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by The República de Honor of The Holy Utopian Republic. . 43 reads.

The Government


Dónald Juan Triunfo, Joint Chancellor of Congress

Mateo Santiago, Supremo Mariscal-Supervisor

Sebastián Alejandro, Chief Justice

Benjamín Matías, Director de la Policía de Honor


The government of The República is seen as the most “democratic“ in the world. The power is split among 4 branches; The Executive Government, The Legislative Government, The Judiciary, and The World Assembly Branch. The Executive Government is comprised of the Presidenta/Presidente and their advisors, as well as the military. They take care of all international affairs, etc. The Legislative Government is comprised of the Senate, Parliament, and Territorial Court. They handle most domestic affairs, declare war, etc. The Judiciary is comprised of The Supreme Court, as well as all the Lower Courts. They ensure that the other two branches don't step out of line, and enforce the laws set by the Civil Government. The World Assembly Branch is comprised of Elector Hall, and the World Assembly ambassadorship. They work exclusively with The World Assembly.

The Presidente of the República