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Guide to being a Guardian

The Order of the Grey Wardens
In War, Victory
In Peace, Vigilance
In Death, Sacrifice

Guardians are warriors who are unable to engage the Darkspawn on the frontlines and yet are still willing and eager to fight the blight, choose to guard the regions of NationStates from the Darkspawn. They move in while the battle is at a respite, protecting regions from the dangerous spread of the Darkspawn, while working with native populations to remove all evidence of their influences on afflicted regions.

There is no need to sign up, a quick path to promotion, and little time investment needed!


You don't need to sign up or register anywhere, either on NationStates, on Discord, or the forum. Just start participating by following this guide! This guide will remain pinned in our region to serve as a handbook whenever you need it.

We call your nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens your "main nation". For these misssions, you will need another nation, your so-called "puppet nation". You can call this nation whatever you want. To get your puppet nation setup, follow these steps:

1) If your main nation is admitted to the World Assembly, resign now.
2) Login to your puppet nation, or create it if you have not done so already.
3) Go to the Settings page.
4) Associate a valid e-mail with your nation (make sure this is the same e-mail address as on your main nation).
5) In your Motto, make a reference to the name of your main nation in some fashion (so that we know it's you!)
6) Set the LinkGrey Wardens Flag on that nation
7) Apply to join the World Assembly.
8) Check your e-mail, and confirm your admittance into the World Assembly.

Between missions, keep your puppet nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens, endorsing our delegate Benevolent Thomas.

The Night We Met of Haku