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The current events of the Federation

So as you may know the past few days have been one of strife for the Federation. You have already heard Alno's propaganda, but I would like to take the time to state our side of the story.
A year ago, I was the delegate of WZAU for like 2 months, I also ran a Raider UCR for a few months.
The chat in WZAU that Alno keeps bringing up, took place during a time when WZAI was without a delegate and before I was even the delegate of WZAI. It was kind of like a brainstorming session, between me and Ktos. Remember at that point the delegate spot sat empty for 2 days and 12 hours, and so there was no reason to assume that any form of government was still there. As this is the nature of Warzone's, one day there is one government the next another. In that chat on 6/16/2019, we (me and Ktos) disused the possibility of raiding WZAI or WZAS as they were the deadest of the Warzones at the time. We decided on WZAI, but wanted to get the support of an ally, that ally came in the form of Lardyland (Now Meat) as they agreed to help. When the time came to raid, Ly (The delegate before me) had not yet CTE'd so we endorsed them, then they CTE'd and at the next update I was elected. At this initial phase we were considering raiding the Federation, but within a few days they were gradually tuned back until like a month in they were dropped completely, this was because in the beginning before we had met the members of the Federation, it was neither moral or immoral to raid it, however once we got to know the people of the Federation, it was decided that it would be immoral to raid and that we would feel bad if we did so. So it was dropped, as in we decided against it. Some may argue that this shows that I am untrustworthy, but I assure you that bonds that I made with the people within the Federation are genuine, that I wouldn't have helped the Federation for 3 months only to betray them by destroying them or raiding other member states, and that I would only raid I region that is dead. The only reason that we considered raiding the Federation as a hole as they appeared to be dead from the outside, and because I was miss informed as I had just returned from a 3-4 month break from NS.
This "agreement" that Alno keeps bring up, was informal, and it was done in DMs, it was basically, you can stay as you are helping us. I wish to state that we (Me and Meat) never view this as an agreement, and we always held that we were helping the Federation under our own accord, and not bound by some agreement.
Within the first 20 or so days the Federation held an election, I was originally not granted permission to run because I was not a citizen, however Vel the only Senator allowed me to. In the end the only Senator appointed Alno as President, to which we contested for many reasons, mainly on how can one person appoint the President. Furthermore we learned later of the "Laws" and "Amendments" within the Federation, as they were only posted in Citizen only chat, and thus it was our opinion that they were unbinding as the Constitution of the Federation as listed on the dispatch was never updated with theses changes. It was also at this point that we became citizens of the Federation, and Pino was elected to the position of Senator and I didn't run. I believe it was also around this time that I acted on WZAF behalf, to start there admittance into the Federation. Furthermore this was the time that we removed a sleeper from WZAF (I have a long history of defending WZAF).
The next month was uneventfully with me doing nothing, only making sure I didn't CTE, until 3 days ago, when I found out an "election" had been held and Alno was "reelected". In the election before, the candidates were given 1 week to declare that they wished to run and everyone was informed. This time the "election" was held in a 2 day span and I didn't know, a Senator didn't know, a Minister didn't know, and WZAF didn't know. Furthermore Alno decided to run for re-election. With in a day of him declaring that he wished to run he was "reelected". I found this to be super shady and decided to call out Alno on this. I accused him of being "Horribly Corrupt", and I claimed that he didn't deny this, instead he called the claim "unreal". And instead of debating the issue with me, he instead used a 3 month old, irrelevant chat in WZAU, to try to depose me. He claimed that, this one chat clearly showed that I hadn't changed my original plans, even tho those are the original plans and that I was untrustworthy, I find that claim to laughable at best. Furthermore using one chat from the very beginning, and then claiming that I showed more then it did, is something that a corrupt Dictator claim. Furthermore Alno has constantly tried to exert influence in WZAI local matters, and that WZEU should not dictate WZAI affairs. He also terminated our "agreement" and requested that I should leave WZAI, to which I refused as I believed and still do that I am in the right. Furthermore as to the reason for why I removed BC powers from Criss and Ly before he terminated our contract is because Alno showed clear intent to depose me and there was reason to believe from intel gathered from the Federation that he had been planning this for at least a few days. Later I declared my intent to stay in WZAI, in the WZF discord, he then promptly revoked my citizenship and made it so I couldn't view any of the channels. He later then by DM, tried to get me to concede to which I replied "Peace was removed from the table the second u striped me of my citizenship and removed my permission to view general, if you hadn't done that I would be willing to work with you but no. You are a tyrant and a dictator, your claims are baseless and your demands, unreasonable.". Later that day, he raided WZAI and removed me from the delegate spot, but at today's minor, I re-claimed my rightful position as delegate of WZAI. So I short I was removed because I was a roadblock in Alno plans.
In summary I would like for there to be peace, but Alno's actions have made that impossible, his demands are still unreasonable.