack, calling in support from other assets, facilitating communication to any Imperial asset in a solar system, or, if hooked up to a relay, further, or any number of other tasks. The armor is also easily capable of interfacing with and drowning out comms systems, and then playing messages of the users choice.* Finally, the armor has a fabricator for grenades, ammo, chems, rations, and other such things, all converted from power drawn from the onboard reactor.

*In one notable instance, a Section One Agent, after infiltrating the mansion of a politician who sought to sell out his world to a rival power, used this capability to drown out all communication networks on the planet with a recording of “You Always Hurt The Ones You Love” by The Mills Brothers, with a graphic of the antihero V, from V For Vendetta, a Timmian graphic novel, and then displayed all the evidence of the governors crimes. He then watched via security cameras as the planets population rioted and the politicians own security detail arrested him, ultimately resulting in a summery execution by his security chief.

Torchwood, for the most part acts as a noncombatant in Imperial actions, though Prowlers are an important part of many engagements. For the most part, Torchwood conducts operations within the safety of the Empire, or on highly classified black sites, conducting research and development, analyzing weaknesses and strengths of foes both real and potential, creating powerful military AI, hacking into enemy systems from afar, and spreading propaganda and misinformation. But when Agents are deployed into combat situations, they are highly efficient killing machines, aptly designated Kill-Teams.
Elite Torchwood Agents, almost universally Evolved, a Kill-Team can range from one to five Agents, all of whom are seasoned combat veterans. Equipped with jet-black armor and active camouflage systems, Kill-Teams vary in armament depending on the mission, but always carry a silenced Usher Special .45, capable of fabricating new rounds to adapt to combat situations on the fly. They often use weapons not yet available to standard Imperial military assets, such as prototypes. Many are deployed with a small team of Legionnaire droids wearing power armor, as extra firepower. Kill-Teams are generally deployed by Prowler to infiltrate a planet, terminate the target and any targets of opportunity, then fight their way back for extraction. Non-droid casualties are rare, as Kill-Teams can engage targets of all types, thanks to their weapons and training. Kill-Teams are the subject of many a rumor and whispered horror story, many of them gross understatements.

Torchwood Kill-Team Weapons:
While Kill-Teams can use any number of weapons, and often wield normal Imperial small arms, such as the Terminator Sniper Rifle, they have a wide number of unique weapons only available to Torchwood Agents:

Usher Special Issue Agent Sidearm:
A .45 pistol, the Usher Special Issue is the signature of a Torchwood Agent. Many an enemy of the Empire has been found, a pair of .45 rounds lodged in them, one in the head, one in the heart. While the pistol was originally designed by Nathanial Usher a few decades after The Rebellion, the Usher Special is now created exclusively by Torchwood, modified to better serve an Agent in any situation. A highly modular weapon, thanks to the fabricator, capable of producing any round required, ranging from ordinary bullets to bullets with an explosive or incendiary core, the Usher Special is also equipped with geneprint locks in the grip and trigger, meaning only the Agent issued them can use them. The pistol can be modified with a taclight, silencer, laser sight, or a holo-projected self-adjusting sight. Every Agent has a pair of the pistols, and they are their primary weapons, due to their versatility and adaptability. Each Agent is encouraged to personalize his or her pair of Ushers as they wish, so long as functionality and effectiveness are not impaired.

Nullwave Rifle:
A rare weapon used only when psionic threats such as Ancient Drakul, reality-warpers, Nyarlathotep, and other extra-normal entities threaten the Empire, a Nullwave Rifle stabilizes reality by force, temporarily stripping the target of their psionic abilities for a brief period. Despite this, unless the target is entirely made of psionic energy, the weapon is not lethal, and is strictly a support device, to be used alongside more conventional weapons.

Incinerator Class Flamer:
A very old design from the days of Delta, the Incinerator is a powerful weapon used to cleanse an area of swarm threats or foes which pose an extreme biohazard, such as Drakul, Flood infected creatures, reanimated corpses (of any variety), or other such creatures. They project a stream of extremely high-temperature plasma for several dozen meters, making it a potent weapon for Kill-Teams when the situation warrants its use.

Unusual weapons firing a stream of unstable artificial particles, the Q-Beam is a bulky weapon, with a limited amount of charge. Despite this limitation, a rarity in Cybusian weapon systems, Q-Beams are devastating due to the fact that the particles, if sufficiently concentrated on a target, cause whatever the target is to explode violently, be it an organic foe, droid, or vehicle. Q-Beams are rare, and generally only used if a Kill-Team expects heavily armored resistance and large numbers of vehicles.

Rad Rifle:
An unusual weapon firing pulses of extremely radioactive particles, Rad Rifles are designed to instantly and lethally irradiate a target, after which rad-cleansing nanites are deployed via grenade. Rad Rifles are imported from The Raven Technate, and are rare even among Kill-Teams.

Weaponized Temporal Device:
An E-99 based weapon, the WTD is a gauntlet-style weapon running off of the reactor of the Agents power armor and a set of E-99 batteries. The weapon emits either a concentrated beam of energy or an indiscriminate pulse. The beam is used for individual targets, aging them to dust or reversing their time stream so that they never existed in the first place. The beam can also age specific objects, such as vehicles, locks, doors, weapons, etc, or renew them. The pulse emits a short-range but high-energy shockwave of temporal energy in the direction the gauntlet is facing, aging or reverting everything in its path. WTD’s are incredibly rare, and are generally only seen in the hands of the Prepyati and the Ravenelki, but occasionally a Kill-Team may have access to them.

Unique Kill-Teams:

The Prepyati
The Prepyati are an elite Torchwood Kill-Team established to function as shock and awe units, and to eliminate anomalous foes. They are equipped with extremely advanced suits of power armor, made of an unusual artificial material known only as Voidium, with miniature, experimental Void Reactors to facilitate the more unique functions of the Prepyati. They can use these to access other dimensions, travel to places instantaneously, and then emerge there in our dimension with no time having passed. This facilitates long range travel, and allows for "skips" for short range travel instead of walking. Bullets mysteriously "curve" away from their armor, energy beams dissipate in mid-air or reverse direction, and captured foes often report an overwhelming urge to flee when they so much as see them, even if they do not yet know of their capabilities.
Prepyati are armed with Reality Rifles, which rip targets into eight different dimensions, completely and utterly destroying them. For close range encounters Warp Batons remove parts of what they impact from reality, with whatever returns, if it returns, being horribly distorted. They also have E-99 Grenades, which use the time-warping power of E-99 to age targets to dust, reducing the mightiest of vehicles and strongest of men to dust and ruin. With such weaponry, the Ravens cause havoc and disarray amongst enemy lines, as they warp reality itself to serve in the name of the Empire.
Prepyati unflinchingly serve the Empire as minor gods of war, the appearance of one on the battlefield an instant morale boost to their allies and a sign of doom to their foes. However, they are rarely used on the battlefield, but instead for terminating superpowered opponents, or forces which common weapons are ineffective against, such as Shoggoths and other eldritch spawn of Nyarlathotep. They can officially commender any vehicle or vessel in the Empire.

There are some interesting changes in the Prepyati as a result of warping Reality. All have small gold or red "specks" dotting their eyes, all of which have become icy blue like Alexander's, and occasionally "flicker" red, randomly and independent of their control. All have skin that is even more pale than the typical Evolved, are taller as a result of shifting between dimensions so much, and are inexplicably more devoted to Mercerism, to the point of near-fanaticsm. When out of their armor, they have unnatural reaction times, even by Evolved standards-often literally catching bullets without so much as a glance-, have unnatural amounts of biomass stored within, and often accumulate large quantities of Mercerist relics such as Bone Charms, which they use to decorate their armor.

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