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Vacita islands. where do we come from?

Vacitas Tribe

The vaticas people come from sahul land, a long lost contient it mostly influenced western Australian tribes as a big population of them where there, at the time sahul sunk most vaticas people have decided to make a journey to undescovered lands Making there away along the coast, from Australia to Indonesia mostly using austronesian boat technology as an advantage, most people would drop off and settle in the lands they got as more people joined them and followed them, and they have finally reached china, going down the coast and drawing a map of it, they also Found japan and Korea and the Siberian peninsula, many more people born and more people joining the Vacitas are the first Australian tribe to ever reach the continent of Africa and Europe and they all settled as no adventures where left, the vaticas people populated most of the world as they can Populate fast, they have also been historical generals as them know combat well from Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, russian and more. During the finding of america the vaticas also started populating the Americas aka the new world, the vacitan islands would be proclaimed in oceania owning Australian coast, new Zealandic coast and owning most of Micronesia and Polynesia, even if the nation hasnt lived for long it still has interesting history.