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The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy:
The Imperial Navy was the first branch created by Alexander, to ferry his Evolved to other worlds. Originally bulky transports armed simply with lasers, the Navy quickly evolved into a lethal, high-tech fleet of ships Alex used to subjugate and enslave countless worlds. During the Rebellion, the primary Cybusian battleship was the Tesla Class, armed with many particle cannons and plasma weapons. Following Alex’s death, the Navy was relegated to defense purposes, though with his resurrection came a return to offensive action. A new, continuing expansion was started, not for subjugation and enslavement, as before, but to unite all realities under a single banner.
The Navy fulfills several roles, defense of the Empire and its assets being first and foremost, with Imperial expansion being its other main mission. Operations against tyrannical governments are often undertaken as well. Anti-piracy operations, humanitarian aid deployment, the development of Imperial colonies “from scratch”, so to speak, and enforcing planetary quarantines (in cooperation with the Imperial Center for Disease Control) are some of the Navy’s secondary missions.
Imperial naval doctrine emphasizes firepower and survivability. Many foreign designs, including capital ships, have only a few dozen weapon systems. Cybusian designs boast hundreds of weapon emplacements. When not in battle, Imperial vessels resemble beautiful Art Deco vessels, with only enough weapon systems visible to dissuade attack. Upon the initiation of combat, the Art Deco ornamentation of the ship retracts and folds in to reveal heavy armor plating and thousands of weapon emplacements.
Average Imperial Navy flotillas include 2 Avenger Class Destroyers and 10 Warden Class Corvettes, which should be more than enough to overpower enemy forces, due to the technological superiority and sheer number of weapons brought to bear by Cybusian vessels. Occasionally, Torchwood may dispatch a Prowler of some sort, normally an Orwell class, which monitors operations and assists with electronic warfare, the deployment of special forces and special munitions, and other unique operations. Prowlers are attached to Imperial flotillas on any occasion in which Imperial forces are entering foreign space.

Imperial Vessels

Corvettes and Frigates
Corvettes and Frigates are, as with all Cybusian ships, packed to the brim with weapons and armor, and are among the most numerous vessels in Imperial service, acting as escorts, or in wolf packs to destroy larger ships.

Clockwork Class Autonomous Corvette:
Length: 200 meters
Armament: 1 Artonic Cannon, 400 Dark Matter Cannons, 500 missile pods

Possessing a space frame designed by a team of Colossus Defense Engineering shipwrights and a control system designed by RobCo Industries, the Clockwork is an attempt at designing a fully autonomous ship which could be rapidly fabricated. The 200 meter space frame is sleek and streamlined and possesses a spinally mounted Artonic Cannon, and 400 Dark Matter Cannons, as well as 500 missile pods. The Clockwork is equipped with a powerful AI, best classified as “semi-smart”. It can adapt to new combat situations, to a limited extent, and has an extensive library of protocols and possible situations, ranging from engaging in fleet actions, to chasing smuggling ships, from enforcing a planetary medical quarantine to escorting a convoy, ensuring it can handle most situations. This AI is a single, mass-produced AI, designated Morgan. Morgan can appear as male or female, decided by the AI itself when it activates. The Morgan AI is efficient and obedient and can be slaved to a Smart AI aboard another ship to improve processing speeds and cognitive capacity. It’s wide array of programs, contingencies, and scenarios can make it appear to be sentient to some, but it is incapable of truly ‘thinking’, like a Smart AI can.
The Clockwork is equipped with ten feet of ACE and ERA armor, as well as two shield generators. It is also equipped with a small bay for up to ten Corvus fighters and five Vulture bombers modified to be controlled more efficiently by the AI, and up to two Crow drop ships, also modified, used to deploy the contingent of robots aboard the vessel. It can also host a pair of Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarms.
The Clockwork hosts an extensive array of RobCo droids aboard, including Protectrons for repair purposes, Assaultrons, Vanguard Sentry Bots, and Legionnaire droids for ground or ship-to-ship deployments. Much to RobCo’s annoyance, the Protectrons are often replaced by 385 Archimedes Engineering Operators by Ryan Industries, in Imperial Navy service, the navy favoring the speed and agility of the Operator over the slower but more heavily armored Protectron.
In Imperial Navy service, Clockworks are often deployed in packs of five, coordinated and slaved to a Warden Class Frigate. In RobCo and Colossus security fleets, the Singularity Cannon is replaced with a Surge Cannon, and the Dark Matter weapons replaced with LAERs and lasers, respectively.

Imperial Navy Comments:
Effective, and good for drowning the enemy in numbers and massive numbers of missiles.

Ryan Industries Lancer Class Strike Corvette:
Length: 250 meters
Armament: 3 overcharged Surge cannons, 10 quad laser cannons, 20 missile pods

The first successful attempt by Ryan Industries at making a spacecraft, the Lancer Class Strike Corvette is intended for fast attack and raiding. With a small space frame and overcharged engines, the Lancer is blisteringly fast and agile. Highly maneuverable and equipped with a quite surprising punch for its size, the Lancer is armed with a trio of high-powered Surge cannons intended to disable even larger ships, supplemented by no less than ten quad laser turrets and twenty missile pods, the lasers mounted on either side of the spine, where the missile pods are located. The turrets are set up in such a way that anywhere but the very bottom of the vessel can be engaged by them, delivering a withering hail of concentrated fire. Lancers are meant to incapacitate ships with their Surge cannons and then use the laser cannons and missile pods to either engage their now dead in the water targets, or deploy boarding parties via dropship. Lancers are also used for armed scouting, patrol, customs, and rapid-response duty. With only light modifications, it can act as a transport, mobile lab, or any other role required of it, thanks to highly modular interior.

The Lancer is protected by rather thin armor, only 1.5 feet of Solidified Hydrium armor, but has three shield generators to compensate. The real protection of the Lancer is its speed and maneuverability, and extensive suite of tools intended to break target locks, such as decoys which emit a false “ship” signal, high-powered flares and radiation charges intended to distract missiles, as well as 12 small laser point defenses scattered across the spaceframe. The rear of the Lancer houses the engines and a small hanger to hold up to ten dropships or small craft, as well as an assortment of ground vehicles. The Lancer has a large droid bay optimized for the various products from the Ryan Industries Operator droid line, but can be easily configured to support non-Ryan droids as well. Operators, typically the 785 Hannibal Military Operator, can be released mid-flight, to act as ‘fighters’ albeit slow ones, or, in the case of 385 Archimedes Engineering Operators, conduct repairs. In addition, the Lancer can hold 50 Ryan Arms Flycatcher droid fighters on external racks.

The main vessel used by Ryan Security, the Lancer is seeing service in smaller navies across the universe. The Technate fields one hundred of them for patrol purposes and to bulk out their small fleet, retrofitted with a Gravitron Cannon replacing one of the Surge cannons, the lasers being replaced with Dark Matter Cannons, giving the Lancer a heavier punch, and adding thicker armor and another two shield generators at the cost of speed.
In Imperial Navy service, Dark Matter Cannons replace the lasers, and the armor is replaced with 2 layers of ACE armor with a foot thick layer of ERA sandwiched between them. They are often deployed in squadrons of four to six, commanded by a Warden Class Frigate.

Imperial Navy Comments:
These things are FAST! I've seen them outrun fighters before! No wonder we pair them with a Warden; it provides the knock-out punch while they sting the target to death like angry bees.

Warden Class Frigate:
Length: 500 meters
Armament: 1 Singularity Cannon, 400 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 Hardlight Cannons, 1,000 missile pods, 100 Surge Cannons

The Warden Class Frigate is designed to act as a general purpose warship, dealing with situations that do not require larger ships such as Avenger Class Destroyers, or acting as escorts for the larger vessels. The Warden Class Frigate is very heavily armed for its size, with a spinal mounted Singularity Cannon, 400 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 Hardlight Cannons, and 1,000 missile pods. 100 Surge Cannons allow the Warden to disable enemy ships. This extreme array of weapons means the Warden can engage almost any target thrown its way, though it is fairly slow, relying on small craft and other vessels to engage faster opponents.

The Warden is protected by two shield generators, and twenty-five feet of ACE and ERA armor, more than enough to protect it. The Warden has little room for small craft, but can accommodate 10 fighters or bombers, typically at a 2 to 1 ratio.

Imperial Navy Comments:
These frigates could out-gun a battleship of a lesser nation.

Judgement Class Fast Attack Frigate:
Length: 600 meters
Armament: 4 Artonic Cannons, 1 Singularity Cannon, 20 Dark Matter Torpedo Tubes, 10 silos

Most Cybusian vessels are multi-purpose, but sometimes the situation calls for a specific purpose. The conquest of the Inbarri Theocracy was short but brutal; the Inbarri had extremely powerful spinal weapons, which made the stand-up fight tactics of the Empire more difficult to engage in. The Empire sought to use flanking tactics, and developed a specialized frigate for this purpose. The Judgement is a sleek, narrow, and very fast vessel, with all of its weapons directed toward the front, intended to attack from the sides, rear, or underside of an enemy vessel. The Judgement is armed with no less than 4 Artonic Cannons, arranged in a square configuration around a Singularity Cannon, designed to create a small vortex within the enemy vessel. Finally, there are 10 silos, for launching specialty munitions such as E-99 warheads, as well as 20 Dark Matter Torpedo Tubes, which create magnetic and gravitational sheaths for huge Dark Matter payloads, which impact with massive force. There are no point-defense or secondary weapons, as the Judgement is intended to advance rapidly, destroy or cripple enemy vessels, and then retreat, all before small craft can be deployed. This grouping of heavy weapons allows the Judgement to very quickly unleash a massive amount of firepower in a very focused area, overwhelming shields and shattering hulls
The Judgement possesses heavy armor, focused on the front, no less than 100 feet of ACE and ERA armor, layered over each other, as well as 10 shield generators. When the vessel is not directly attacking the enemy, it’s shields are focused on the rear of the vessel as it speeds away; the advanced reactors diverting power from the weapons to the engines to allow an fast getaway.
The Judgement is generally used in wolfpack’s of 5 or more attacking at once, weaving in and out of fire, to overwhelm and destroy enemy battleships in a simultaneous attack from multiple angles, or splitting apart to individually attack support craft or targets of opportunity. They are never deployed alone, and are used to attack while the enemy is focused on the main fleet.

Imperial Navy Comments:
A very hard-hitting ship, and useful for flanking the enemy.

The Imperial Navy uses only one destroyer class, but is all that it requires, as the Avenger class is a versatile vessel capable of filling any role it is required to fill. The Avenger is the workhorse of the Imperial Navy.

Avenger Class Destroyer:
Length: 1,000 meters
Armerment: 1 Singularity Cannon, 2 Artonic Cannons, 2,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 2,000 Hardlight Cannons, 2,000 missile batteries, 10 silos

The Avenger Class Destroyer is one of the most common Imperial ships other than the Warden, and is generally regarded as the Imperial workhorse, capable of doing everything from convoy escort duty, to transporting Marine assault units, from planetary bombardment to ship to ship combat. It is fast for its size, and is very well-armed. It is armed with a central Singularity Cannon, and two Artonic Cannons running the length of the ship, making it a grave threat to any vessel, no matter the size. This is supplemented by 2,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons(equating to 8,000 cannons total, quadrupling the firepower available), and 2,000 Hardlight Cannons. For planetary bombardment, ship to ship, or general purpose use, there are 2,000 missile pods on the ship, supplementing the energy weapons, as well as 10 silos for special munitions.

The Avenger is protected by four shield generators, fifty feet of ACE armor and fifty more feet of ERA armor. To deal with fighters, attack enemy ships or installations, and transport the 200 Imperial Marines aboard to the ground, the Avenger has room for 110 small craft, most often 25 Vulture Class Bombers, 50 Corvus Class Fighters, 10 Shade Class Fighters, 6 Corvid Class Shuttles (typically one Diplomatic Model, two Medical Models, two Cargo Models and one Survey Model), 10 Crow or Volcra Class Dropships, and up to 14 other craft, often Raider Class Gunships. The Avenger also holds a pair of Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarm.

Imperial Navy Comments:
This ship is the workhorse of the Navy. It does everything. Planetary bombardment, occupation, ship to ship combat, convoy escorts, everything you can imagine. It’s great at everything it does.

The Imperial Navy operates three classes of cruiser, the Invictus and Technocrat capable of long range operation and fulfilling a number of roles, while the Archer is used for long-range 'sniping' and out-of-system bombardment operations, being a deadly force multiplier.

Invictus Class Cruiser:
Length: 3,000 meters
Armament: 3 Artonic Cannons, 250 Dark Matter Torpedo Launchers, 1 Singularity Cannon, 2,500 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 3,000 missile pods, 500 Surge Cannons, 25 silos.
Meant to bridge the gap between the Avenger and the Forge, the Invictus Class Cruiser is a jack-of-all-trades ship. While the Avenger Class Destroyer is fast, agile, and armed enough to deal with other vessels, and the Forge Class Battleship is a slow but incredibly well armed vessel capable of destroying flotillas by itself, the Invictus is meant to be somewhere in between, to deal with things which do not warrant the deployment of a Forge, or acting as the flagship of a group of Avengers.
The Invictus mounts a trio of powerful Artonic Cannons to destroy vessels, and a Singularity Cannon to create miniature vortexes in a target, ripping them apart from the inside out. Supporting these weapons are 2,500 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 3,000 missile pods, and 500 Surge Cannons. To give it another even more lethal punch, the Invictus mounts 25 silos which have the codes to fabricate or house unique munitions such as E-99 missiles. Unique to the Invictus are 250 Dark Matter Torpedo Launchers, which create magnetic sheaths for Dark Matter payloads, which explode violently upon impacting the target. These are more powerful than even a simultaneous hit from all barrels of a Quad Dark Matter Cannon, but are very slow to fire. These torpedo launchers are used separately to deal with large groups of smaller vessels or can focus on one vessel for an extremely damaging barrage.*
The Invictus houses up to 300 small craft, allowing it to provide itself fighter cover or launch bombers and gunships against enemy vessels. The Invictus is equipped with seventy-five feet of ACE and ERA armor layers, and five shield generators, one more than the base Avenger. The Invictus is also equipped with three Wasp, Firefly, or Guardian drone swarms.
Invictus cruisers are often deployed as flagships of groups of six to eight Avenger Class Destroyers, or to support Forge Class Battleships. It is also not uncommon to see a single Corsair Light Carrier escorted by 2 Invictus Class Cruisers, or a pair of Technocrat Class Cruisers to operate alongside a pair of Invictus cruisers for their fighter cover.

*Note: The modified flagship of Commander Alexander Vosch, the Obsidiax, also boasts Dark Matter Torpedo Launchers, but the Invictus is the only vessel to mount them as standard.

Imperial Navy Reactions:
The Invictus strikes an excellent balance between speed, firepower, and protection. Well-armed and well-armored, it's a perfect vessel for almost any engagement.

Technocrat Class Cruiser:
Length: 4,000 meters
Armament: 1 Singularity Cannon, 4,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 Gravitron Cannons, 2,000 Gravitronic Pulse Cannons, 500 Rad Cannons, 8,000 missile pods, 200 Shardfield launchers

The result of a collaboration with Colossus Defense Engineering, the Imperial Navy, and engineers from The Raven Technate, the Technocrat Class Cruiser is meant to fill the gap between the Avenger Class Destroyer and Forge Class Battleship. The 4,000 meter space frame is bristling with both Imperial and Technate weapon systems. Equipped with a spinal Singularity Cannon as its main weapon, supplemented by 8,000 missile pods and 4,000 Dark Matter Cannons, the Technocrat also hosts a variety of advanced and unusual Technate weapon systems. Equipped with 1,000 Gravitron Cannons, which are powerful weapons which use gravity to warp and shear hulls and shields, at the cost of firing speed, 2,000 Gravitronic Pulse Cannons, which are faster firing, firing a ‘pulse’ of gravitons to blast apart small craft and missiles or stress shields, as well as 500 Rad Cannons, large constructs which focus and ‘fire’ directed streams of ionizing radiation at enemy vessels, lethally irradiating and quickly killing crews or interfering with unshielded electronics, the Technocrat brings to bear a number of weapon systems otherwise not seen outside the Technate fleet. The Technocrat is also equipped with 200 electro-shard launchers, which fire small hundreds of tiny shards via a canister, electro-shards have a small generator and a number of tesla projectors. These emit intermittent arcs of electricity between the shards. They can also track and fire arcs of electricity at small craft or missiles designated as foes. Shardfields are launched to surround the Technocrat and allied vessels to act as dense minefields to keep small craft away, or launched directly at enemy vessels to hinder missile launches or the launch and recovery of small craft. Shards have small generators and are only active for approximately two hours, at which point they harmlessly shut down and disintegrate themselves to avoid posing a possible navigation hazard for small craft.

Due to all these unusual weapon systems and their associated support systems, the Technocrat has very limited hanger space, compared to other Imperial vessels, with room for only 50 small craft. This typically consists of 10 Vulture Class Bombers, 20 Corvus Class Fighters, 2 Raider Class Gunships, 2 Crow Class Dropships, and 1 Corvid Class Shuttle. The Technocrat makes up for this in other ways, boasting heavy ACE and ERA armor, as well as four shield generators. The Technocrat also is home to six Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarms.

Imperial Navy Comments:
The Technocrat is just everything else the Technate makes; slow, hard to destroy, bristling with weapons, and incredibly lethal in very weird ways.

Archer Class Artillery Cruiser:
Length: 5,000 meters
Armament: 2 Tachyon Arrows, 15,000 missile pods, 50 silos

A collaboration between several nations and corporations in the Cybusian sphere of influence, the Archer Class Artillery Cruiser is designed to sit far behind the lines and ‘snipe’ enemy vessels from extreme range.
The primary weapon of the Archer is a pair of huge Tachyon Arrows, contributed by The Raven Technate and The Collux Ascendancy, dominating the hull, much like a Felucian MAC. These two weapons can easily destroy even heavily armored shielded vessels in a single hit, and thanks to Technocratic advances, can generate and fire a Tachyon Arrow every thirty minutes, a vast improvement over the baseline. In addition, the Archer mounts an astonishing 15,000 missile pods, and 50 silos. These silos and missile pods cover most of the hull, and can fire quite quickly. All of these pods and silos can fire Jaunt-capable missiles, allowing the Archer to unleash a hail of missiles from another star system, or even within the same system from unexpected angles. Fabricators constantly create new missiles, and can fire an extremely varied number of payloads, including ‘passive’ payloads, wherein the missile does not detonate but instead does something else (such as acting as a sensor or emitting a jamming signal or acting as a false contact on enemy sensors until it is destroyed). The sheer number of missiles should be sufficient to overwhelm enemy point defenses.
The Archer has room for 50 small craft, often flights of Spear Class Long Range Bombers and their escorting fighters. The Archer is not especially well armored, only possessing 15 feet of ACE and ERA armor layers and three shield generators, mostly because the Archer is intended to be either not even in the same system as the enemy, or so far away they are beyond retaliation range that damage is almost impossible to inflict.
RobCo, Ryan Industries, and Strex Incorporated (based in The Laneran Republic) came together with the Imperial Navy to create an extremely long ranged sensor package for the Archer, combining the features of StrexSweep, the sensor package of Ryan Industries Scientific Operators, and the sensors of the RobCo Eyebot with standard Imperial Navy sensors, all combining to create an extremely long range sensor suite capable of identifying all sorts of things about a target, even it’s onboard forces and exactly what damage it has sustained and where, allowing the Archer’s officers and AI to better identify targets. The Archer utilizes a ZAX unit from RobCo for combat operations and fire control, necessary due to the sheer number of missiles, targeting data, fabrication commands, and Jaunt calculations required to continue a steady stream of missiles, though an ‘ordinary' Smart AI is used for navigation and overall vessel command.
Archers are generally kept in reserve, firing from a star system adjacent to the target, or at the outer edge of the system where the target is located at. When deployed in-system, they often operate alongside other cruisers, and they make an efficient pair with the Delta Class Battleship, softening up enemy shields or taking out other targets while Delta’s move in for close range bombardment of enemy vessels. They are especially deadly when paired with a Torchwood Prowler, using targeting data from the Prowler’s sensor suite which outstrips the capabilities of even the Archer, while the enemy hunts for the stealth ship in vain.

Imperial Navy Comments:
These things are second the enemy battleship is approaching you, the next thing you know, there's a bolt of golden light and the ship is severed down the middle, or thousands of Jaunt portals open up and a hail of missiles blast the enemy to hell. Shame they aren't more common

The Imperial Navy uses only two types of battleship, the mighty Forge class battleship being the anvil upon which lesser nations are broken asunder, its weapons sufficient to destroy anything which stands against it, and the close-range brawler, the Delta Class Battleship, meant to close in and unleash devestating broadsides against the enemy.

Forge Class Battleship:
Length: 5,000 meters
Armament: 1 spinal Singularity Cannon, 4 Artonic Cannons, 10,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 5,000 missile pods, 2,500 Hardlight Cannons, 100 silos
The Forge Class Battleship is the successor to the ancient Tesla Class Battleship, and is vastly improved on all counts.
It's armament now consists of a single Singularity Cannon running the length of the ship, with 4 Artonic Cannons arranged around it. This hard-hitting armament is supplemented by 10,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, allowing it to drown enemy ships in a withering volley of Dark Matter fire. Finally, 5,000 missile pods are mounted, as are 2,500 Hardlight Cannons, as 100 silos for specialty munitions, such as E-99 munitions.
The Forge Class is equipped with a large number of fabricators, to create weapons, munitions, and foodstuffs for the 1,000 Marines within. The Forge is equipped with space for up to 300 small craft, and houses 10 Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarms.
The Forge Class is very well armored, with hundred foot thick plates of ACE armor, ERA armor, and an outer layer of Solidified Hydruim. Ten shield generators sit at the heart of the ship.

Imperial Navy Comments:
“It’s a *censored* brute! I once saw one arrive in a battle and it literally plowed through an enemy ship like it was nothing, then started firing on every *censored* ship around it!”

Delta Class Battleship:
Length: 6,000 meters
Armament: 2 Artonic Cannons, 2 Singularity Cannons, 4,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 Dark Matter Torpedo Tubes, 800 missile pods, 100 Percsiscion Hardlight Beam Cannons

A vessel dedicated to one thing, destroying enemy capital ships, the Delta Class Battleship is aptly named; it is named after James Delta, the Destroyer of Species. Heavily armed, the Delta is designed to take a beating, close within relatively short range and then hammer enemy vessels with intense broadsides of Dark Matter fire, Dark Matter Torpedos, and volleys of missiles, though it can also attack from range with it’s pair of Artonic and Singularity Cannons.
The Delta has a spinal armament of 2 Artonic Cannons and 2 Singularity Cannons, used for eliminating the enemy at long to medium range. The Delta will ideally close to medium or close range, and then navigate parallel to enemy vessels, to unleash a devastating broadside from it’s 4,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 Dark Matter Torpedo Tubes, and it’s 800 missile pods, these weapons equally divided along either side of the vessel. The Delta is also equipped with 100 Precision Hardlight Beam Cannons, which fire an intense and extremely accurate beam of Hardlight, effective only at short ranges due to the increased power of the beam; these are used to target and eliminate specific enemy targets on the vessel, such as turrets, launch bays, engines, sensors, or anything else the Cannons can hit. These help destroy point defense, and help to soften the impact the enemy counter-broadside.
The Delta has room for only 50 small craft, almost exclusively consisting of fighters to help screen it’s approach to the enemy, or a pair of Colony drone swarms in compacted storage mode. The room saved on small craft has been used to add additional armor; the Delta mounts 200 feet of layered ACE and ERA armor, and has 6 shield generators. In addition to it’s standard shields, the Delta mounts 5 ‘flicker’ shields, which are smaller than the full-coverage shields, but retain the same power; they ‘flicker’ on and off as needed to intercept high-threat munitions or energy signatures in whatever location is needed. The Delta is also faster than many would think such a large vessel would be capable of, to allow it to close in on the enemy faster.
Delta’s are often deployed in pairs, with the goal of both of them simultaneously broadsiding an enemy vessel which is unlucky enough to be sandwiched between them.

Imperial Navy Comments:
Seeing two of them firing on a ship between the two of them is a sight to behold...they can also be very handy for 'crossing the t', thanks to their heavy armament.

The Imperial Navy operates two types of carrier, the Corsair being far more common, but the Murder carrying far more small craft.

Corsair Class Light Carrier:
Length: 1,000 meters
Armament: 1 Ultra-Heavy Surge Cannon, 1 Singularity Cannon, 500 missile pods, 400 Hardlight Cannons

Using slightly modified and heavily miniaturized Ultra-Heavy Surge Cannon weapons from Black Dawn Iconoclast Cruisers, the Corsair Class Light Carrier is intended for raiding, outpost destruction, and, in fleet engagements, providing fighter and bomber swarms to defend capital ships and attack enemy vessels, or supply dropship bound reinforcements and air support during planetary engagements. It holds 500 small craft within its hangers and is also equipped with a boarding umbilical for attaching to and boarding an enemy vessel.
Hosting a large spinally-mounted Ultra-Heavy Surge Cannon intended for knocking enemy ships offline to prevent escape and allow boarding or destruction, the Corsair is also armed with 1 Singularity Cannon to enable it to stand up to enemy ships, as well as 500 missile pods and 400 Hardlight Cannons to give the Corsair offensive capability. The missile pods are often loaded with Surge missiles to shut down vessels while the Corsair is moving into position to board a vessel with its umbilical.
The Corsair is heavily armored, with two layers of two sets of 10 foot thick ACE armor, and two layers of two foot thick ERA armor sandwiched between the two. The Corsair holds 500 small craft in its hangers, typically swarms of automated Corvus fighters and a wing of manned Shade fighters, Vulture bombers, Raider gunships, and a fleet of Crow or Volcra dropships to shuttle troops to disabled vessels or to reinforce planetary combatants with its contingent of 150 troops, vehicles, and droids. The Corsair holds five Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarms are held within.
Corsairs typically operate in wolf packs of two Corsairs and four Warden Class Frigates, or one Corsair and two Wardens. Torchwood operates a small number of Corsairs modified with Prowler-grade stealth systems to launch surprise attacks or assist Prowlers in capturing foreign vessels with interesting specimens or technology.

Imperial Navy Comments:
“These things make me feel like a pirate! We can cripple and board a ship in less then five minutes and have the whole ship cleared and anything we want put on our Corsair within an hour. I hear the spooks have stealth versions. I can only imagine how many ghost ships those things have produced.”

Murder Class Carrier:
Length: 6,000 meters
Armament: 2 Singularity Cannons, 5,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 4,000 missile pods, 1 silo

The Murder Class Carrier, named after the term for a group of crows, is one of the newest additions to the Cybusian fleet, having been developed and field-tested in 2150. It is intended to field a massive amount of fighters, bombers, gunships, and dropships in a target area, and still be capable of engaging enemy vessels. It is armed with 2 Singularity Cannons, which create vortexes either inside an enemy vessel or very close to it, crippling the vessel. It is also armed with 5,000 Dark Matter Cannons and 4,000 missile pods, as well as 1 silo. The silo creates and fires unique munitions not capable of being deployed on ordinary missiles, such as E-99 munitions, or Singularity munitions. The Murder is unusually under-armed for an Imperial ship, which are normally armed to the teeth, because most of its weapons space is devoted to armor and hanger space. The Murder houses up to 7,500 fighters, bombers, gunships, and dropships. This is typically separated into 2,500 AI-controlled Corvus Class Light Fighters for general purpose combat use, as they are capable of both dogfighting and attacking enemy ships; 500 Shade Class Heavy Fighters, intended for engaging heavy resistance or launching strikes against enemy ships; 1,000 Vulture Class Bombers; 1,000 Crow or Volcra Class Dropships, for ferrying the ground units stored aboard to a planet, 1,000 Raider Class Gunships, 10 Spear Class Long Range Bombers for long range or strategic strikes, 20 Corvid Class Shuttles of various types and 1,070 other vessels, which vary depending on a given mission. This extra space could even accommodate small vessels, such as a Warden Class Frigate. No less than 50 Wasp, Firefly, or Guardian drone swarms are held aboard the Murder.
The Murder has 75 foot thick layers of ACE and ERA armor, and has 5 shield generators.

Imperial Navy Comments:
“This ship is like a hive of Africanized honeybees. Sure, you can destroy the ship, with enough firepower, but if you don’t it will release a swarm of angry fighters and bombers that will sting even the biggest battleships to death very quickly.”

Other Vessels
The Imperial Navy operates several classes of ship which do not fit neatly into any category, primarily the Archimedes Class Engineering Support Ship, and the far more rare Citadel Class Mobile Fort, which can conquer a planet by itself.

Archimedes Class Engineering Support Ship:
Length: 6,000 meters
Armament: 2,000 Dark Matter Cannons, 1,000 missile pods

The Archimedes is specially designed to conduct battlefield repairs on Imperial ships, during combat. To this end, the hull of the Archimedes is equipped with 6 massive cranes equipped with industrial Hardlight beam cutters, plasma cutters, magnetic field generators to clamp onto stubborn bits of hull which are warped or otherwise difficult to remove, Technate GLOO sprayers to temporarily seal leaks or put out fuel fires and insulate flailing wires, and other tools. There are three cranes on each side of the hull, so an Archimedes can serve two vessels simultaneously, or focus all its attention of one. The cranes can expand to reach anywhere on a vessel within a 300 meter radius, giving it a rather long reach. The Archimedes is equipped with massive industrial forges and fabricators to create new armor plating, turrets, sensors, components, or anything else a damaged vessel may need, which are quickly installed by either the cranes if it is a large repair such a hull section, or by teams of droids and power-armored engineers. However, the value of the Archimedes does not just lie in repairs, for that is only the tip of the iceberg. Intended to assist a fleet in other ways, the Archimedes can turn its considerable manufacturing capability to creating massive swarms of droids, be they infantry droids such as Assaultrons and Legionnaires, or more versatile ones, such as Firefly, Wasp or Guardian drones. Automated versions of Imperial small craft can also be manufactured in large numbers and used in a more risky manner than manned ones, such as creating automated Vulture bombers, having them unleash their payload and then, rather than fabricate new munitions, careen into the shields to weaken them even further. This prodigious industrial capacity makes an Archimedes a valuable asset when engaging in fleet actions or planetary operations alike, as it can create vehicles for attacking armies as well.
The Archimedes is also equipped with various support devices. Equipped with prototype energy draining devices, the Archimedes can slowly but surely sap away at the shields of enemy vessels and route that energy into failing Cybusian shields, or, if none are about to fail, disperse them throughout the fleet to strengthen all the shields. While the strength is only improved by a small amount, it can be extremely useful. Another support device is a large scale Nullwave Generator, effectively preventing psionic or magical attacks on Cybusian vessels within the field. The Archimedes is also equipped with an FTL inhibitor. Finally, and more important than most would think, the Archimedes is equipped with a singularity, fission, and fusion inhibition field generator. This device generates a field which surrounds the Archimedes and up to two smaller vessels or one larger vessel, and, when an artificial singularity is about to be formed, the field acts to immediately and forcibly manipulate gravity to stop the singularity after a few nanoseconds, minimizing the damage done, if any is done at all. This field also forcibly stops nuclear fission and fusion, inhibiting the use of nuclear weapons against Imperial vessels.
Despite its important role, the Archimedes is only lightly armed with 2,000 Dark Matter Cannons and 1,000 missile pods, making it one of the least heavily armed ships in Imperial service. In spite of this, if an enemy ship were to get within close range of an Archimedes, they would be quickly ripped apart or grievously damaged, as the repair tools are potent close-range weapons. To compensate, the Archimedes has a large number of shield generators for its size, at a total of 8 shield generators, as well as very heavy ACE armor, though comparatively little ERA armor, as the vessel is meant to avoid combat and offer support or repair vessels behind the main line of battle.

Imperial Navy Comments:
These things are the guardian angels of the fleet. They'll patch your ship up, even while under fire.

Citadel Class Mobile Fort:

The Citadel is the result of a RobCo collaboration with the Terran Shipwrights Guild, intended to be a durable ‘mobile fort’ which acts as a focal point for swarms of robots and other autonomous units, in sufficient numbers to conquer a planet. The Citadel is heavily armed with 6 spinal-grade weapons turrets, which generally hold either a Singularity Cannon (Cybusian service), Tachyon Arrow (Colluxian service), or a Super Heavy Rad Cannon (Technate service). These weapons, along with 2,000 missile pods and 2,500 Quad Hardlight Cannons, means the Citadel is quite capable of defending itself from attack. It’s greatest strength lies not in it’s weapon systems, but deep in the core of the vessel. Each Citadel is home to one of the most advanced AI created by RobCo, capable of controlling and coordinating massive numbers of robots and automated defenses, automated warships and small craft, receiving and processing massive amounts of data, and strategizing. Each of these AI, designated by RobCo as “ZAX” units, can vastly improve the fighting capabilities of any robots under its control, from RobCo units such as the fast and deadly Assaultron and the versatile workhorse Legionnaire droid, to the innumerable hordes of Technocratic Synths and Raptor droid fighter-bombers, or the agile and innumerable swarms of Firefly and Wasp drones. These units can operate with much more flexibility and tactical ability than if left to their directives, and each ZAX can control billions, even trillions of lesser machines. ZAX units are capable hacking units as well, capable of infiltrating, subverting, overriding, or other interfering with enemy systems.
To make the most of this incredible coordination and processing power, each Citadel is equipped with massive numbers of robots, billions, even trillions of robots of various types, the majority of them RobCo units or Synths of various models, Corvus automated fighters (replaced with Raptor units in Technate service), automated dropships, supplemented by fleets of Clockwork Class Automated Corvettes to protect the Citadel, help land troops, and otherwise serve the ZAX unit, the native Morgan AI obeying the superior AI. Advanced fabricators can quickly replace losses, the ZAX unit able to modify the robots as needed, such as changing weapon load outs or armor thickness.
Because of it’s power, the Citadel is heavily armored, the engineers of the TSG building an extremely durable ship, reinforced with 200 feet of ACE and ERA armor, fifteen shield generators protecting the Citadel.

Imperial Navy Comments:
These things are incredibly slow, but incredibly useful for conquest.

The Imperial Navy uses only a single dreadnought class, but it is more than enough to sweep away any resistance.

Alexander Mercer Class Dreadnought
Length: 35 kilometers.
Armament: 1 Entropic Acceleration Cannon, 1 Reality Cannon, 25 Artonic Cannons, 65,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 55,000 Surge Cannons, 50,000 missile pods, 1,000 silos, 100 Nullwave Cannons

The largest vessel in the Imperial fleet, the Alexander Mercer is a colossal brute of a vessel, at 35 kilometers long, designed to equal and surpass the Super-Titan vessels of the Empire's socialist rival, Oceara. Its primary armament consists of two devastating weapons, the Entropic Acceleration Cannon, and a scaled-up version of a Reality Rifle, the Reality Cannon. First, there is the devastating and one of a kind E-99 weapon, the Entropic Acceleration Cannon. This incredibly powerful weapon functions by firing a massive stream of E-99 energy, which rapidly ages whatever it hits to dust. This weapon, if striking a target larger than the beam, begins to spread along the target, aging all that it touches until nothing remains but dust. The AEC can also engage a target by creating a ‘bubble’ around the target, and then accelerating time to the point that the target is nothing more dust. This weapon allows the Alexander Mercer to, like it’s namesake, destroy everything from single enemy ships, all to way up to fleets or worlds. The second and arguably even more advanced weapon is a huge, ship-scale Reality Rifle, like the kind used by the Void Ravens, ripping the target apart into eight dimensions, effectively erasing it from our reality. Reserved only for the strongest foes, the Reality Cannon is typically reserved for use against ‘gods’, proving the might of the Empire. The Mercer is also armed with 25 Artonic Cannons mounted in turrets, and thousands upon thousands of Quad Dark Matter Cannons, Surge Cannons to leave foes helpless to avoid being obliterated, and missile pods, as well as 1,000 silos, which deliver unique munitions which require special codes to fabricate. Finally, a very unique weapon mounted aboard the Alexander Mercer are several Nullwave Cannons, advanced weapon which are scaled-up versions of Nullwave Rifles, designed to strip psionic, magic, or reality-warping targets of their abilities, letting the Mercer destroy them with conventional weapons. These cannons are unlimited in range and can fire fairly quickly (100 bolts of Nullwave Energy per minute), but are limited by line of sight, and are thus dispersed around the dreadnought to provide line of sight all around the vessel.

The Alexander Mercer is equipped with the heaviest, most advanced armor in the Empire, with 500 feet of ACE and ERA armor layers, and 100 shield generators. The outer hull, like most Cybusian vessels, is an intricate work of Art Deco beauty, with many Mercerist patterns, images, and statues as well, the armored decorations revealing weapons when combat is required. The Alexander Mercer houses thousands of fighters, bombers, Colony drones swarms, and other small craft, and enough Evolved and vehicles to conquer a solar system by itself, as well as two Vulcans. The dreadnought can also dock and repair up to 10 Forge Class Battleships simultaneously on its exterior, but within its shielding, and smaller vessels can actually be brought inside the Alexander Mercer’s massive hangers and repaired, restocked, and refitted, all while the vessel continues to launch small craft. A fleet of smaller vessels are kept within the Mercer, including two Wraith Class Prowlers. The Alexander Mercer hosts a series of Torchwood facilities within it, ranging from labs to electronic warfare facilities. It is home to a throne room for the Emperor, above the bridge, a detachment of the Ravenelki Guard, and a secure facility deep within the vessel houses the Void Ravens when they are not on assignment, and allows them to teleport directly onto enemy vessels to obliterate the enemy from within.

There are three Alexander Mercer Class Dreadnoughts in existence, with two more planned

CCS Alexander Mercer

CCS Dana Mercer

CCS Artaxes (named for an infamous Vulcan conquerer)

CCS James Delta (Planned, named for the famed Orsonian general)

CCS Alexander Vosch (Planned, named for the current High Consul for the Imperial Navy)

Imperial Navy Comments
Ragnorak; the destroyer of worlds.

Drone Vessels
The versatile and lethal Colony Class Drone Vessel is a unique oddity in Imperial service, able to separate itself into a vast horde of tiny drones or combine their firepower to vaporize larger targets.

Colony Class Drone Vessels:

A unique vessel in every sense of the word, the Colony represents a unique attempt at designing a starship.
Rather than be one vessel, the Colony is made up of millions of interlocked Firefly drones and Hardlight. The Firefly drones each have a single Hardlight Beam Cannon and two Hardlight Auto-Repeaters. When interlocked, they can combine and increase firepower exponentially to the point of engaging enemy ships. Any number of these can detach and engage the enemy at any given time, be it acting as an individual fighter and attack drone or into smaller but still powerful interlocked drone formations to engage enemy ships while representing a smaller target.

Each drone has a shield, but, as with the weapon systems, the strength of these increase exponentially when interlocked in a formation. Each drone also has self-repair nanites, enabling it to repair itself to a limited extent. Each colony has an AI distributed across every drone, enabling the drones to continue functioning and using tactics even if the majority are destroyed. Multiple Colony vessels can interlock their drones and merge AI to increase processing power and firepower.

Almost every Imperial colony world maintains at least one colony of Firefly drones with the means to make more, making even frontier worlds difficult to attack without being attacked by a swarm of drones which can combine to engage ships.


Wasp Class Drone Vessel:
Very much the same as the Colony, the Firefly drones are replaced with the more modern and more advanced Wasp drones, which have a Dark Matter beam cannon and pair of Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters and small amounts of thin ACE and ERA armor, as well as an improved AI and better engine. Wasp Class vessels are slowly replacing the baseline Colony Drone.

Guardian Class Drone Vessel:
The Guardian is an unusual version of the Colony, as its Fireflies are equipped with vastly improved individual shields. The Fireflies can separate, while still maintaining an interconnected shield or Hardlight barrier projected between drones, making them extremely useful acting as mobile shields, covering ships whose shields are recharging, or wrapping themselves around an incoming nuclear or singularity munition, forcibly detonating it prematurely but containing the blast at the cost of the destruction of many drones, but the drones can easily be replaced. A large number of Guardians, if working in conjunction and interconnecting with each other, could feasibly provide a makeshift planetary shield in the event of a failure, sabotage, or the lack of one in the first place. Many Imperial worlds have several Guardians to help defend their worlds from orbital bombardment, and to act as fast attack craft when engaging enemy ships, or to conjoin and destroy them with brute force.


Yellowjacket Class Drone Vessel:
A highly experimental Torchwood version of the Colony, Yellowjacket drones are significantly up-armored, equipped with much more advanced AI capable of limited adaptation to events not within its vast combat library, and, most importantly, an E-99 weapon. A swarm of these drones would rapidly age a ship to the point of critical failure, the temporal energies bypassing shields and rusting or otherwise affecting ships with the ravages of time. Concentrated fire from formations of interlocked drones may age targeted vessels to dust near-instantly. However, Yellowjackets automatically self-destruct if any attempt is made to recover them by any vessel, even Torchwood ones, due to a fear among Torchwood programmers that rival powers could emulate Imperial AI to try to get a hold of E-99 tech. Also, due to the extremely complex nature of E-99 weapons, Yellowjackets must be manufactured by hand and undergo rigorous testing to ensure no malfunctions develop. Yellowjackets have only undergone two tests thus far, and it is very unlikely they will see combat use any time soon except under extremely strict Torchwood supervision.

Five old Tesla Class Battleships were deployed, their cannons ready. A single vessel, large and shimmering silver emerged from Jaunt space. The Tesla's started firing, millions of Tesla Cannons and Particle Cannons firing. The shields of the shimmering ship withstood the barrage for a time, and the vessel glowed for a moment, before a lance of golden energy raced out of the front of the vessel and vaporized the lead Tesla. By now the shields had failed. Portions of the vessel abruptly fell away, and then the whole vessel separated as the Teslas fired upon it. It separated into several large segments, with millions of small drones being deployed to attack the Teslas at close range like fighters from a carrier. The smaller concentrations fired on the Teslas, coordinating fire to bring down shields before the swarms arrived. The drone swarms started strafing the hull, performing maneuvers that a Human couldn't even conceive as possible. They quickly took out gun emplacements and other targets of opportunity. The largest concentrations fired, destroying the crippled battleships with their smaller but still powerful beams of Hardlight. Again the process was repeated for the other two battleships. For the final ship, the drone swarms flew into the shields of docking bays, destroying themselves in the process until the shields failed. Thousands of drones poured into the vessel, slaughtering the robotic infantry and overwhelming the defenses. Several drones made their way to the reactors and abruptly self-detonated in large bursts of Hardlight, destroying the reactor. The battleship exploded in a ball of energy, the remaining drones flying back to reform the original vessel, with a few gaps. The destroyed drones could easily be replaced by any military-grade fabricator.

Imperial Small Craft

The Imperial Navy operates three fighters, one being the cheap and disposable Corvus drone fighter, the other being the advanced and incredibly powerful Shade Class Heavy Fighter, used by aces, with the Strix Class Interceptor serving as the middle ground and a dedicated interceptor.

Corvus Class Light Fighter:
Armament: 4 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers.

The Corvus was designed by Mercer Industries as a lighter alternative to the more advanced and more heavily armed Shade, and was designed to be very easily to mass-fabricate. The Corvus is armed with 4 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters and two missile launchers fed by fabricator. It’s focus is primarily on speed and agility, and is powered by a Tesla Micro-Reactor. The Corvus has a crew of one, though a more common use is for it to be piloted remotely via AI. They are armored with thin layers of ACE and ERA armor, and have a shield generator, though its primary defense is speed and agility.

Strix Class Interceptor:
Armament: 1 Surge Cannon, 8 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers, 2 Ashmaker Gatling Lasers.

Named for a Roman bird-demon of mythology, the Strix Class Interceptor is a small fighter used by the Imperial Navy for strike-craft interception purposes. The Strix’s sleek Streamline Moderne form has sleek stub wings and a small, narrow form to better evade enemy fire. The Strix is heavily armed, with a spinal Surge Cannon to knock out shields, quickly followed up by fire from it’s 8 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters mounted around the Surge Cannon. The Strix is also equipped with a pair of Ryan Armaments Ashmaker Gatling Lasers integrated into the wing roots to help wear down shields and heavy armor, as well as a pair of missile launchers built into the underside of the stub wings. Despite this heavy armament, the real asset of the Strix is it’s extremely powerful engine; an overcharged ion engine from a Corvus fighter, modified with an additional overcharger and a pair of dedicated mini-reactors, as well as a ‘void cooling system’ which operates by dispelling heat and other unwanted energy into an artificial universe. Should the void cooling fail, there are backup cryogenic and laser cooling mechanisms, as well as the option to simply vent the heat into space, though this will cause the Strix to become incredibly easy to track on enemy sensors.
The incredible speed and agility of the Strix is meant to be it’s defense, though it also mounts thin layers of ERA armor and two shield generators. The Strix has few sensors, mostly relying on allied sensor feeds to identify enemy bombers and other strike craft to take out.
The Strix is deployed primarily to intercept enemy bombers, gunships, and other hostile strike craft, though it is a superb dogfighter as well. Due to it’s focus on eliminating small craft, it is not recommended to use it to attack enemy vessels, unless they are corvettes or a similarly small vessel, and even then, they would primarily serve as a harassing force. Generally, each Imperial vessel capable of doing so will carry at least 1 squadron of 8 Strix’.

Shade Class Heavy Fighter:
Armaments: 8 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers, 2 rear mounted Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 2 Dark Matter Cannons, 1 Surge Cannon, 1 munitions bay

The Shade Class Fighter is amongst the strongest ships in the Imperial Navy arsenal which is not a full size ship. Designed as a heavy fighter/bomber, the Shade is very heavily armed. Sporting 8 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters (mounted in two clusters of four) on the nose of its long fuselage, in addition to two rear-facing Hardlight Auto-Repeaters to protect it on its combat runs, two wing-mounted missile launchers, and two wingtip mounted Dark Matter Cannons, which are slower to fire but harder-hitting than the faster Auto-Repeaters in the nose.
Furthermore, there is a retractable Surge Cannon mounted under the cockpit to disable small craft. Rounding out the impressive armament is a small, centrally mounted Munitions Fabrication Unit, which creates and drops or launches missiles or bombs, either from the central bay in the fuselage, or the two launchers intergrated into the wings. This enables it to carry out anti-ship strikes.

The Shade is equipped with a jamming array, and a high-powered Jaunt Drive, allowing for pursuit or attack of targets almost anywhere. It is protected by heavy ACE and ERA armor plating. It is equipped with four separate shield generators. The Shade also has extremely powerful communications equipment, capable of receiving and transmitting crystal clear audio and visuals from across multiple universes. For in-atmosphere operations, the Shade can be equipped with a chemical and biological dispersal unit. The Shade is primarily operated by the Imperial Navy. Torchwood prefers its own Raven or Jackdaw Class Fighters, though Torchwood models of the Shade do exist, equipped with active camouflage.

The Imperial Navy operates only two types of bomber, the more commonplace Vulture, and the powerful but rare Spear, intended for long range attacks.

Vulture Class Bomber:
Armament: 6 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 2 munitions bays, 3 hardpoints
The Vulture Class Bomber, built to replace the antiquated Storm, is a sleek and agile spacecraft. It is armed with four Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, two in each wing root, and a rear turret which also has two Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters. Within the body of the bomber are a pair of fabricator-fed bays which hold up to twenty munitions each, which fabricators can swiftly create or change out at a moment notice. This means the Vulture can launch an attack run and then be fully armed again without having to return to a hanger to rearm.
The Vulture’s bomb bay also houses three secure hardpoints for munitions which fabricators cannot make, such as E-99 weapons. The hardpoints can also accept modular equipment such as jamming devices and sensor baffles to make it more difficult to track and target the bomber. The Vulture has thick layers of ACE and ERA armor and three shield generators.

Spear Class Long Range Bomber:
Armament: 8 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 6 munitions bays, 6 hardpoints.

The Spear is the Empire's long range bomber, which is used for strategic bombing. The craft is primarily designed to carrying large amounts of ordnance over long ranges to be deployed against enemy forces. The craft is Jaunt capable so it can make short jaunts across close systems, allowing it to operate from a launch position in friendly or neutral space and launch a bombing run and return safely. It is supported by this by being capable of both defending itself from enemy fighters and survive enemy defenses. The Spear, despite its size, is both fast and agile, meaning it can evade or outrun hostile defenses with an agility not normally seen in bombers.

The Spear carries six bomb bays, in two rows of three, allowing it to carry an ungodly amount of munition. It's six munitions fabricators can make up to 200 munitions per half-hour, enabling it to remain on station and bombard targets. It can also fit four external heavy hardpoints, that allow it to significantly increase its ordnance payload at the cost of stealth, giving it the option to carry more bombs, missiles or warheads externally. These external hardpoints can also mount up to two Wasp or Guardian drones. It also mounts a pair of medium hardpoints on either side of the fuselage, for defensive missiles against ground and air targets. To defend itself, the Spear has four turrets, each with two Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters. One of them is integrated into the tail, and there is one on each side of the aircraft, and another atop the cockpit.

The Spear, due to its size requires either a run way or capturing equipment, such as a Zero-Point Energy Emitter to return to its carrier or base. It is fitted with two large, extremely powerful engines, and variable sweep wings. A Jaunt Drive allows it to travel between star systems instantly, and launch surprise attacks. The Spear is defended by six shield generators and five feet of ACE and ERA armor layers.

Common tactics are to deploy a number of Spears and Shade Class Heavy Fighters from outside of a star system to launch quick attacks on strategic targets, escaping before reinforcements arrive, leaving only devastation in their wake. This often is used to disable sensors or communications prior to a strike from a Wraith Class Prowler.

Dropships and Shuttles
The Imperial Navy operates two types of dropship and shuttle.

Crow Class Dropship:
Armament: 4 Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, 1 retractable Hardlight Gatling, 2 missile pods, 3 door guns

The Crow Class Dropship is the primary Imperial dropship, and is quite well-rounded. It's airframe consists of a sleek, streamlined body of Solidified Hydrium construction with two medium sized, equally streamlined wings connected to it. In its spacious troop bay, up to twenty troopers or robots can be carried, and there are two side mounted doors to enter, exit, and fire from. These are typically sealed shut except for on the final approach to target, where they open to allow the infantry inside to support the attack with the two door guns and their own weapons. Alternatively, they can deploy via the ramp at the rear, which is also where vehicles are loaded and which also has a fold-down door gun. Most vehicles in the Imperial arsenal can be carried within, though the troop capacity is reduced to just five with a vehicle. Sickle Class Walkers must be carried disassembled in two dropships, but can be assembled on the ground by combat engineers in less than 30 minutes.

The Crow is quite heavily armed. Behind the cockpit, there are four Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, two on either side. On the Crows chin, a retractable Hardlight Auto-Repeater(six-barrel version, nicknamed the "Hardlight Gatling") is mounted, this turret being operated by the gunner. There are also three door mounted guns, which can hold Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, small missile pods, grenade launchers, small Surge Cannons, or other weapons systems. On the inner third of the wings, a pair of underslung missile pods provide anti-armor support. Because of the heavy firepower, the Crow is often used as a gunship when not deploying ground units.

The wings of the Crow deserve special mention. The propulsion systems(two Tesla-powered ion engines) are mounted in the middle of the outer wings(the outer two-thirds of the wing), which are attached to the rest of the wing and fuselage by a pivot system, which allows them to rotate into a “parked" position, where the wing tips and engines face upward(similar to a human tilt-rotor), the rest of the wing stable and horizontal, and the dropship rests on special skis and anti-gravity drives under the main body. This is also how the craft lands, but it is quite capable of landing with the wings in flight mode. This is also convenient for spur-of-the-moment takeoffs, as the Crow does not need to access a runway to become airborne. The versatility of the wings are also an addition for overall maneuverability- the dropships can hover more efficiently with the wings in "park mode", with the engines pointed downward. The wings are also streamlined and aerodynamic, though still tough.

The Crow is quite heavily defended, with three shield generators and thick layers of ACE and ERA armor. The Crow has highly advanced sensors, a searchlight mounted alongside the chin-mounted Hardlight Auto-Repeater, and a functional PA system. The PA system is also used for playing music and propaganda. The Crow is not normally equipped with a Jaunt Drive, though Torchwood models are known to be modified with them.

The Crow has two crewmen, the pilot, who pilots the Crow and operates the forward-firing Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, and the gunner, who operates the missile pods and chin gun, as well as operating the PA system, searchlight, and any other mission-specific hardware.

Corvid Class Shuttle:
The Corvid Class Shuttle is the primary shuttlecraft used by the Imperial military, and comes in several variants. Possessing a sleek, Art Deco spaceframe, the Corvid has a pair of powerful engines integrated into its wings, which maneuver to face up when landing and fold out horizontally when in flight, somewhat like a tilt-rotor used by more primitive nations. Equipped with a rear loading ramp and a pair of doors on the side, the Corvid can carry a pair of Courser utility vehicles and up to 10 troops or droids when configured for transport duty. The Corvid is equipped with a pair of Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters, mounted in the wing roots, and an optional missile launcher mounted in the upper fuselage. Despite this, the Corvid is generally not intended for combat purposes, meant to ferry small numbers of troops and supplies to outposts, planetary surfaces and other vessels, ferry research teams to artifacts or planets, or transport diplomats or other VIPs, all of which would take place in situations where Imperial air and orbital superiority is either already assured or not needed. Despite this, the Corvid does boast some ERA and ACE armor, as well as three shield generators.
The Corvid comes in a few main variants, other than the base model described above.

The rarest of the types seen in Imperial service, the assault model of the Corvid has thicker armor, has two more Dark Matter Auto-Repeaters mounted in a turret on the shuttles chin, and has two wing-mounted missile launchers. The assault Corvid is generally a rare sight, as its purpose is better served by the Crow dropship, but it is sometimes seen on older vessels or colonies which are relative backwaters. It is sometimes used by corporate security forces, with its Dark Matter weapons replaced with lasers. Ryan Security and the Stoneheart Industries Corporate Security Force operate them in large numbers.

The cargo version of the Corvid is used to ferry supplies, and is equipped with a small crane to better load supplies onboard. There is no space for passengers in this version, and it is typically used to transfer fabricators, scientific equipment, and other delicate items which cannot be fabricated or require specialized fabrication codes which the destination does not have access to, for whatever reason. It is also used to transport droids. The cargo variant is larger than the average Corvid, and is a common sight in both Imperial, corporate, and civilian service.

While the name implies it used primarily by diplomats, the diplomatic variant of the Corvid is simply a luxurious refitting of the shuttle interior to better accommodate VIPs, fitted with leather couches, a fabricator for food or beverages, and a holographic display unit. Often used to ferry diplomats, researchers, officers, or other VIPs to and from planets, ships, or orbital installations, the diplomatic variant is unarmed, but boasts stronger armor and shields, and is also popular with civilians and corporate assets.

The medical variant of the Corvid is painted white and red, and is unarmed. It is equipped with a medical fabricator, a Followers of The Apocalypse Auto-Doc, room for up to five stretchers, and two cryogenic stasis pods to preserve the critically wounded until they can be cared for by specialists. The bay also houses room for up to four doctors, nurses, or medical droids. The medical Corvid is often operated by the Followers of The Apocalypse to transport the wounded or sick to their hospital ships, and also sees service with many private hospitals, corporations, and the Imperial military.

The survey Corvid is quite common and is equipped with a number of unique and high-powered scanners, and a set of stasis pods to hold artifacts, lifeforms, or samples. The cargo bay has been reconfigured into a small modular laboratory, which can be modified for different missions, and comes standard as a clean-room level environment with a decontamination station. The survey variant is also equipped with a series of probes and droids, typically 585 Curie Scientific Operators.

The Imperial Navy uses only one kind of gunship, intended to free up Crow dropships to land forces instead of engaging enemy forces.

Raider Class Gunship:
Armament: 1 Hardlight Gatling, 1 Dark Matter Cannon, 2 missile launchers, 4 hardpoints

The Raider is a fast but powerful gunship, intended to take out targets to free up Crow dropships for troop deployment purposes. It’s sleek airframe is home to an array of weapons suited for engaging all targets. It has a retractable nose turret housing a six-barreled Hardlight Gatling and Dark Matter Cannon. It’s small wings have a pair of missile launchers mounted, and four hardpoints for specialized weapons systems. The Raider is meant to engage infantry and light vehicles with the Hardlight Auto-Repeater, armored vehicles with the Dark Matter Cannon, and the fabricator-fed missile launchers for any targets. It’s speed and agility is it’s primary defense, but it is equipped with thin layers of ACE and ERA armor, and three shield generators. The Raider is manned by a pilot and a gunner, who is also in charge of selecting munitions via the fabricator.

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