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The Imperial Army

The Imperial Army
The first few conquests by the Evolved were conducted solely using their natural abilities, albeit wearing armor Alex had designed. This worked well for the first few years, but it was realized that a standing military was needed, to train Evolved how to fight most effectively, and how to use ranged weapons. The Imperial Army quickly became an advanced force, utilizing power armor and plasma and particle weapons. During the Rebellion, due to the speed of the Orsonian advance, the Army saw only occasional combat, but when they did see combat, they made the Orsonians pay dearly for every world taken. Now the Imperial Army is an advanced, powerful force which is tasked with expanding the Empire and defending its worlds from enemy invasion. Secondary missions include suppressing rebellions and containing Drakul outbreaks in conjunction with Torchwood and the Navy.

Imperial Army doctrine centers around adaptability, maneuverability, protection, and firepower. Almost every Imperial vehicle has weapons to engage both infantry and vehicles, and typically aircraft as well, ensuring they can counter any threat, and can take any punishment dished out, thanks to ACE, ERA, and shields. Typical Imperial Army deployments feature “packs” of various variants of Courser Utility Vehicles, swarming the battlefield, taking out whatever they can, avoiding what they cannot until heavier units can destroy them, while Knight tanks deal with emplacements or heavy armor the Coursers can’t take down. Crusaders and dropships deploy Evolved infantry into battle, typically at the same time Courser “packs” are deployed. Technological superiority, coupled with the speed and fluidity of Imperial attacks, overwhelm most opponents.
Imperial vehicles and armor tend to have an Art Deco aesthetic, mixing cool beauty with deadly firepower.

The average Imperial infantryman has a suit of Vanguard Class Power Armor, a Storm Class Hardlight Auto-Repeater, a Bolt Class Hardlight Pistol, and a Hardlight coated blade, several grenades, a micro-fabricator to create grenades and rations, and 10 Stimpacks. At least two men in every five-man fireteam also carry an Oblierator Missile Launcher or Striker Grenade Launcher to engage hard targets, armor, and aircraft.

Vanguard Class Armor

The standard armor of Imperial Army soldiers is replete with advanced technology. It is made of solidified Hydruim, ACE armor, a layer of ERA armor, and three more layers of ACE armor, with a layer of ERA between all of them. It is combined with a colony of Geobacters, genetically engineered bacteria that absorb the energy produced by plasma, laser, radiation, and most other energy weapons, and convert it to biomass for the Cybusian wearing the armor to Consume, thus making them stronger, or converting it to power for the armor if the wearer is not Evolved. Some of it is converted to more armor. This armor is supplemented by a pair of shield generators, and a shield shaping unit. In the helmet, sonic filters both block sonic attacks, and serve as speakers for the advanced communications array within the helmet. The helmet has a range-finder, and a designator beam on it, as well as a variety of vision filters, ranging from infrared, to X-Ray. A complete sensor array allows for detection of hostiles, and for sharing this data with friendlies. Internal climate control ensures that the trooper can survive any climate, and magnetic boots allow troops to walk on walls, ceilings, and starship hulls. A sound-canceling system can be added for absolute silence, preventing footsteps, etc, from being heard at all, though this is rare. The suit is not meant for built-in weaponry, but it can accept modules. A small container on the belt carries grenades and small items. In the suits left arm, there is a fabricator, to create grenades. In the helmet, there is a highly advanced HUD which is also capable of functioning as a datapad, comlink, or PA system. It also serves as the suits internal AI interface, as well as interfacing with any other local AIs. If the AI is the users personal AI, or is otherwise spread across multiple devices, the suit will automatically sync with them upon booting. The Vanguard, like many Cybusian combat designs, is Art Deco in its design, though soldiers may personalize their armor, often attaching custom modifications to them they designed themselves, or items of personal significance.

Imperial Small Arms:

Bolt Hardlight Pistol:
The standard issue energy pistol in Imperial service, the Bolt fires a powerful bolt of Hardlight, dealing both physical and energy damage to whatever it hits. Despite its small, sleek, Art Deco styled body, it is a powerful weapon, capable of easily punching through a skull and incinerating the brain with a single bolt. The Bolt is semi-automatic.

Storm Hardlight Auto-Repeater:
Shaped very similar to a “tommy gun”, the Storm is one of the most common Imperial weapons. While for most nations, it would be considered an SMG, the Storm serves as the Empires primary weapon and can be fitted with a fabricator drum to produce physical ammunition if the need arises. It can be fired automatically, semi-automatically, or in burst fire mode, in which three Hardlight bolts are fired in quick succession. Standard issue for the Imperial Army, and for Imperial Marines when assaulting planets. Common among Torchwood Agents as well, firing Dark Matter bolts.

Ranger Hardlight Carbine:
Rarely seen outside of Marine service, the Ranger is a rapid-fire Hardlight carbine, firing even faster than the Storm, delivering a withering hail of fire to take down shields and rapidly take down enemies. This makes it more inaccurate and is thus primarily seen when used to board or defend vessels and orbital emplacements, typically with a Brawler shotgun attachment.

Brawler Shotgun:
The Brawler is a powerful weapon, equipped with a fabricator and drum magazine, and firing either semi-automatically or automatically. Firing a 12 gauge shell, the Brawler can fire any number of specialty shells, which can be wrapped in Hardlight or fired regularly, including incendiary shells, cryogenic shells, chemical or gas shells, flechette shells, grenades, stun shells, and other, more exotic shells such as silver particle shells for engaging Drakul, which burst, spraying silver particles all over the encroaching vampire. Standard issue with Imperial Marines defending or boarding a vessel or orbital installation, the Brawler is also used by Imperial Army troopers in CQC situations or when clearing Drakul nests. A pump-action version, known as the Bruiser, is common with police forces, planetary defense forces and corporate security forces, though it sometimes used by the military in the rare event that a Brawler is unavailable. Small Brawler attachments can be attached to other weapon systems to give a close-range punch.

Terminator Sniper Rifle:
A high-powered sniper rifle, the Terminator is used by all branches for long-range elimination of foes. The Terminator has a single barrel, and is made of lightweight components, meaning it is not a burden to carry. It fires a bolt of Hardlight. Due to the durability of many of the Empire’s foes, the Empire makes no distinction between sniper rifle and anti-material rifle, thus, the Terminator can also fire a huge 20mm round, using a fabricator to quickly and efficiently make more rounds with internal payloads to match the enemy being faced, including high explosive, cryogenic, incendiary, chemical or gas, flechette, plasma airburst, or silver particle airburst. Common among Torchwood Kill-Teams, as well as Army and Marine sniper detachments.

Seeker Guided Rifle:
A semi-automatic rifle firing a 14.5mm round coated in Hardlight, the Seeker is designed to engage enemies beyond visual range and around corners in urban combat or on ships. The bullet, which comes standard with a high explosive core, can be modified to take any number of specialized rounds, has an onboard micro-computer and micro-thruster, allowing the round to be navigated to the target without having to see it, thanks to data fed from sensors and the onboard computer. Very rarely seen in anything but Marine service, the Seeker is also sometimes used when engaging enemies in urban environments, though generally energy weapons or the Brawler are preferred.

Striker Grenade Launcher:
A 40mm grenade launcher, capable of firing either automatically or semi-automatically, the Striker gives an infantry unit some extra kick against armor or other harder targets. Equipped with a fabricator, the Striker can create any grenade imaginable, from Hardlight to plasma airburst, chemical and gas dispersers, silver airburst, fragmentation, cryogenic, incendiary, and many more. Smaller, single-shot versions of the Striker can be attached to other weapons, similar to Brawler shotgun attachments.

Obliterator Missile Launcher:
A compact and semi-collapsible missile launcher easily carried by a single soldier, the Obliterator is an easily assembled weapon, and be assembled and ready to fire to under a minute, and is an infantry-portable version of the missile launchers used by vehicles and spacecraft. It consists of a launch tube, a designator, and a fabricator for ammunition. The Obliterator can fire any missile payload imaginable, ranging from high explosive, incendiary, armor-piercing high explosive, cryogenic, chemical or gas, or silver airburst for engaging Drakul hordes. The Obliterator can use laser designators, satellite guidance systems, the missiles own AI, or wire-guidance to engage targets, or simply dumb-fire them. Each missile has its own micro-AI, which communicates with other munitions to coordinate methods to defeat or overwhelm point defense systems, identify targets to communicate back to the operator, and figuring out the best angle of approach given a particular payload.

Imperial Vehicles:

Courser Class Utility Vehicle:

The Courser is an anti-gravity vehicle, (with optional 4 wheel drive tires), with an enclosed compartment housing the driver and a passenger, with the gunners bed housing a turret, and space for four passengers. Thus, in total five passengers are carried, a basic Imperial Army Fireteam. The forward passenger can fire from the side seat. The Courser is defended by a layer of ERA and ACE armor, and a shield generator. The Courser is a speedy and agile vehicle, and is the workhorse of the Imperial Army. There are many variants of the Courser, (the most common of which are the Light Recon and the Anti-Vehicle) some of which are detailed below:

Courser Class Light Recon Vehicle:
Armed with a Hardlight Auto-Repeater, the LRV is used to clear out infantry and scout locations ahead of the main battle force. Standard version.

Courser Class Light Anti-Vehicle:
The LAV is armed with a Dark Matter Cannon and two missile launchers.

Courser Class Light Artillery Unit:
The LAU is armed with a double-barreled Balvorn Mortar system and a pair of missile pods.

Courser Class Anti-Aircraft Vehicle:
The AAV is armed with two missile pods and a pair of Dark Matter Cannons to blast apart aircraft

Courser Class Engineering Vehicle:
The EV is equipped with a Terrain Deformation Device, a crane mounted instead of a turret, and a wide variety of equipment inside the vehicle's storage bays.

Courser Class Light Cargo Vehicle:
The LCV has its turret removed, and its bed extended to accommodate more cargo.

Wolf Class Psychological Warfare Unit:
The PWU is equipped with a pair of loudspeakers and lights, and can play either Mesmerizing audio/video or project images or Hardlight, based off of an analysis of enemy culture and the best way to demoralize troops.

Courser Class Field Ambulance:
The rear of the Courser is replaced by a sterile cabin capable of holding four stretchers and accompanying medical staff, or four temporal stasis pods for the more critically wounded. Alternatively, a Followers of the Apocalypse Auto-Doc can be set up on the rear of the Courser. Marked as a medical vehicle, all versions of the Courser field ambulance lack weapons or protection.

Courser Class Chemical Projector Vehicle:
Equipped with a sealed cabin and a turret remotely operated rather than by a physical gunner, the CPV is equipped with a pair of chemical missile launchers and a flamethrower/chemical projector. It can also deploy biological weapons.

Courser Class Droid Deployer:
Rear and turret replaced by a bay capable of housing and maintaining one Sentry Bot, ten Assaultrons or Legionaries, or ten other droids.

Courser Class Light Transport:
Like the CPV, the LT is equipped with a cabin in the rear. It has an extended frame, and can hold up to ten troops, and has two Hardlight turrets operated from within the vehicle.

Courser Class Mobile Lab:
A rare variant, the ML is primarily used by Torchwood and ICDC field research teams, and has a cabin replacing the rear, with several stasis chambers for holding specimens or artifacts. Often used by Torchwood to recover Drakul specimens or corpses to determine which strain is being faced, a feral strain or a controlled strain.

Courser Class Drakul Termination Vehicle:
Equipped with a completely sealed cabin(Drakul stingers have been known to occasionally enter firing ports and infect soldiers) and a remotely operated silver machine gun, the DTV is equipped with UVC headlights, and a silver plating on the exterior to deter attack by mobs of Drakul.

Crusader Class Assault Striker:
Armament: 1 Dark Matter Cannon, 1 Hardlight Auto-Repeater, 1 missile launcher

Recognizing the need for a swift, heavily armored transport on the battlefield, Colossus Defense Engineering, famous for its Avenger Class Destroyer, set about designing a brand new armored behemoth for the Imperial Army and Marine Corps, that would still fit with the Imperial combat doctrine, which emphasizes speed, adaptability, and protection. The result, first deployed in 2021, was the Crusader Class Assault Striker.
The Crusader is equipped with room for twenty-five troops or humanoid droids in its tracked chassis(anti-gravity drives are mounted if increased agility is needed), with firing ports, and has a Dark Matter Cannon, and coaxial Hardlight Auto-Repeater along with a missile launcher, mounted in a turret atop the hull operated by a gunner inside the Crusader. The Crusader can achieve speeds of up to 200 MPH, and can use it's bulk to blow through walls and defenses to reach its target and unload its troops. As if that wasn't enough, the Crusader can literally crush smaller vehicles under its treads, driving over them and crushing it under its weight. Special rollers inside these treads refabricate the crushed bits of metal, and use them to repair itself.
The Assault Striker is equipped with a pair of shield generators, a laser point defense system to terminate incoming missiles, and loudspeakers. It also has fabricators in the passenger bay, along with an extensive armory. The Crusader is protected by one foot of ACE and ERA armor over Solidified Hydrium plate armor.

Crusader variants:

Hesling Class Drakul Extermination Vehicle:
Sides coated in silver, the Helsing, named for the vampire hunter in Dracula, is equipped with UVC spotlights, and three remote-controlled guns which fire silver rounds. The Helsing continuously sprays pheromones which are scented like blood to attract Drakul, and holds twenty hunters.

Sickle Anti-Infantry Walker:
Armament: 5 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 3 chemical/flame throwers, 2 grenade launchers.

The Cybusian Empire faces many threats. The Imperial Military focuses on technological and genetic superiority, speed, adaptability and flexibility, and powerful, precise strikes. However, some threats need overwhelming firepower to meet. The Sickle is the answer to hordes of creatures that Evolved cannot safely Consume, such as Drakul or Flood.
The Sickle walks on four spindly but strong legs. It has a pair of Hardlight Auto-Repeaters mounted on the front of the vehicle, and three more in remote-control or manned turrets. The Sickle also has a chemical-thrower slung under each turret which can also emit flames. These are useful for slaughtering hordes of Drakuli in close range while the Hardlight weapons mow them down at range. Finally, the Sickle has a pair of grenade launchers mounted in a roof turret, to slaughter or scatter hordes. The grenade launchers also give it a slight anti-vehicle capacity.
The Sickle has a bay for holding up to five soldiers or droids, typically Assaultrons, as well as a weapon fabrication unit. The Sickle is also equipped with a pair of shield generators.

The Scythe is specially engineered for Anti-Drakul operations, with the flame throwers replaced by devices which emit silver particles. The headlights have been replaced with UVC lights. There is a launcher for UVC bombs, blood-scented chemical sprayers to attract Drakul, and the grenade launchers fire UVC light or silver particle grenades. In the troop bay are five Assaultron Crusaders, which are equipped with UVC spotlights, and two silver blades in place of their regular claws.

Knight Class Tank
Armament: 1 Dark Matter Cannon, 1 co-axial Dark Matter Auto-Repeater, 1 top-mounted Hardlight Auto-Repeater, 2 VLMS tubes.

The Knight Class Tank is a new Colossus Defense Engineering design combining the Imperial doctrine of heavy firepower, high speed, and strong armor, with Technate innovations. A sleek Art Deco-inspired hull and turret house an antigravity drive, with optional treads in case of unusual circumstances, and a heavy Dark Matter Cannon in the turret, mounted alongside a Dark Matter Auto-Repeater. Atop the turret is an AI-operated Hardlight Auto-Repeater, and mounted on the back of the turret are a pair of vertical launch missile system tubes, which can fabricate and fire most munitions in the Imperial or Technocratic arsenal, including the dreaded Buzzer anti-infantry munitions of the Technate.
The Knight is protected by three feet of ERA armor, mounted atop two more feet of ACE armor, and finally, it is equipped with three shield generators, allowing it to withstand plenty of punishment. To incapacitate nearby infantry and to help evade target lock-on systems for munitions, the Knight is equipped with a pair of Neurostatic Emitters, of Technate origin, alongside a pair of small devices intended to spray billowing clouds of Smoxin, an incapacitative chemical cloud/sensor scrambler. Technate Knights sometimes even spray samples of the Westius fungus to reanimate the dead left in the tanks wake. The Knight can be operated by organic crews, Synths/droids, or remotely operated by an AI. Knights are gradually phasing out the older Wolf series tanks which are being given to planetary defense forces.

Imperial Aquatic Fleet:

While rarely used, the Imperial Aquatic Fleet is a potent force, primarily consisting of submarines, and is often used to 'flank' orbital defenses or engage enemy shipping, as well as defend the Empire's aquatic assets on Earth.
Shark Class Sub-Fighter
Armament: 2 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 2 missile launchers

The Shark is a sleek, fast, and deadly machine intended for underwater combat, and destruction of ships. It is armed with a pair of Hardlight Auto-Repeaters and a pair of missile launchers, housed in the wings. The missiles function as torpedoes underwater, and can have variable payloads.

Inside, the Shark carries a boarding contingent of five troopers, who often are used to board vessels after the Shark has incapacitated them. The troops are also equipped with aquatic armor, designed for use in harbours or the open sea. Thus, sabotage operations can be carried out.

The Shark is equipped with a wide variety of mines, including limpit mines. The Shark is capable of docking with or being carried inside the hangers of Haunt Class Submarine Aircraft Carriers.

Haunt Class Submarine Aircraft Carrier:
Armament: 8 torpedo tubes, 10 modular munitions launchers
The submarine aircraft carrier has been dismissed by most as an idea that does not work, and is only featured in science fiction. The Haunt Class proves them all wrong. The immense submarine is equipped with a streamlined hanger capable of holding and launching up to twenty aircraft, typically Vulture Class Bombers and Corvus Fighters to escort them. The hanger is protected at all times by a shield, which has the added benefit of allowing aircraft to be launched underwater, as the water cannot penetrate the shield, but the aircraft can, though the vessel does have to surface for them to be recovered.

It's already formidable aircraft force is bolstered by two sets of four torpedo tubes, mounted on the bow of the ship. These torpedo tubes can also fire out drones. At the stern, behind the very streamlined conning tower, are ten Modular Munition Launchers, which can fire missiles, cruise missiles, mines, or even vertically launched torpedoes.

The Haunt is protected by several feet of Solidified Hydruim armor, ACE and ERA armor, and three shield generators. The Haunt is also equipped with a powerful jamming device, and a white noise generator, both of which serve to render their targets mute, and blind.

Beachhead Class Amphibious Assault Submarine:
Armament: 2 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 2 55mm mortars, 1 missile launcher
A large vessel designed to stealthily land troops on a beach and provide combat support with its weapons, the Beachhead is one of the stranger designs in modern naval warfare. Designed to approach from underwater, open its landing ramp and disgorge up to fifty power-armored soldiers who then approach the landing site underwater and emerge on the beachhead, the Beachhead is never intended to actually land on dry land. After disgorging its troops, it rises to the surface and provides support with a pair of Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, a missile launcher, and a pair of 55mm mortars firing thermobaric munitions, which are ideal for dealing with fortified positions. The Beachhead is intended to knock out forward defenses in a surprise attack, taking out anything that might impede flights of Crow dropships dropping off men and armored vehicles to reinforce the position. It often operates alongside Ripper Class Attack Submarines, which use their many missile bays to strike at targets that survive the mortar bombardments and Raider gunships making swift attack runs before retreating back to Haunt Class Submarine Aircraft Carriers. Despite not being meant for combat, it is armored with ACE and ERA armor and has a shield generator. It is equipped with a stealth coating similar to a Prowler, letting it absorb sonar and scanners preventing the vessel from being detected. That said, if the vessel is under threat of being captured, the onboard dumb AI is programmed to attempt escape, or, if capture is unavoidable, to activate nano-dissemblers to destroy the craft and prevent it from being captured and analyzed.

Hobart Class Landing Vessel:
Named for “Hobart’s funnies”, a series of modified tanks designed to support the D-Day landings, the Hobart is designed to surface and deploy a single hover-vehicle from its hold directly onto the surface of the water, such that it can engage in combat immediately. This is typically a Knight Class Tank, but may be a Courser Class Utility Vehicle. The Hobart gives the Empire an edge as it can directly deploy heavy armored support during an amphibious assault, as opposed to after a beachhead has already been taken. Crow dropships are needed to deploy Sickle Anti-Infantry Walkers, but Crusader Class Assault Transports are fully amphibious, even when using treads rather than anti-gravity drives, meaning they can deploy directly onto a beach and literally drive into any surviving enemy defenses before disgorging Imperial infantry.

Icarus Class Submarine:
Armament: 1 155mm railgun, 10 silos, 4 torpedo tubes, 2 missile pods

The Icarus, named for the foolhardy Greek whose waxen wings melted in the sun, is a submarine built for a unique purpose; to provide a mobile, hard to detect starship-killer. It is armed with a single massive 155mm railgun which is stored in the vessel until loading and firing. This huge railgun fires a round designed to penetrate shielding and detonate a Singularity charge, creating a miniature and rapidly expanding, albeit short lived black hole in the interior of an enemy vessel, which will surely destroy it. The targeting, loading, and firing process takes only 75 seconds after breaching the surface of a body of water. To defend the Icarus from attack by aircraft during this brief period, 2 missile pods are mounted.
For engaging targets in orbit or planetary targets while submerged or on the surface, the vessel houses 10 silos which have specialized fabricators which can create unique munitions, such as Singularity warheads. For attacking surface ships or other submarines, 4 torpedo tubes are mounted.
The Icarus has thick ACE and ERA armor plates, as well as three shield generators. The Icarus is intended to be deployed onto a planet via specialized stealth vessels alongside a few Ripper Class Attack Submarines to defend them from attack and destroy inland targets with their missile arrays, while the Icarus uses its railgun and silos to destroy orbital assets from below, effectively “flanking” orbital defenses.

Ripper Class Attack Submarine:
Armaments: 6 torpedo tubes, 1 Hardlight Cannon, 2 triple-barreled Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 20 Vertical Launch Munitions Tubes, 2 mine-laying bays

The Ripper is a multipurpose Cybusian submarine. It is armed with 6 torpedo tubes, arranged in groups of three, one group to each side of the prow of the submarine, a Hardlight Cannon acting as a deck gun, 20 VLMTs behind the conning tower, which can launch from underwater, while the conning tower has 4 tri-barreled Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, to shred anyone who may attack the submarine at close range, destroy attempts at escape(excluding lifeboats, unarmed craft, or clearly marked rescue/medical craft), act as AA, or to provide covering fire for boarding actions, as well as two bow-mounted mine-laying bays. The torpedo tubes can fire either physical torpedoes, or energy charges, as can the VLMTs. The VLMTs allow the Ripper to have a limited shore bombardment capacity, or even allow it to act as a ballistic missile platform, thanks to the munitions fabricators.

The Ripper is equipped with two small ten man submersibles. These submersibles are small and stealthy, and designed for boarding ships, without the threat of fire from the ship. They hold the added advantage of being able to dock with and be stowed within the Ripper while it is submerged and underway, all without ever having to surface. The Ripper is also equipped with an advanced hacking and jamming suite, controlled and operated by onboard Torchwood personnel, a conning tower mounted spotlight, and a bay for launching drones. The Ripper is protected by several feet of Solidified Hydruim armor, ACE and ERA armor, and four shield generators.

The Ripper is the most common of the Imperial submarines, often operating in packs, much like the U-Boats of old, sometimes escorting the larger and rarer Haunt Class Submarine Aircraft Carriers, although it is also common to see them on solitary patrols or secret missions for Torchwood.

Barracuda Patrol Boat:
Length: 15 meters
Armament: 1 Hardlight Auto-Repeater, 1 missile launcher
The Barracuda, intended for patrol of Imperial aquatic worlds and holdings, such as the surface over Rapture, is a fast, sleek patrol boat with a streamlined hole and a pair of small outriggers to prevent rolling in high seas and improve stability.
Above the small cabin there is a remotely operated Hardlight Auto-Repeater turret, capable of being operated by a crewmember or an automated system, and the Barracuda can also be equipped with a single missile launcher. The cabin is small, home to the vessels pilot, gunner, four passengers and a small cell for holding a pair of detainees and a secure contraband locker.

Shark Class Frigate:
Length: 60 meters
Armament: 1 Hardlight Cannon, 6 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 1 missile pod

Intended to conduct blue water patrols and escort larger vessels, the Shark is a small aquatic warship. The Shark is rather heavily armed for its size, with a large turret mounted Hardlight cannon, and several Hardlight Auto-Repeater emplacements, as well as a vertical launch missile pod. While the presence of a turret gun is slightly odd in a world dominated by missiles, the Shark has the advantage of a shield generator, allowing it to close within range of its Hardlight cannon, which can fire as far anywhere within line of sight.
The Shark is also equipped with a shield generator and a point defense system to shoot down missiles. The Shark holds a small boarding party of ten soldiers, to be embarked upon two Barracuda Patrol Boats and a Crow Class Dropship.

Stingray Class Destroyer:
Length: 200 meters
Armament: 1 Hardlight Cannon, 12 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters, 2 mine laying pods, 2 torpedo tubes, 3 missile pods

Intended to counter enemy naval assets and submarines, the Stingray is a sleek catamaran, with a catamaran hull in the rear joining to form a single hull at the bow. The Stingray is armed with a Hardlight Cannon mounted on the prow , a pair of mine laying racks, torpedo tubes, 12 Hardlight Auto-Repeaters to defend the ship from small craft, depth charge pods, and a trio of vertical launch missile pods with ten cells each. The Stingray has a hanger for a single Crow dropship and one other small craft, often a Raider gunship, and can also hold up to two Barracuda Patrol Boats. The Stingray is defended by two shield generators.

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