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Alternia RP Map - RP Open, Claims Open.

Current Date: 1840.

Technology Leaders:

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Player List: (Sorted by - Nation Name / Country Name / Color / Location Reference)

  • - /Rynese Empire/ Kingdom of Austro-Hungary (K.o.A-H.) / Burgundy / Austria-Hungary

  • - Radicaster / Kingdom of Bavaria / Germanic Skyblue / Bayern, Southern Germany

  • - Tanabon / Confederation of Cascadia / United Sky Blue / North-western U.S.A.

  • - Warsaw-Halicz / United Kingdom of Poland, Lithuania and Ruthenia / Deep Midnight Blue / Eastern Europe

  • - Guyomartand / Celtic Union / Forest Green / Northern British Isles, Ireland

  • - Greater Saint-Paul / Kingdom of Prussia / Flintlock Gun-Grey / Central Europe, Preußen

  • - Lotion Empire / Greater Moldova / Black Sea Green / Western Coast of the Black Sea

  • - Volstokn / Kingdom of the Papal State / Papal Beige / Central Italy

  • - The Austro Germanic Union / Kingdom of the Two Sicilies / Purple of Naples / Southern Italy

  • - Montarc / Union of South Africa (USA) / Capes' Blood Red / Southernmost Africa

  • - Kyoki Chudoku / Daruwong / The Red From Down Under / Eastern Australia

  • - North Armatas / Hesse / Brown as the Deep Forest Tree / Central Europe, Central Germany.

  • - Deerfenland / Haiti / Caribbean Navy Blue / Central Caribbean Islands

Federations / Confederations

- The German Confederation (Formed by: State of Austria, State of Czechia (K.o.A-H.), Kingdom of Bavaria) - The German Confederation increases military and financial cooperation between it's member states, and prevents in-wars between Germanic nations. All nations within the German Confederation need to have at least ONE North or South German province to enter. The German Confederation will cease to function after the 18th of July, 1902.

Claiming Rules:

- Claims are size-restricted to the reference claim of Austro-Hungary.
- When claiming, be sure to know exactly what you want as it cannot be changed, and always provide a color.
- Technological rules still apply - Your nation cannot be transported from another dimension.

Technology Rules:

- More-or-less Time-based, though not entirely historical. Such a thing as an Industrialized Austria can (and will) exist.
- There is no end to Science Road.
- Warfare (early RP, 1840-1900) will be very balanced for the most part, so cavalry charges, if led by good enough leaders, can and will change the course of the battle (such as that one Franco-Prussian War battle, 1871). However, it does not mean that you can rely on something that's an RP aspect to direct your warfare. Always try to get your hands on good equipment and rid yourself of things such as cavalry if you don't see them as 'truly effective' in warfare. PS: Artillery only is impossible.

The Special Rules:

- No German Unification thought until 1860+
- Province carving (e.x. asking me, the cartographer, to modify provinces that you take in wars to better fit what you want your borders to be) will be severely limited and Province Splitting will reduce 50% of province worth, population and industrial productivity.