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Concordia Space Mission - International Orbital Space Station (IOSS)

International Orbital Space Station Concordia
Scientia, Inventio, Concordia

Dear members of the United Forum of Nation,
the delegates,
the scientific community,

It is in great hope that I write and send to you this particular, unprecedented document in our global history. On behalf of my agency, the Nanako Aerospace Exploration Agency, and my nation, The Republic of Nanako, I am honored to present before your eyes one international project of sheer unity. A transcontinental project for science, mankind and our neverresting need for pushing beyond your defined boundaries. Since its primitive beginnings, man has always look upon the stars, their beauty, thier mystery. The dawn of our modern age and technologies could make us go closer for our millenial goal of catching the stars. Today, we have proven ourselves many times that the man could jump so high he could leave the atmosphere, its ultimate frontier to the darkness of space. But costs, politicians, wars, global pressure cuts the men's desire of adventure, discovery.

We think it is time. Time to show the world, ourselves, that we can stand at least of one moment, a tiny bit of our history, one to give hope for a thousand generations, stand in unity, one goal for one planet. It is the day we send man back in space, but this time around permanently, all year round, for at least 50 years. 50 years in which, men and womens, orbiting 400 km above surface will for the first time in history embrace the beauty of a peaceful world, a world that could finally unite its interests in progress and science for the empowering of our minds and soul. Mankind has already sent several humans up around the planet, far away sometimes, to our natural satellites, but never, he remained and observed the potential of man in space.

The International Orbital Space Station (IOSS) project, created by NAXA is the title and basis for what could be man's greatest adventure, an ever growing project, nourished by international cooperation. The idea is pretty straightforward one could say, a multi-module orbital base furnished with survival necessities and experiments to be conducted in space. Astronauts from all over the world could man the station year round rotating between teams of a certain number, allowing small nations with small aerospace budgets to put thier brick in the grand edifice of science. Such a mission would beneficiate not only science and knowledge, but also training nations to share and get closer together. Our expectations are indeed enormous, but what is too large for human scope ? Concordia shall drive us to our finest.

Best regards,

Pr. Henry Tokadewa,
lead scientist of Concordia Project, NAXA

Concordia project is a innovant scientific mission calling for unity and craving for discovery. NAXA wishes to establish by the end of this decade, in cooperation with many other similar agencies form nations all over the world, an internationally built and crewed space station, orbiting above our surface at ABEO (Atmospheric Boundary Earth Orbit, around 400 to 500 km by NAXA standards). Today we adress to the international community in hope to find aditional cooperators to start the project. Current NAXA schedulings and reaserch are allready well in put and first stage of the mission could be accomplished by NAXA without support, but 1 module could not stuffy, and the whole idea of the project would be lost.
Any nation wishing to participate in this fantastic adventure is welcomed to do so.

Current research and development program :
- Command & Living Module : Friendship - Scheduled, running for tests. To be launched by HLC3-II Ikodome
- Power Generation Solar System Module : Helios - 1st test indecisive

Current Astronaut teams :
- Concordia 1 alpha, crew of 2, 3 needed - primary team
- Concordia 1 bravo, crew of 2, 3 needed
- Concordia 1 charlie, crew of 3
- Concordia 1 delta, crew of 3
Slots empty for future international crew

First mission is to be conducted by NAXA as already scheduled. All other modules to be defined.

International Orbital Space Station Concordia
Scientia, Inventio, Concordia

The Republic of Nanako Island