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The Military

The Military of The República

The Armed Forces of The República

Service Branches:

Legión de tierra
Army (Legión de tierra):
Active Duty: 10.7 million
Marshal: Valentino Avo
Total Divisions: 96

The Infantry of the República is the most important part of the military. The infantry is the bread and butter and without them, there would be no military. The infantry are the standard ground troops used by the República and the world, and they serve as the core component of invasion, defense, and more.

Total Infantry Divisions: 44

The “Legión de arena“ (Sand Legion) serves as the special operations unit of The República and are the most elite of all. The Legion is comprised of special individuals who are selected as a child to serve as the most trained and deadly force known to the nation.

Total Special Force Divisions: 4

The U-51H “Duststorm” class tank is the newest model of mainstream tanks in the nation. The Duststorm tanks can travel much faster then older models and are specially designed for desert warfare.

Total MainBattleTank Divisions: 12

The V-29SHT “Honorite” class tank is praised by Utopians as being the strongest tank in the East. What it lacks in speed it certainly makes up for in armor and it’s insanely powerful main turret.

Total SuperHeavyTank Divisions: 5

The X-97 Thunder Class light tank is the result of a tank-IFV combination. The Thunder Class tank boasts a 125mm Main Turret along with dual 12.7mm machine gun turrets. The Thunder class tank can reach an impressive 90 miles an hour, making it deadly in desert warfare. Along with this, the Thunder class tank includes laser dazzlers, smoke launchers, and advanced optical equipment. Finally, the Thunder Class has 2 grenade launchers both facing forwards with a limited range.

Total Light Tank Divisions: 7

The Freedom-1 Class Railgun tank is as the name suggests a Railgun equipped tank. The Freedom Class has a top speed of 70kmph and a main armament of a 120MM EMRG system. The Freedom class is also equipped with a secondary armament of 2 GIAT 40MM guns and is armored with a 2 inch titanium hull. The Freedom Class, while being quite advanced, is very expensive to maintain and produce.

Total Railgun Tank Divisions: 1

(Licensed from Osterreich und Ungarn)
The Sturmpanzerwagen “Wolverine” is designed to be an efficient and effective modern battle tank The main armament is a 120mm smooth bore auto loading gun, which can fire different rounds, such as APFSDS, HEAT, and HESH. It has two coaxial machine guns and an optional third mounted on the cupola. Smoke launchers are also equipped. The tank uses a ballistic fire control computer and it's laser guiding systems in order to fire accurately. The armor is a combination of composite armor around the hull and side skirts, with non explosive reactive armor sandwiched in to provide defence against modern tank shells like HEAT and APFSDS. The rest of the armor is depleted uranium plates. The tanks are also equipped with fire control systems and urban survival kits, as well as a trophy active protection system that has a launcher that fires small, fast projectiles to stop or detonate missiles before they hit.

Total Wolverine Tank Divisions: 1

The Utopian artillery is the fist of the army. The Utopian artillery is designed mainly for open desert warfare, with a strong focus on destroying the enemy from afar. However, the República does make special versions of artillery specially made for city fighting.

Total Artillery Pieces: 12,273

The APCs of the República act as the legs of the army. The APCs transport infantry to needed locations, as well as additional equipment needed. APCs on their own are not very strong, but they usually don’t move alone.

Total Motorized Infantry Divisions: 22

The Anti-Air of the República is extremely vital to the military. Throughout history, the military has prioritized the navy over the Air Force and it has led to a weaker Air Force. To make up for this, the military has placed a strong focus on Anti-Air, with very advanced and motorized Anti-Air.

Total SAM pieces: 9,589

Legión Marina
Navy (Legión Marina):
Active Duty: 2 million
Supreme Admiral: Aidan Martinez
Total Ships: 561

The Coastal Patrol Crafts of the nation provide security to the vast territories the República occupies. The Coastal Patrol Crafts also serve as very effective anti-piracy tools, being able to almost completely protect the nation from Usnistani pirates.

Total Patrol Crafts: 96

The República’s cruisers act as the “quantity over quality” in the navy, with a strong focus on battleships. The cruisers can usually be found patrolling the seas between Peñaranda and the mainland, also acting as escort ships if needed.

Total Cruisers: 93

The destroyers of the República are the true bread and butter of the navy. Utopian destroyers are quite strong, especially considering the lack of steel the República possesses. In general, utopian destroyers can easily compete with other more advanced destroyers from the west and win.

Total Destroyers: 184

The pure masterpiece of the navy, the brand new “Honor Class” battleship is meeting all expectations. Construction began 3 years ago, and the ship alongside her three sister ships are the flagships of the navy. They are rarely seen in combat, but if they do enter combat they can do serious damage.

Total Battlecruisers: 32

The submarines of the Utopian navy are if anything average submarines. The Utopians have always put a strong focus on battleships and destroyers, but the submarines of the República are still fairly strong. They mostly act as recon and surprise attack vessels.

Total Submarines: 152

The carriers of the nation are, like the submarines, nothing amazing. The Utopian Air Force has always been neglected so the need for carriers is and has been low. However, the four carriers the República owns are meeting their expectations and preform fine against western carriers.

Total Carriers: 3

The Nuevo Puerto Class super heavy battleship is an older, expensive battleship seized from The Hispanic Dynasty during the Utopian war of Independence. The battleship has been the pride of the fleet for decades and has been receiving technological upgrades as time has progressed. The Nuevo Puerto Class is armed with 4 500MM turrets, 2 on the bow and 2 on the stern. It is also armed with 12 155MM turrets, 6 on the port and 6 on the starboard sides. The Nuevo Puerto is also armed with an array of anti-aircraft armaments and torpedo weaponry.

Total Super Heavy Battleships: 1

Legión Aérea
Air Force (Legión Aérea):
Active Duty: 1 million
Air Marshal: Fernándo Arjona
Total Aircraft: 978

While the Utopian Air Force is not the most numerous, the fighters are very technologically advanced. What the República lacks in resources it makes up for in brains, since the nation’s fighters are some of the most advanced.

Total Fighters: 674

The bombers of the República are average compared to others. Definitely not the most advanced, since the nation prefers artillery strikes over air strikes. However, the bombers do serve vital roles in recon and sabotage missions.

Total Bombers: 122

The most numerous branch of the Air Force, naval bombers are seen as very important. The nation’s naval bombers are Very if not more advanced then most and the República places a strong importance on them.

Total Naval Bombers: 176

(Licensed from Of Centralist Brexit)
The Vulcan Advanced Fighter is the Latest Fighter Creat
ed for the RCAF, as well as being The Nation's Only 6th Generation Fighter. The Design allows the Jets to engage air to air combat, with 2 GAU-12/U Cannons providing the Fighter with Considerably High rates of Fire. The Jet is also Able to be Equipped with a Large Range of Ordinance, Including Air to Surface weapons, Air to Air Missiles and Anti Ship Weapons. The Fighter's Engines are Built Into the Jet, with the Engines Thrust going through a Specially Designed Nozzle. This Makes the Jet Fighter More Aerodynamic as well as helps reduce its Infrared Signature, further Improved on by a Built in Heat Sink. The Vulcan is also equipped with Various Other Stealth Systems allowing the fighter to carry out strikes without warning
The Vulcan is Also Equipped with a Virtual Cockpit, Integrating AR and VR for the Pilots, allowing for information and data to go directly to the Pilots Helmet. The Jet Has also been designed to be Upgraded in the future for better weapons and systems, as well as be able to be Modified to whatever the situation the Vulcan will be in, with a Power Generation system that is predicted to Power Directed Energy Weapons. The Cardonian Version of the Vulcans are also Equipped with AI Systems to provide Support to the Pilot, as well as Swarming technology and Systems that allow it to Gain data from Morta UCAV's, allowing for data on enemy Fighters and AA positions to be sent to The Vulcan, in which its data will be sent to other Vulcans. The Vulcan also has the Capacity to be Unmanned, in which the jet can be taken over the AI if the Pilot becomes incapacitated, although the Unnmanned varient is Incapable of performing Exessive Combat Maneuvers. The Foreign Variant of Fighter will allow for Other nation's airforces to add in their Own AI and Data technology.

Total Vulcan Fighters: 6

Kingsley Class Stealth Fighter (WIP)

Fuerte Cresta, State of Cresta


Supremo Mariscal-Supervisor


36.3 million

43,000 per year

Total Budget Spend: 520 Billion Evirías
Percentage of equipment gain:
73% Production

27% Purchase

Total Active: 13.7 Million

Total Reserve: 22.6 Million

The military of The República is extremely vital to the culture and wellbeing of its citizens. The military is comprised of multiple sections, but the main three and the Ground Legion, Sea Legion, and Air Legion.

The head of the Utopian armed forces is the President of the República, in his role as General in Chief. However, the Constitution puts civil and military government forces at the disposal of the congress (the executive cabinet of ministers chaired by who are not necessarily of the same political side as the president). The Minister of the Armed Forces (as of 2059, the incumbent Florence Parly) oversees the military's funding, procurement and operations. Historically, The República relied a great deal on conscription to provide manpower for its military, in addition to a minority of professional career soldiers. In 2033, Presidente Francisco Kingsley’s government announced the start of conscription and in 2034, conscription formally was put into place. As of 2059 the Utopian Armed Forces have total menpower of 5 million, and has an active personnel of 4.5 million.

It breaks down as follows (2055):

The Utopian Army; 10.7 million personnel.
The Utopian Air Force; 1 million personnel.
The Utopian Navy; 2 million personnel.
Tri-service DHS, SEA, and DGA; 37,647 personnel in medical, support and administrative roles, and in the acquisition of weapon systems.
The reserve element of the Utopian Armed Forces consists of two structures; the Operational Reserve and the Citizens Reserve. As of 2055 the strength of the Operational Reserve is 57,785 personnel.

Apart from the four main service branches, the Utopian Armed Forces also includes a fifth paramilitary branch called the National Militia. It had a reported strength of 203,000 active personnel and 35,000 reserve personnel in 2059. They are used in everyday law enforcement, and also form a coast guard formation under the command of the Utopian Navy. There are however some elements of the Militia that participate in Utopian external operations, providing specialised law enforcement and supporting roles.

Historically the National Guard functioned as the Ground Forces’s reserve national defense and law enforcement militia. After 45 years since its disbandment, due to the risk of terrorist attacks in the country, the Guard was officially reactivated, this time as a service branch of the Armed Forces, on 12 October 2057.

The Fijiia Proxy War (No Map)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The Free sovereign Soviet socialist republic Civil War (HUR Map)
Outcome: HUR Loss

The Free American Fascists Colony Raid (Valsora)
Outcome: White Peace

The Levantin Civil War (Valsora)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The Kartokistan War (Valsora)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich Simulation
Outcome: No Outcome

The Zukchiva Simulation
Outcome: No Outcome

The North cichocie War (Valsora)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The Devlon War (Valsora)
Outcome: White Peace

The Greater saskatchewan War (Valsora)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The eternal reich of totsdam War (No Map)
Outcome: HUR Victory

The The Cult of the Great Cthulhu War (Valsora)
Outcome: White Peace

The Kampf Empire Coalition War (Valsora)
Outcome: HUR Victory

Brief Overview of Budget and Capability
The HUR spends a total of 520 billion Evirías on the military, which is 29.7 percent of the economy.

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