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Youth Groups in Bergia Madagascar (to be continued) -

1 Das Le fer Liga (The Iron League)
The Youth wing of the Ruling Peoples Unionist Party (P.U.P) dedicated to building Character ,a sense of belonging and encouriging camaraderie as well as educating the youth on various Socialist principles.The age range of the League's members is between 12 to 17 and as of 2200 the Organization has 201.2 Million members of which 101 Million are Girls and 100.2 Million are Boys.

2 Die Kunst Bund (The Arts Bond)
An Organization dedicated to getting the nations youth involved various hobbies such as Art,Music,Drama,Fencing,Skiing,Horse riding,Karate and Boxing. The Organization becomes mandatory for 6 months when a person reaches the age of 12 and works closely with the Nation's Education system often organizing different events for local schools to participate in. The age range of its members is between 11 and 16 years old and as of 2200 the organization has 115.6 Million members

3 Die Völker armée/.D.V.A (The peoples army)
The Youth wing of the nation's military focused on preparing the nations youth for their mandatory service in the armed forces. The D.V.A is split into three branches, The army cadets,The Air cadets and The Navy cadets. Formed in 1988 the organization trains the nation's youth in the arts of war with harsh drilling and battle simulations in preparation for service in the Armed forces. As of 2200 the organization has 13.2 Million members of which 6.7 Million are boys and 6.5 Million are girls. The organization is open for Youth between the ages of 11 and 17 and members over 18 can become officers in the organization.