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The American Republic's Statements on Various Modern Issues

The Benain Civil War

The Crown: It is the opinion of the Crown that the Loyalist Government of the Benain Empire, having in recent times been a member of the North American Alliance, is worthy of American support. The Empress of the Empire and many of her soldiers were instrumental in the defeat of Alexander during his brief, treasonous reign as "King". The nation is not currently in position to offer military or economic aid, largely due to the expansionist tendencies of Eaglenest and its allied states, but would like to make its political position clear. The Loyalists are the rightful government of the Benain Empire.

The Government: The Government declines to comment on the matter.

The Opposition: The Opposition believes that neither faction deserves American support, and that the nation should remain neutral on the matter politically, economically, and militarily.

The Jedaxhan Rebellion

The Crown: It is the belief of the Crown that American political support should be lent to the Jedaxhans. The Crown believes in the idea of self-determination, and while accepting that the Klorgian government is not in any form a dictatorial regime, the Crown also sees that the action of holding a people under one's nation is certainly a tyrannical act. Once again, the nation is not in any position to offer economic or military support, but makes its position clear.

The Government: It is the belief of the Government that Jedaxa (the proper name of the province of the question) is part of Klorgia, and may not unilaterally secede from Klorgia, especially through the hostile and militaristic means that they have done so through. It is also the belief of the Government that the radical beliefs of the rebel forces are dangerous to the world order and cannot be allowed to achieve victory.

The Opposition: It is the opinion of the Opposition that the radical, reactionary beliefs of many of the Jedaxan rebels is dangerous, and so concurs with the Government.