by Max Barry

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A young Demetrio was carefully holding a cup of coffee for his father. He was doing his best to keep it balanced on the tray like his father wanted, almost dropping it multiple times. One of his half brothers tripped him, causing him to drop the tray, breaking the glass cup and spilling the drink. The father of the two boys walked in and Demetrio was instantly blamed.
"You no good bastard!"
"I'm sorry! I can wipe it up an-"
"No, no, no! I don't want you to wipe it up!"
"Yo-you don't?"
"No" says his father with a sinister smile..."I want you to get on all fours and lick it up off the floor like an animal!"
"Wha-I..but I-"
Demetrio slowly obeys his father, licking the spilled coffee off the floor. The liquid is hot, burning his tongue, causing him to try and stop, but his father pushes him back down every time. While being forced to lick up the coffee, a small piece of glass lodges in his tongue. He shoots up from the pain and is slapped by his father, which knocks him down, causing him to cut his hand and face on other pieces of glass.
"Did I tell you that you could stop!?"
Demetrio shakes his head, unable to say anything, tears streaming down his face.
"Get. Out. Of. My. SIGHT!"
Demetrio gets up, running out of the room to his room and locks the door. He sits,his back against the door crying...He put his finger on his tongue, trying to locate the glass to get it out. He finds it and manages to get a grasp on it, pulling it out, causing even more pain. Things start to get blurry for him due to his loss of blood and immense pain. He would soon collapse on the floor.......
5 Hours Later

He wakes up, his head on a pillow now. He tries to sit up to see his surroundings but He can't gather the strength. He hears arguing outside the room. He can't make out what is being said but by instinct knows it's his adoptive mother arguing with his father. They always do. She does her best to protect him, but she can't while she's away. His father, a lazy, selfish a*shole, sends his wife off to make money while he tortures his illegitimate son and goes out drinking. Soon, his mother walks in. "Demetrio, I'm so sorry I wasn't back sooner to prevent this. Your father...he..." she doesn't finish her sentence, instead sighing and checking the boy's vitals as good as she can, making sure he's still alright. She looks at his left hand, now permanently scarred. She sighs and looks at his face, cut, but luckily it will heal. She searches through a drawer and produces a pair of gloves. "I know they are a bit big, but you can wear them to hide the scar if you want."
Demetrio looks at them and thanks his mother, slipping them on.