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🥧 Endorsements Are Love!! 🥧 (9/10/19)

Welcome back to another week of Tuesday Tarting!

Tuesday Tarting is a program to help residents of Lazarus who are endorsing the delegate gain endorsements. Every week, we release a list of nations that could use some love from the rest of us. Simply open all the nations below in another tab, then scroll down and click the "Endorse [NATION]" button for each one!

If you are on the list, we strongly encourage you to share the love and endorse the other nations we have listed. This will help both you and them gain more endorsements.

You are also encouraged to join the Tuesday Tarting Squad. Members of the squad get notified every week when we release a list, and have the opportunity to gain lots of endorsements.

If you want to show love to the nations on last week's list, click here.

Thanks for your participation in this event. Happy tarting!

Endorsements are Love
✔️ = 💚