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How to Get Involved in the West Pacific: Ministries and Other Opportunities!

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[size=120]NationStates presents the player with national issues at its core. The truth is, many players get bored of that and eventually leave without knowing [b]there is a ton of opportunities that await them if they are willing to put effort into the game[/b]. You don't want to become one of them, right?[/size]

[size=120]In this dispatch you can learn about the West Pacific's [b]ministries[/b] and [b]various other opportunities[/b] you have in the region. We are a [b]meritocracy that rewards initiative and contributions[/b], so what are you waiting for?[/size]

[size=120]Please note that a lot of opportunities require you to be a [b]Citizen of the Hall of Nations[/b], so [b][url=]please click here and see how to apply for citizenship[/url][/b].[/size]

[center][size=250][b]Click in the icons below to know more![/b][/size]



[hr][anchor=fa][/anchor][size=150][b]Ministry of Foreign Affairs[/b][/size][hr]

Foreign Affairs is all about [b]developing relations with other regions[/b], especially [b][url=]allied regions[/url][/b], and spreading our culture abroad. 

You should join Foreign Affairs if you are [b]talkative[/b], [b]willing to meet new people[/b], and [b]like exploring other places[/b]! 

After applying, you will first need to [b]read some guides[/b] about important game concepts, and then be officially [b]assigned as a TWP diplomat to another region[/b]. 

Just like the overall region, the ministry functions like a meritocracy, and there are [b]several diplomat levels[/b] you can be part of, coming with more benefits and duties. This includes [b]posting updates about your region[/b] and [b]delivering important news from TWP[/b] that all diplomats should do. 

So, what are you waiting for? FA is always looking for new ambassadors, so [b]become one today[/b]!

[b]Minister:[/b] [nation]Dilber[/nation]
[b]Deputy Minister of Staff:[/b] [nation]Varanius[/nation]
[b]Deputy Minister of Events:[/b] [nation]United Adaikes[/nation]

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: Send a Discord message to the Minister, @Dilber#4438![/u]

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[hr][anchor=twpaf][/anchor][size=150][b]The West Pacific Armed Forces[/b][/size][hr]

The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) is our [b]regional military[/b] that acts towards regional interests through [b]military gameplay[/b].

Before we introduce the ministry itself, it's important to know that the nation with the most endorsements in a region becomes the regional delegate, and that endorsements are checked every 12 hours in the game updates. 

This allows for the actions of [b]raiding and defending[/b] (R/D), the former being to take a region's delegacy by bringing in our own endorsements, and the latter being to protect the region's existing delegate by endorsing them in order to prevent raids. 

Given the game updates mentioned above, R/D activity concentrates itself during [b]12:00 AM EST (major update) and 12:00 PM EST (minor update)[/b], with both updates lasting about an hour each. However, if you aren't available at either of these times, fret not! You can still join the [b]Reapers division[/b] which supports occupations and defenses.

Once you [b]apply in the thread[/b] below and [b]finish training to become a full Crew member[/b], active participation will see you rising through the ranks and achieving high position! This includes [b]pirate-themed ranks and insignia[/b] that you can earn with merit.

[b]Admiral of the Fleet:[/b] [nation]Nrevyw[/nation]

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: Apply [url=]in this forum thread[/url] and then follow further instructions.[/u]

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[hr][anchor=war][/anchor][size=150][b]Ministry of World Assembly Recruitment[/b][/size][hr]

The Ministry of World Assembly Recruitment is charged with [b]encouraging World Assembly involvement[/b] internally and [b]supporting our goals through World Assembly proposals[/b] externally.

[u]Internally[/u], our main goals are to [b]increase endorsements[/b] for the [b][url=]Delegate and Guardians[/url][/b], enforce the endorsement cap, and [b]encourage endorsement exchanges between all WA Members[/b].

These goals are developed through programs such as the [b][url=]Western Endorsement Sovereign Trust[/url][/b], Telegram and Regional Message Board endorsement campaigns, and much more! 

And how I can help? The Ministry [b]needs you[/b] to maintain current ideas and develop new plans to ensure the [b]power and security[/b] that endorsements give!

[u]Externally[/u], the Ministry has succesfully encouraged [b]authorship of proposals recognizing prominent West Pacificans[/b] in the World Assembly and continues to do so.

So, if you are [b]good at writing[/b] and would like to [b]learn more about the history of the West Pacific[/b], then writing proposals is for you!  

[b]Ministers:[/b] [nation]Teralyon[/nation]
[b]Internal Deputy Minister:[/b] [nation]United Adaikes[/nation]
[b]External Deputy Minister:[/b] [nation]Varanius[/nation]

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: Send a Discord message to to the Minister, @ZaFo#1920![/u]

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[hr][anchor=hon][/anchor][size=150][b]Hall of Nations[/b][/size][hr]

Besides being the [b]body of all West Pacifican citizens[/b] and the [b]gateway to ministries[/b], the Hall also has [b]activities of its own[/b]! Here are some examples:

[b]Regional Commendations[/b], written by collaborative effort of all citizens to [b]recognize worthy regional members[/b] and support [b]World Assembly plans[/b], a great way to [b]learn about our region[/b];

[b]Weekly Cabinet Meetings[/b], allowing you to [b]know and discuss[/b] about ongoing [b]regional events[/b] and [b]updates by Cabinet Members[/b];

[b]Government Q&A[/b], in which citizens [b]ask a government member[/b] questions they would like to see answered; and

[b]Elections[/b] for the [b]Speaker of the Hall[/b] (coordinator and moderator of elections and forum discussions) and [b]Hall of Nations Guardian[/b] (elected position with similar duties to the Guardians of the West) positions!

[b]Speaker of the Hall of Nations:[/b] [nation]Wymondham[/nation]
[b]Hall of Nations Guardian:[/b] [nation]Santos-Dominius[/nation]

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: Apply [url=]in this forum thread[/url] and await confirmation. Be sure to fill [b]both[/b] the form and the oath![/u]

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[hr][anchor=culture][/anchor][size=150][b]Cultural Trust[/b][/size][hr]

The Cultural Trust is the [b]home of regional culture[/b], composed of several [b]cultural communities[/b].

Note that there is [b]no applying to join for most of these[/b]—simply [b]participate regularly in the activities[/b] and you'll be considered a member. 

The existing communities are listed below:

[list][*]The [b]Roleplay Community[/b], the hub of regional RP where roleplayers share ideas and work on worldbuilding and developing their nations. [b]Our regional map[/b] is part of this community, and applying to join the map gives you many opportunities to roleplay! See the [b][url=]the Roleplay and Map Dispatch[/url][/b] on how to join.
[*]The [b]Card Club[/b], the center of Trading Cards events and contests of our region, guided by experienced card traders! [b]Join our Discord server[/b] and check the [b]#twp-card-club channel[/b], and also take a look at our [b][url=]Trading Cards Introduction[/url][/b] dispatch if you're just starting to trade! 
[*]The [b]Fine Arts Society[/b], the home of artists, writers, graphic designers, poets, and musicians within the region! People are welcome to [b]showcase their artistic abilities[/b] on the designated Discord channels and also [b]volunteer to help the region with their works[/b].
[*][anchor=news][/anchor]The [b]News Group[/b], the publisher of our monthly newspaper called [b][url=]The Western Post[/url][/b], acclaimed as the News Operation of the Year of the 2021 Gameplay Awards, and reports on [b]a wide range of NS and real world topics[/b]. It's always looking for writers and artists to fill the pages, so [u]please contact [b][nation]Fujai[/nation][/b] on Discord at @Smithy876#6074 to join![/u] 
[*]The [b]West Pacific Gaming[/b], which groups people interested in playing various types of [b]other games besides NationStates[/b]. With its headquarters at the #west-pacific-gaming channel, it allows for anyone to [b]stream their gameplay[/b], or even [b]host multiplayer games[/b] for people to have fun!
[*]Last but not least, the Trust's newest community: [b]The West on the Waves[/b], the region's [b]official radio broadcaster[/b]! It hosts both [b]regular shows[/b] and [b]special event-themed ones[/b]. We have the opportunity for anyone to start their own or volunteer to be a guest, [u]please contact [b][nation]Blue Bubble[/nation][/b] on Discord at @Emu#3918 to join![/u][/list]

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[hr][anchor=guides][/anchor][size=150][b]Regional Guides[/b][/size][hr]

The Regional Guides are tasked with [b]welcoming new players[/b] into the West Pacific and [b]getting them comfortable and involved[/b] in the various activities that we offer. 

This includes our daily [b]Today in the West[/b] posts in the Regional Message Board, which helps to [b]engage new players[/b] and [b]inform them of key happenings[/b].

Applying to join as a Regional Guide means you [b]should at least have some basic knowledge of NationStates[/b], but don't worry, you can join even if you don't know everything.

Furthermore, Guides are divided into [b]Junior and Senior Guides[/b] according to their experience and activity as a Guide, serving as a [b]gateway into  higher positions in the region[/b]. Be sure to join!

[b]Head Guide:[/b] [nation]Blue Bubble[/nation]
[b]Deputy Head Guide:[/b] [nation]Sensorland[/nation]

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: Send a Discord message to the Head Guide, @Emu#3918![/u]

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[hr][anchor=utwp][/anchor][size=150][b]University of the West Pacific[/b][/size][hr]

The [b]University of the West Pacific (UTWP)[/b] is the premier and only institute in the West Pacific that [b]develops newer nations into the regional leaders of tomorrow[/b]. 

It is a [b]special apprenticeship program[/b] built through four courses, which are designed after the [b]three main Ministries and the Cultural Trust[/b] as a whole. 

If you're [b]still undecided[/b] on what ministry to join after reading all of this, then the [b]UTWP may be the place for you[/b]! You can get a taste of each, and see which one suits you better. 

After completing UTWP, students will have [b]prior experience upon joining ministries[/b] and thus will be able to [b]rise in the region faster[/b]. 

Enroll today, and [b]be placed in the next cohort[/b]! Enrolling is voluntary, but highly encouraged!

[u][b]How to apply[/b]: [url=]Join the TWP Discord server[/url] and leave a message in the #enroll_at_utwp channel in order to enroll![/u]

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