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Capt. James W. Richard, Acting Admiral of IDUF-1

All men are forged from a single mold, but not all soldiers are equal. Sort them not by metals, nor by rank, the difference lies in their actions under pressure. Some men crumble. Some men go far. Some men go all the way.

James W. Richard

James at a meeting, 2021


Captain Richard (Formal)
James (In-formal)


July 1st, 1992 (a.32)



Full Name

James William Richard


Florence Gunter




Jeon Naval Officer University
(Graduated as Lt. Commander, 2018)


Jeon Satanism

Military Service



Service Branch

United Islands Navy

Years of Service

2019 - Currently Serving



A man of great tactic and incredible loyalty and faith, James is the kind of man that others may not like, but respect. He is quite calm and collected, almost strangely quiet, as if always thinking. Rarely interested in conversation, save for with himself, James is the last person you’d expect in a leadership position. However, when it comes down to effectively doing his job, there’s not many better than him. He commands his ship with efficiency, prowess, and tact, determined to carry out his orders with an almost unstoppable determination.

Table of Contents

I. Early Life
II. Ideology
Political Views
Religious Views
III. Hobbies
IV. Trivia

During the 10 minute disappearance of a number of UIJ ships, Capt. James was on the bridge of the UIS Leviathan, his ship. Appearing randomly around a bunch of other UIJ ships, after getting ahold of the situation, he took swift command of the group, soon gathering into a temporary fleet in order to respond to an SOS from an unknown, but friendly ship. Meeting with Snark and defending her just in time to save her crew.

Upon being told where, and what was going on by the “The Voice”, the temporary fleet voted to (temporarily) promote him to the acting Admiral of the newly formed fleet. Although it took a few days, he reformed the fleet into 3 different task forces, used for different purposes. He would later update and edit this over time, until they became permanent.

The newly formed “Inter-Dimensional UIJ Fleet 1”, or IDUF-1, would go on to combat a variety of threats, ranging from essentially cavemen, romans, to alien empires. They also would carry out research and exploration, often on their own time, stalling to complete missions given by “The Voice”. However not all missions/objectives are combat related. Some called for finding artifacts, changing the course of a civilization's history, sometimes it was as simple as “go here and drop off x artifact”. Many nations and civilizations were met and fought, a variety of aliens, sometimes so strange they shouldn’t even exist. Other times they were recognizable, like a Star Wars nation, or nation that seemed to relate to some other forms of media. James would exploit this, using the knowledge of fleet nerds to beat foes into submission.

James chooses to believe that “The Voice” is an enemy to humanity and will stop at nothing to eliminate it, highly detesting the objectives given to his fleet.

Early Life

Born to a teenage mother in 1992, James would become an almost literal dumpster baby, being discarded near the hospital he was just born at after the mother had been told he’d grow up with developmental issues. In a twisted fate, a rich man known as Florence Gunter would be leaving the hospital at around the same time, having just lost his wife and child during childbirth. Florence adopted the child and names him James William Gunter.

James lived in a large house, surrounded by wealth and anything he could ever want, however around the age of 5, James was having a hard time getting along with other kids. He showed signs of Asperger’s syndrome, which wasn’t something his adoptive father understood or tried to understand. Florence was already a very unfit father, having no patience and a temper. James was often verbally abused, if not outright abused. His father was especially hateful of James' inability to communicate his thoughts, or rather communicate at all. James would rarely speak, especially around his father.

School was especially hard for him as well, things like mental studies had only begun to understand how his disorder worked and how to deal with it. He wasn’t ever bullied too much, but he also rarely had friends. He preferred being alone, finding it hard to pay attention or find any interest in what was being taught. He found school work tedious and hard, it was hard to get the help he needed, which only furthered his indifference to school.

James had an interest in all things sea, boats, fish, the mysteries of the deep, you name it. His toys and interests seemed to revolve around the sea. And when he was old enough, James dropped out of high school to join the navy, trying his luck at an officer's course. He scored high and was accepted in the Jeon Naval Officer's University where he graduated as a Lieutenant Commander. Around the same time he disowned his father and changed his last name to Richard, cutting all ties with his father.

He served on the UIS Hunter F. Keter, a Frigate, as second in command. He would go on to serve in the second Kreyan war, where he was forced to command the vessel after the captain was killed by shrapnel from a missile. He used the damaged Frigate as a decoy, allowing the fleeing UIJ fleet to regroup and destroy the enemy fleet. The charge of the Hunter F. Keter would go down in modern naval history as one of the most dangerous, daring, and tactically insane moves ever done. Were it not for the sacrifices of the crew and quick thinking of James, the fleet could’ve been destroyed then and there. Although his ship sank, and half the crew was lost, he survived.

Branded a national war hero for essentially stopping the entire enemy Mediterranean Fleet, allowing for a quick victory, he was awarded the Badge of Courage and Badge of Valor among others. His ship and crew were also posthumously awarded honors. All done publicly and given by Satan himself.

This was also the time when Satan gave his famous “Humanity Speech”, which captured James' heart and mind. James was largely agnostic up to that day, switching his belief to Jeon Satanism. During the award ceremony he became quick friends with Satan, the two sharing an interest in naval history and ships in general. After telling Satan that he wished to continue serving, Satan offered him command of the brand new UIS Leviathan, to which he accepted and was promoted to Captain. Although initially annoyed by the ship's chatty and rude AI, he grew to enjoy their conversations. Additionally, he had some of his old crew transferred over to the ship.

Today James has learned how to cope with his aspergers a bit better, but is still very quiet and anti-social by nature. He’s expressed interest in becoming a father, but otherwise shows no interest in relationships, at least not now.
He suffers from the scars of his past, the trauma caused by his father still haunts him. He tries to not let it affect him, but the sadness in his eyes often can be seen.


Political Views

Like many in UIJ, James tends to stay away from politics. They don’t really concern him, and are often too needlessly complicated for his interest. He doesn’t have any economic beliefs at all, and his opinion on governments is “as long as Satan is in charge I’m fine”. Even his opinion on societal issues is limited, often content with how things are.

As such, his recorded or admitted opinions are very lacking.

Pro: Unified Humanity, Demon-Human Relations, Military expansion(?)
Anti: Corruption, Theocracy

Religious Views

James is a devout Jeon Satanist, and greatly believes in the teachings of Satan, to the point of almost worshiping him entirely. He believes that humanity is destined for greatness, and that Satan will guide them to unification. However he believes that sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to bake a cake, War is an inevitability with humanity.

Jeon Satanism isn’t like tradional Satanism, in fact it has nothing to do with it. It is a belief that seeks to unite humanity into a “super species”.

James is deeply philosophical, tying in his beliefs with his philosophies.


James likes to keep it on the down-low, but he often writes up short stories, often metaphors for his struggles with aspergers and childhood trauma. These are usually kept to himself, but sometimes he’ll show others that he trusts.

James finds comfort in strategy games, spending a good chunk of his free time playing such games in order to keep his mind preoccupied. This includes video and board games.


  • James owns a mixed lab-husky named Sheryl, Leviathan doesn’t like the dog

  • James has a habit of talking to himself due to his aspergers, though Leviathan talks to him during these times, which often helps him get his thoughts out.

  • James is friends with the Dictator himself, Satan L. Lucifage. The two share an interest in naval history.

  • James has technically never finished high school, and has no interest or intent on finishing it.

  • Although he was only diagnosed with aspergers, it’s likely that he also has mild ADHD.

  • James considers Leviathan his greatest friend, and often talks philosophy with him, though Leviathan usually has no grasp on the subject matter.

  • James enjoys listening to music, and mostly enjoys Linkjazz and Linkflamenco.

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