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Tsubasa Kinoshita (character)

Tsubaki is an AHSCAian kitsune woman known for running the high scale resort the Kitan on Aurora Island, a luxury hot spring inn and restaurant that's well loved among tourists and locals alike. Bearing no family name, some mistakenly think she's from Corona Island but she's originally from Animalpolis but before that she came from what is today The Selkie. Tsubaki is LinkSpiorad Ainmhithe a small group among the population of the Free Lands of the Selkie, mostly concentrated in the Great Woods Area.

Tsubaki was born in 1230 as Ceridwen a Spiorad hailing nearby a city known as Tipa. For the time she lived a rather peaceful life but things changed in 1280 when the land was overrun by the Crusaders. Leaving her home she roamed about the countryside for the next 100 years until she decided a change was needed and by 1380 she set off on the seas to visit other lands where she would reside off and on for extended periods of time.

In 1440 she set off again on another voyage finding herself in what is presently Katase. She mostly resided in the mountains only sparsely connecting with the natives until she found herself out on the Eastern half which is what presently consists of the Amaterasu Provence. There she found it easier to communicate with the locals who saw her as a demigod fox woman to be worshiped and prayed to as a means to reach The Gods. Ceridwen still maintained her name but she was always called just as the shrine spirit or kitsune guardian and she did her best to help locals with harvests and good fortunes.

In 1445 a terrible plague afflicted the region which wavered confidence in her but she maintained a presence to still be of comfort and she remained the guardian spirit for another 100 years until she was edged out by another during a civil war in the region.

1545 she decided to leave Katase again to seek out another land to learn and observe setting sail she made way to the southern island off the coast of Katase, again being revered as some sort of deity by the natives. In particular she befriend a woman local by the name of a Pluvi who was a tribal leader and considered divine thanks to Ceridwen's presence with her all the time. In 1566 she boarded a fishing vessel with Pluvi for good fortune but the ship was caught in a mighty storm somewhere on the open seas.

The ship managed to land in what has become the present day AHSCA Islands now assumed to be present day Corona Island. With a badly damaged ship and no means to return home and no idea how to navigate back home Pluvi her crew and young Cerdiwen settled on the island. They took notice of the usual sight the clouds made after rains came, how a halo would seem to form around the obscured sun and thus the island's name was born.

In her time on the island, Ceridwen took notice of the various kinds of people who passed through or came to eventually reside. How strangely unique things were and similar to places she had been before. As Aurora's expansion continued in the region she decided to learn more about the surrounding islands and took time to visit each one at her own leisure. Eventaully she adopted a local name to better suit the regional style thus taking the name Tsubasa the name of an aged Madokami Priestess who taught her the faith which she adopted.

As the years went along Tsubaki worked as a Priestess herself on Animalpolis and around the other islands as well but began to pursue other interests on the islands. She tried her hand at fishing, sailing, farming and working at pubs and inns. She also had a brief time of servitude with Duchess Miki, Taree and eventually Nanao. She returned to Animalpolis when it was formally annexed as apart of The Auroran Empire in Duchess Nanao's expansion. She worked in a small commune until a hurricane devastated the island and her commune. At first Tsubsa had considered setting off again for foreign lands or trying to return to Kuronami but she felt an overwhelming urge to remain in AHSCA, feeling it must be the Gods and Goddesses speaking to her, telling she had purpose here.

Her First Inn

On Animalpolis she started a small inn for sailors passing through and locals. It proved to be successful but at the time Tsubasa felt though business wasn't for her at first, she returned to the Priestesshood for some time remaining there as full time. She for a time became Matron of the Great Temple of Animalpolis which she did until the days of the Great War.

War Has Come

During the 90s as regional tensions boiled over and AHSCA islands were invaded, Tsubasa continued her Priestess duties and tended to wounded civilans and soldiers who needed care and spiritual guidance in troubled times. Once the war had passed and things began to settle, she again felt her calling of a new profession, this time a return to the Inn business.

The Kitan

In 1998 as AHSCA formally gained recognition in the global community at large, Tsubasa resigned as Matron of the Great Temple to set up a new Inn. With many businesses and local trade posts devastated and destroyed hers was the first to really emerge from the ashes. Tsubasa intended the Inn to be a place for women to work, women who had been widowed or young women ready to enter the work force, women left homeless as they rebuilt and of course young girl left orphaned. With traditions at the time expected that men and boys would largely be fisherman and be out to sea much of the time, The Kitan was a place for women to work and be safe. The Kitan on Animalpolis was also inexpensive. Just one Island Credit a room and 2 for a meal as it was also meant to bring locals in.

In the early 2000s Tsubasa sold her portion of the Kitan on Animalpolis to a local girl whom had been working since it was built and relocated to Aurora Island. There she established a New Kitan this one with the intent of being a more high class resort as the war recovery had been steady since. She kept the same principals of her Kitan on Animalpolis, employing women as staff and keeping rates relatively inexpensive. She also offered the Kitan up as a free refuge during hurricanes or other major storms.

During the Great Deluge of 2008, a particularly rough monsoonal season she opened up the Kitan free of charge for anyone who was flooded out and many took advantage. Though it was free many islanders offered up at least 1 credit as payment.

Present Day

Tsubasa has continued to own and manage The Kitan on Aurora continuing the same policies she always has. She welcomes guests from all over the world as The Festival of Holy Light has taken off in popularity. She adjusts rates based on various conditions, seasons and needs of locals and tourists alike and does well.

Personal Life

Tsubasa is a spiritual woman who describes herself as polytheist and multi-theist that she subscribes to the belief in that of her homeland's roots as well as Madokamisim. She has had relations with various men and women though has never married hoping to find a real soulmate to call her own. Her appearance is that of a middle aged kitsune woman. Though she has a serious demeanor she's known to be warm and kind and friendly.