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by The Most Serene Republic of Grand Petaria. . 4 reads.

Top News Headlines for Wk. of Sept. 9, 2020

1. Catholic emigration from Petaria sparks tensions with Yuyencia

2. Gen. Arnoldo Benedetto Under Interrogation

3. Anti-Catholic Riots in Capital, Hundreds Hospitalized

4. Anti-Monarchy Petition Gathers 50,000 Signatures in Wake of Straussenberg Government Reform.

5. Hooligans Grafitti Statue of First Doge

6. Foreign Embassies Being Built at Record Pace
* New embassies occupied by Lerasi, Volinovia, ImperFeudal, and Yuyencia as of today.

7. Pastor Guillermo Grammo Forgives Would-Be Cristero Assassins