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Court Constitutional Amendment

Court Constitutional Amendment

The peoples of Libertas, in order to better protect their liberties, and to ensure a fair and just judicial system do declare,

1. There shall be a court of three citizens appointed.

2. That this court shall be known as the Supreme Court of Libertas, which may be abbreviated as SCoL.

3. That this court shall have supreme authority to judge criminal cases, interpret the Constitution and resolve legal disputes.

4. That this court shall have the right to set such procedures and rules as it deems necessary to conduct a trial.

5. That the first Supreme Court of Libertas shall be appointed by a citizen vote, and following courts shall be selected by their predecessors and confirmed by an Officer vote, with the Presidentís vote deciding.

6. That no member of the Supreme Court shall serve more than 12 consecutive months.

7. That any citizen who wishes to be a member of the Court has the intention of serving at least one month.

8. That no citizen may serve both as a member of the Supreme Court and an Officer of Libertas simultaneously.

9. That no member of the Supreme Court may serve any role other than as a member of said Court in any legal matter, save if they are the accused.

10. That if a member of the Supreme Court should be accused of a crime, the Vice-President of Libertas will stand as a replacement judge.

11. That if a member of the Supreme Court does not respond to a trial within three days of a trial commencing, they shall be dismissed, and the highest ranking Officer excepting the President shall stand as a replacement Judge until such time as a permanent replacement is selected.

12. That this amendment shall stand as Article X of the Libertas Constitution, and all other articles shall be appropriately renumbered.

The Republic of Publica