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by The People's United Nations of The United Princedom. . 1 reads.

Conciliar Faculties

The military (more details later).

The DHS serves to establish proper personal treatment on an individual level, society wide. Many different sub-councils regulate almost all aspects of society in a totalitarian-like effort to contain rudeness, ignorance, sloth, and greed.

Laid & approved regulations:

1) All machinated voices must be tested to sound appropriately intimate and "human."
2) All restroom doors must open outwards, using either a kick or shove mechanism, rather than hands.
3) All sinks meant for hand washing must be automatic.
4) All buildings must be accessible to disabled persons.
5) Hands must be washed when finishing restroom use.
6) Hand sanitizer is an acceptable replacement for all hand washing, but actual hand washing is preferable.
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