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The Vader Class Super Star Dreadnought

Vader Class Super Star Dreadnought
(Vader Class Dreadnought)


Executive Owner: Emperor Shaun Palpatine
Primary Owner: Darth Vader
Secondary Owner: Darth Kylo Ren
Admiral of Ship: John Markson
Commander: Adam Tarkin

Production Type

Manufacture: Nova Imperium Corelunxion
Line: Star Dreadnoughts
Model Type: Vader Imperial Class Model
Class: Super Star Dreadnought
Made: 2540 (Estimated Production Time)

Technical specifications

Length: 120,500 Meters
Width: 23,800 Meters
Cargo Capacity: 58,500,600 Tonnes
Food Supply: 10 years/ 3650 days

Engines and Hyperdrive

Primary Engine: 20 Morelux Engine Drives (Hyper)
Main Engine: 14 Coresun Engine Drives (Hyper)
Secondary Engine: 10 Eclipse Engine Drives (Warp)
Emergency Engine: 4 Eclipse Engine Drives II (Warp)
Hyperdrive: 10 Hyper Mullew Drives
Primary Hyperdrive: 4 Mega Excension Class Drives
Secondary Hyperdrive: 2 Mega Excension Class Drives
Primary Warpdrives: 4 Super Torreno Class Drives
Emergency Warpdrives: 20 Polota Class Drives


Super Weapon: X1 Achellis Super Laser
X2 Invisble Hand EMP Projectors
Laser Cannons: X38000
Heavy Laser Cannons: X28000
Turbo Lasers: X25000
Ion Cannons: X23000
Anti Matter Cannons: X10000
Tractor Beams: X1500
Gravity Well Projectors: X350
EMP Disabling/ Offense Well Projectors: X10


Elite Multi Purpose Fighters: X22000
Elite Multi Purpose Bombers: X20000
Landing Crafts: X25000
Cruiser: 150
Frigates: 200
Star Frigates: 100
Star Cruisers: 90
Star Destroyers: 20
Battle Cruisers: 5
Troops: 2,500,000
Mechanical Vehicles: 30,000
Artillery: 35,000
Prefabricated Outposts: 350
Prefabricated Bases: 100
Prefabricated Headquarters: 30
Prefabricated Fortress: 5

Ship Destroyer
Space Station
Command Ship
Flag Ship Combat
Ship Destroyer
Anti Aircraft Fighting
Troop Transport
Mobile Operation Center
Planet Destroyer
Research Station
Refuel Station


Grand Imperial Navy
Grand Imperial Airforce
Grand Imperial Military
Grand Sith Imperial Empire of Zenspark
Galactic Sith Imperial Empire
Grand Free Republic of Zenspark (Post Purge/ Pre Vote of Imperial Empire)

The Vader Class Super Star Dreadnought or just nicknamed as the Vader Class Dreadnought will be the biggest ship that the galaxy would have ever seen. It would be one of the most fastest ships as well as the the Hyperdrive Engines are gigantic to support the size of the ship traveling through space.

The Dreadnought is over 100KM in length and over 20KM in width, making it the largest man made ship in the galaxy. To make the ship many resources are being drained from asteroids, Saturn's moons, Jupiter's moon, The Earth's moon itself, and some parts of Earth. Resources are also expected to come from Venus and Mercury soon once the mining equipment is being set up.
Military Resource Advisor Robert Zenskinle stated that; "This project would be one of the most costliest projects in the entire galaxy and one of the most expensive as well. Not to mention the longest!"

The Dreadnought has thousands of guns on the top side and bottom side of the ship. (By Gun that means the number of guns/ turret) The Ship is covered in so many guns that there are more guns then living crew and gunners combined on the ship. The guns would of course take massive amounts of energy to fire which the ship is powered by over 200 (50 of them are Weapon's Energy Generator) Generators and 20 Crystal Generators. 3 of the Crystals and 35 of the Generators goes into the firing of the secondary weapons. Additionally if the ship needed the weapons to go on over drive then the rest of the generators would activate doubling the rate of fires for the guns.
Military Commander of the Eclipse Class Dreadnought I states; "This ship can take down a whole planet without using it's main weapons."

The Dreadnought's shield is one of the most powerful shields in the Galaxy as well. With the Ship can easily ram into other ships with no problem, collide with asteroids with no problems, and has multiple power shields like that. There are 10 total shields on the Dreadnought, powered by multiple generators and 2 Crystals. The hull of the ship is also massice about 1.5 Kilometers thick. Making it one of the most thickest hull in Dreadnought Class Ships.

The Ship is also one of the most fastest. As it's primary engines are also Hyperdrive engines as well as multiple other giant hyperdrive engines. The ship this size would be to slow and ineffective but Kylo, the designer of the ship have designed multiple and massive engines to move the ship.
Military Resource Advisor Robert Zenskinle stated that; "The world's fastest space space station and warhip!"

The Ship is also a massive transport craft. It's max capacity would be over 20 million tonnes of cargo! That is one of the biggest in the world! The ship can also carry of 2.5 million soldiers to other planets or solar systems. The army of these soldiers can also probably take over whole planets along with the massive air support. The Dreadnought can carry over 50 thousands aircraft! Which is the seconds largest ship to carry that many aircrafts in one go. The Dreadnought also can carry over 30 thousand mechanical vehicles as well! Another most amazing thing about this is that there are pre made bases ready to be dropped. Over 300 bases are ready to drop and make a home for the soldiers on a planet.

The super laser on the ship will probably be one of the most devastating laser on the ship. Powered by 10 Giant Crystals it has stages of the weapon firing. The Weapon is located on the nose of the ship and is very well hidden and protected. The first stage takes on 1 Crystal, it usually destroys a shield of another ship. Stage 2 also take one Crystal Power as well, destroying another flagship. Stage 3 takes two crystal firing power, can create a huge explosion to crack planetary shields. Stage 4 takes 4 crystals, usually used to pierce through the shield and destroy a massive city. Stage 5 takes 5 Crystal power and it penetrates the crust of an planet. But the weapon systems of the ship is deactivated with a 24 hours cool down before it can fire again. Each shot also costs tonnes of money as the chip that fires that type of blast would break. Stage 6 can damage a planet's core and takes up 8 crystals but it deactivates most of the ship's power but not the engines, power system, and the shields. Stage 7 the most devastating one, takes up all 10 Crystals and breaks the weapon as a whole. Can destroy planets and penetrate star's cores. Causing a supernova but the ship itself would be deactivated completely. Only the engines and very few power system active.

The ship also a another super weapon. The EMP Generators disables the electronic powers of other ships, or planets. Also takes 5 Crystal and is very devastating which when the ships are deactivated they are describes as "sitting ducks".

In order to keep peace in the world, all nations are requested to help build the ship. Once the ship is complete all nations will have control of the ship. Each with their own embassies inside the ship but with Zenspark as Primary Owner which is just the name of the ship registered to.