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Guide to being a Guardian

The Order of the Grey Wardens: Guide to being a Guardian
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What is a Guardian?

Being a Guardian is for warriors who are unable to engage the Darkspawn on the frontlines and yet are still willing and eager to fight the raider blight.

For those busy during the two game update times, you can still conduct military operations and make a difference as a Guardian. Guardians choose to guard and cleanse the regions of NationStates from the Darkspawn in-between update times with a more flexible schedule. Guardians move into target regions during the 12-hour windows between game updates and provide vital WA endorsement support to their leading officers, as well as conducting detags and off update defenses.

Guardian mission updates are found on the RMB (Regional Message Board) and World Factbook Entry for Guardian missions which are updated every 12 hours. There are also notifications given on Discord, if you are able to join.

You don't need to sign up or register anywhere, either on NationStates, on Discord, or the forum. Just start participating by following this guide! This guide will remain pinned in our region to serve as a handbook whenever you need it.

How to Participate:

We call your current nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens your "main nation". For Guardian missions, you will need another nation, which is called a "puppet nation". You can name this nation whatever you want when you create it. To get your puppet nation setup, follow these steps:

1) If your main nation is admitted to the World Assembly, resign now.
2) Login to your puppet nation, or create it if you have not done so already.
3) Go to the Settings page.
4) Associate a valid e-mail with your nation (make sure this is the same e-mail address as on your main nation).
5) In your Motto, make a reference to the name of your main nation in some fashion (so that we know it's you!)
6) Set the LinkGuardians Flag on that nation
7) Apply to join the World Assembly.
8) Check your e-mail, and confirm your admittance into the World Assembly.
9) Move to the current region listed in the newest Guardian RMB post and endorse the selected nation
10) Remain there until the lead nation gains the delegacy position

Between missions, keep your puppet nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens, endorsing our delegate Avian Collector.

Total mission counts and ranks are calculated at the end of each month by Guardian leadership, typically pinned on the main region page when published.

There may be times where the format of a Guardian mission changes, depending on the needs or goals of the mission. It's important to check your telegrams on your Guardian nation in case you receive special instructions, but here are some you might encounter generally:

  • If asked to move to a region, you move your puppet nation to that region by opening the region page, scrolling to after the World Factbook Entry, and then clicking "Move (Nation) to (Region)". (Note: Do not post on that region's Regional Message Board unless invited by native nations to do so)

  • If asked to endorse a nation, open that nation's page, scroll to the bottom, and click the button "Endorse (Nation)". (Note: You can only do this if your puppet nation is in the same region as that nation)

  • If asked to cross-endorse on a nation, you not only endorse that nation but also every other nation endorsing that nation. To see the endorsees of a nation, scroll to the bottom of the page to "Endorsements received:", which is followed by a list of endorsing nations.

  • If asked to cross-endorse in the region, when you enter a region, you will want to find your fellow Guardian nations and cross-endorse on them. To find these nations, you can either scroll through all nations in the region and look for nations with the Guardian flag, or look at the activity page for that region for nations moving to that region with the Guardian flag.

Guardian Ranks:

Being a Guardian offers quick promotions based on the number of missions you complete and further leadership opportunities. Guardian missions and various Guardian tasks are managed by those who hold the following ranks:

  • Silverite Guardian - The Silverite Guardian is the leader of all the Guardian forces. They will oversee missions and make sure the deeds of the Guardians are remembered for those who come after by maintaining records.

  • Guardian Champion - The Guardian Champion is second-in-command to the Silverite Guardian. They are an experienced veteran of the battlefields and can be trusted to provide leadership in the absence of the Silverite Guardian.

  • Guardian Captain - Guardian captains are those who have shown outstanding dedication to the cause and are entrusted to take the lead on missions when called upon by their superiors.

Even when not in leadership, Guardians can earn titled ranks that reflect their experience and hard-earned effort against the raider blight. These ranks are calculated by leadership at the end of each month, as found in the Guardian mission log:

  • Guardian Knight-Indomitable - These Guardians have dedicated countless hours to protecting regions. You can recognise them by their armor, dented but still glorious, and patched up over and over. That is, if you don't already recognise their storied name. (Awarded to those who have completed more than 125 missions)

  • Guardian Knight-Stalwart - Stalwarts are loyal to their friends and their quest, reliable in every battle, and hard-working, having dedicated their time and sword to a myriad of missions. (Awarded to those who have completed 76-125 missions)

  • Guardian Knight-Bulwark - These Guardians have attended a multitude of missions, their glorious swords always ready to plunge into battle. Regions know they can depend on a Knight-Bulwark. (Awarded to those who have completed 36-75 missions)

  • Guardian Knight - When you hear the gale of wings, and the glint of metal, and the cry of the griffin, a Guardian Knight cannot be far away, ready to help whoever is in need. (Awarded to those who have completed 21-35 missions)

  • Guardian - Guardians are the shields that protect the vulnerable, and the hands that reach out to help people back up after a raid. (Awarded to those who have completed 6-20 missions)

  • Guardian Squire - These young guardians have recently taken up their sword to protect regions all over NationStates. You can recognize them by their shiny new armor and boundless enthusiasm! (Awarded to those who have completed 1-5 missions)

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