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The Saline Convention

The Green Cross Accords on Human Rights

Confident, that all nations have an idea of what human rights are, and what they stand for. They stand for the freedoms given to all people that can not be taken away and that make us human. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Human treatment of POWs and Criminals. And limiting weapons that can make death more brutal than necessary in war.

Bearing in mind, that not all nations take the idea of human rights seriously and do not recognize such rights. The Green Cross does not wish to condemn those who don't, each nation has its own opinions on the problems facing this world and the solutions to said problems.

Deeply Concerned about the lack of works discussing human rights and protecting them.

Desiring, that humanity works together to help itself move forward. By treating each other as equals, even in times of great turmoil.

Hearby States, the Green Cross accords on Human Rights.


1. A nation that signs this document recognizes all the rights and laws outlined in this document. They will not violate anything in this document.

2. Nations that do not sign this document should not be ostracized or condemned, that would just make the situation worse and spread anger which leads to the things we are trying to avoid.


1. Human Rights - Human rights include; Right to Life, Right to Independence, Right to Justice, Right to Dignity, Right of Cooperation, Right of Rule of Law, Right of Accessibility, Right of Assembly, Right of Press, Right of Equality.


Right to Independence: A human can live independently of the Government and seek their own pursuit of happiness.

Right to Life: All people have the right to live.

Right to Justice: All people have the right to justice.

Right of Dignity: All people have the right to be treated with dignity by their government and peers.

Right of Accessibility: All people have the right to travel and leave their country (unless other circumstances arise). This does not apply to immigration, countries have the right to accept and refuse whoever they please.

Right to Rule of Law: All people have the right to be treated fairly under the rule of law.

Right to Information: All people have the right to freely gain information.

Right of Assembly: All people have the right to assemble legally.

Right of Press: All people have the right to press, and information given out by such press. The press of a nation does not have to be free, but the people have the right to the information it provides.

Right of Equality: All people have the right to be treated equally.

ARTICLE 3: Laws of War

1. Do not use medical or humanitarian symbols to deceive.

2. Attack only combat targets, using only mission-essential firepower, avoiding needless destruction and unnecessary suffering.
2.1 Civilians are non-combat targets, however, if they partake in direct hostilities they lose their protection for such time as they partake in direct hostilities.

3. Non-combat targets are; Those surrendering or captive, the sick, the wounded, the media, humanitarian personnel, medical personnel, medical vehicles, and medical buildings, undefended civilian buildings, religious buildings, and monuments.
3.1 Military personnel shall not operate out of Medical, or Religious Building. Militaries may operate out of civilian, and governmental buildings.

4. Provide for the humane treatment of all captives, including food, and water three times a day. Plus a safe shelter. And cigarettes when requested if possible.
4.1 Cigarettes do not have to be provided if they violate the laws or traditions of the country of which they are captured.

5. Provide for the humane treatment of non-combatants, do not loot civilian dwellings or their place of business, do not use civilians as traps or weapons.

6. Do not defile the dead. And bury the dead when possible. If it is not possible, give the dead to an NGO for transport back to their home country for burial, or burial on the spot.
6.1 If a country buries the dead, follow customs and traditions if possible.
6.2 If an NGO buries the dead, follow the customs and traditions if possible.

7. Identify and report all violations of the Laws of War.


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