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by The Imperial Osean Kingdom of Asthea. . 56 reads.

Woman of Asthea

This Book is dedicated to the Women's of Asthea who have either served or sacrificed their energy for the Imperial Land

Name: Diao Huan
Nickname: Diao-chan

Info: Participated in the World Great Beauties, winning number 1

Name: Wang Zhao Yun
Nickname: Wang Yun

Info: a gifted musician, winning gold medals in Musical Championship

Name: Zhu Yingztai

Info: The daughter of the Zhu Family, a smart and naive musician who longs, for the same educational rights as men's does

Name: Li Qingzhao

Info: The female poet and in Imperial Asthea, representative of graceful and restrained poetic genre, known as the first talented woman in century

Name: Wei Heifu

Info: one of the three siblings of Wei family, taught songs and dances at the Griswall International School, very popular for her exquisite dance

Name: Sun Huanxiang

Info: the sister of General Sun Jua, a friend of Hana Emiko, she's elegant and talented

Name: Shuang Er

Info: An innocent woman in the Imperial Parliament, she is chivalrous young lady with martial arts skill

Name: Na Wen Yi

Info: daughter of a great scholar, excels at poetry, used to be a good singer

Name: Shusuchin

Info: A Tulavan Princess from the Mountain top, belongs to the Tulavan tribe of Haugu