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FAQ & Answers

Why are we here?

We're not going to discuss this with anyone because of potential problems with time and space.

Where are we located?

Not Earth that is for sure!

Why is Happyland Ranch is located in a desert?

That's a complicated question and the answer is we don't even know.

When was Happyland Ranch built?

A very long time ago in a dimension far far away!

What do you smoke?

Nothing that is illegal we smoke pleasure and breath success.

Why is everyone weird or strange here?

We don't use the words "weird" or "strange" we use unique.

Why is everyone "unique" here?

Because of our ability to make our lives better. We come in all shapes and sizes.

Why do you have a Great Archive?

That's a good question it's from the time before the cataclysm that we knew that we had a record everything.

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