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by The Democratic Peoples Republic of Franconia Empire. . 6 reads.

The New Eco Deal

Bill 2419-3-21 has plans to make cities more urbanized, clean, and literally green. This bill needs 67% of House Vote to make it to Parliament.

The New Eco Deal is to make Cities more affordable by including hanging gardens for more oxygen and to beautify the dull, grey environment. This bill will call for a 10% increase in taxes from the wealthy and a 25% increase in taxes from major industries.

Small industry will be benefited by this bill, making sure that all small business and industry will have up to date tech for the new era of the FE. Moreover, small businesses and industry will receive a 13% tax deductible to claim in April of every year.

Nationwide, this bill will enforce pollution standards for the populace. Cars caught idling their engines will be fined up to 475 Astrons. Idling is the act of leaving your engine on while the vehicle is not in motion. Traffic lights will be replaced with traffic circles to make sure that less pollution is created. Stop signs do not count.

All of this is to make sure that the next generation has the beautiful, lush forests to go see, mountains to climb, and waterfalls to view. Green space will be utilized by creating nature reserves. We hope this bill will pass and we hope that the House/ Parliament will see the beauty in the FE.

House Vote:

Franconian Democratic Party: 86%

Franconian Conservative Party: 38%

Environmental Protection Party: 99%

Labour Party: 58%

The House has passed the bill

Parliament Vote TBA