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by The KuRiSa SaNjI EnDoRsEmEnT of Republic of Markano. . 7 reads.

The taelikarn-Rictii conflict.

The rictiis were a group the lived in Eastern Taelikar in the 1300s. Their leader suffered from multiple mental issues once he reached a certain age as he had terrible memories from war. After a hallucination, he began to believe in reincarnation, but with a twist. He believed there was only one soul, just one on the whole world, and that it was everybody who had ever existed. He believed he was he, and you, and me, and your pet fish, just at a different point in time. He believed that the universe was an egg, and once all life was gone from the universe, the egg would hatch.
The rictiis also believed this, and as a result wanted to speed up the process of becoming a God. Suicide, murder, crime... It was gaining popularity, and could have wiped taelikar out, but The king ordered walls to be built around the area and over time, everybody in that region died.
Thyretress saw this as an evil thing to do and attacked, leading to the second Markan war.