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The Sounds of Empire

Sounds of The Empire:
Music which I feel fits with the Empire and such. Feel free to TG suggestions or comments, feedback, etc.

“I’m Guilty”
A Vera Keyes song, this upbeat song is ideal for dancing and drinking a martini on the rocks.
LinkReal song: Guilty, by The Real Tuesday Weld and Claudia Brucken

The Things I Love
One of Vera’s hits, the kind of lyrics you oughta listen to before following that beautiful redheaded Banshee out of the bar. Maybe she’ll be merciful and just take your wallet in the morning instead of your soul.
LinkReal song: I Always Kill The Things I Love by The Real Tuesday Weld and Claudia Brucken

Fly Me To The Moon
You enjoy a night of passion with the Banshee. Also, great for listening when in space, on a luxurious spacecraft heading to an exotic world.
LinkReal song: Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

The One You're Looking For
Another slow-burning Vera Keyes single, ideal for drowning your troubles with absinthe and cigarettes as you try to forget your day.
LinkReal song: I’m The One You're Looking For by Lynda Carter

One For My Baby
Nothing beats Frank Sinatra, especially for trying to drown the memory of the beautiful Banshee who stole your heart…and your wallet.
LinkReal song: One for My Baby and One More For The Road by Frank Sinatra

A slow Vera Keyes hit; for heartbreak as the Banshee realizes she has feelings for you too, but far too late. Also, Natalia Usher's conflicted feelings over the various men she loves.
LinkReal song: Torched Song by The Real Tuesday Weld and Cludia Brucken

Cry Me A River
One of Vera Keyes greatest hits.
LinkReal song: Cry Me A River by Julie London

Coffee and Cigarettes
A Torchwood Agent on a stakeout, a lover waiting for their partners return, insomnia. A Vera Keyes classic.
LinkReal song: Black Coffee by Julie London

Begin Again
A slow Vera Keyes hit, hold your lover close and don’t them go into the cold night.
LinkReal song: Begin Again by Stephanie Dowling and Justin Bell

The Hunt
An eerie Sander Cohen production, perfect for blaring over the hacked loudspeakers as you hunt down the enemy in your armored trench coat, .45 Usher Specials at the ready, cigarette smoke blowing from your mouth like fog as you crack a one-liner. Or, the perfect song to be stalked by Drakul by.
LinkReal song: Nightmare by Artie Shaw

The Bunny Hop; or Cohen's Scherzo
A wild Sander Cohen piano piece. Good for working on mad science or insane art well into the morning hours.
LinkReal song: Cohen’s Scherzo No. 7 from the Bioshock soundtrack

The Ocean Waits
Another Sander Cohen production, but less…psychotic than normal. Welcoming even, listen to it as you descend the Atlantic into Rapture or float through the clouds in a beautiful airship en route to tropical paradise in Wagondia.
LinkReal song: La Mer by Django Reinhardt

Stalking A Dream
A Sander Cohen production, for walking through rainy streets, and for exploring the hallways of Rapture
LinkReal song: Chasing Shadows by Django Reinhardt

The Rainbows End
From the famous “White Witch” herself, fitting for Banshees and Baneshiek, as they are more beautiful than the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Oh, and the song is magicky.
LinkReal song: Seven Wonder by Fleetwood Mac

Woman Taken By The Wind
Banshee and Bansheik magic rituals, spells, etc.
LinkReal song: Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Big Iron On His Hip
Perfect for when your find yourself in a good old-fashioned shootout, dodging bullets from Torchwood Agents or furious cultists. Or both, if you really messed up!

LinkReal song: Big Iron by Marty Robbins

The Investigative Journalist
Disclosing confidential data are you? Oh, poor you. Your gonna get a visit from nice men in trench coats soon.

LinkReal song: Secrets by One Republic

Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree, I Sold You And You Sold Me
For after those nice men in trench coats visit and explain how you compromised an operation and caused the death of millions. Nice going! Also, a song for betrayal.
LinkReal song: You Always Hurt The Ones You Love by The Mills Brothers

Black Tuesday
When you realize not everyone can live in a luxurious Alcazar, and party like Gatsby.

LinkReal song: Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out by Bessie Smith

The Pawn
Trying to play chess against an AI. Or a group of cultists going up against a Torchwood Kill-Team, the squads AI keeping track of them, the Agents locating them one by one and mercilessly terminating them.

LinkReal song: All The Right Moves by OneRepublic

An Agent falls for a Banshee, and they battle cultists together, jets of magical flame and rounds from a pair of Usher .45s flying though the air.

LinkReal song: Skyfall by Adele

Sharp Dressed Killer
Torchwood Agent has to look his best when administering a double-tap from his .45 to the head and heart of a cultist, right? Of course.

LinkReal song: Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Mr. Knife
To play when cutting a bloody swath through your enemies, or to play after your squad has started an ambush and you no longer need to be stealthy as the puny Humans flee in terror from your power-armored forms.

LinkReal song: Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin

One To The Head
When you got really really lucky with a lovely lady. Or your busy sniping people. Whatever floats your boat.

LinkReal song: Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin

Bring Me A Dream
For slipping through the streets of Arcadia in your Classics Hoverlimo as the neon beckons you to another club, and you fall into the arms of your beloved.

LinkReal song: Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes

Bring Me A Nightmare
Drakul are closing in and you are going to die horribly. Say your prayers to Alexander and close your eyes.

LinkReal song: Mr. Sandman by Nan Vernon

The Shapeshifter
You see a figure made of shadow wearing a suit, with a sinister smile. Now he is Lord Mercer. Now he is your beloved. Now he is you. He is Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos, and you are but one of his countless pawns on the chessboard of this reality.

LinkReal song: The Great Pretender by The Platters

For burning Drakul alive with a flamethrower, or mourning the loss of your beloved.

LinkReal song: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters

The room is spinning. It is because of the stun grenade they threw. You REALLY shouldn’t have believed the hallucination of Lord Mercer. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadowy figure crack a wry smirk as you are hauled into custody by Torchwood. Nobody else sees him.

LinkReal song: Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealer's Wheel

Dr. Nathan Koenig. Technocratic-Director James Abrasax. Science, mad and otherwise. Exploring conspiracies and cults, investigating old ruins. Also, this song just fits Torchwood in general.
LinkReal song: The X-File Theme

An adaptation of an ancient work song dating back to the Rebellion, to motivate you to continue to work hard and contribute your work to the glorious Imperial economy, work hard on the metaphorical wall!

LinkReal song: Why We Build The Wall cover

Can't Outrun A Smoking Gun
Torchwood Section One Agents hunting down a serial killer or a group of cultists
LinkReal song: When The Truth Hunts You Down by Sam Tinnesz

Play while sipping on strong coffee at a rooftop party or a glorious Gatsby affair that goes on until the break of dawn, fueled by strong coffee, stronger jazz, and even stronger personalities.

LinkReal song: Black Coffee by Pisk

Going on a date with a handsome guy or beautiful gal, spending the night dancing and drinking.

LinkReal song: Dreamland by The Swingrowers

Driving around in your 30s-inspired hovercar, or rushing around during daily life, all jittery from coffee overconsumption.

LinkReal song: Hit and Run, by Electric Swing Circus

Bad Break Up
A romantic rendezvous gone wrong, you slump to the ground, covered in the blood of your lover.
LinkReal song: Blood In The Water by The Dame

Silver Spoons
Natalia Usher's theme. Beautiful and elaborate noble Alcazars, many now derelict and rotten, the nobles long-dead. Johnathan Cawl slaughtering heretics, dressed in his fine Kefta.
LinkReal song: Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

Electric Soul
Massive parties at an Alcazar, beautiful trinkets decorating a collection, love. Natalia Usher and the Emperor.
LinkReal song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Hedonism and travel
LinkReal song: Where The Wind Blows by Coco O.

Don't be a square!
Playing at jazz clubs all night, nobody wants to be a square! Or foreign. Or a fragile Human.
LinkReal song: Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by Dimie Cat

Let The Morning Come
Description pending
LinkReal song: Over The Love by Florence and The Machine

Pink Smoke
Description pending, I just like this song and wanted to include it because the style is kind of Cybusian
LinkReal song: Pink Smoke by The Scary Jokes

More to be added later, this is just stuff I could think of off the top of my head.