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TSP's Trivia Game

The Trivia Game

The Aim of this Game is very simple. This mediocre game is based on your knowledge (general and about TSP), as well as to avoid being fed to the feral little bunnies that make up my (creatively named) pit of doom.

Basically, I ask a question, and you answer. If you answer the question correctly, you receive points. People who receive the most points over a weekly period win a small, insignificant or insane gift.

However, if you don't answer an questions, you will be fed to the feral bunnies!

Question One

Agalaesia wrote:Right folks: why don't we do a trivia game?

Question One:

What is the Capital of the Csongrad-Csaba region (Hungary)?

First to answer gets 10 points and is saved from certain death or banking fraud.

Hanguk-Nippon gets the correct answer! 10 points to HN!

Question Two!

Agalaesia wrote:
Anyway, Trivia Question Two:

What’s light during the day but heavy during the night?

For 15 points.

West Carlisten has got it on the Discord Server! 15 points to West Carlisten.

Questions 3 & 4

Agalaesia wrote:Right Folks! Some More Trivia!

Only Attempt one question out of the following:

What is the answer to:

14.3+8.2 x 40 for 8 points


Simplify :


for 8 Points

West Carlisten and Official State of Landland get 8 points each.

West Carlisten answered Question Three; Landland answered Question Four!

Question Five

Agalaesia wrote:Have you been sleeping with him again? We told you not to, especially after your children overran the HR department...

Anyway: Trivia.

What was the name of the Norwegian Crown Prince in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

For 7 points.

More details about the trivia contest can be viewed here.

Estantia answered first- he wins 7 points!

Question Six

Agalaesia wrote:
What's something that's easy to see but hard to look at?

10 Points.

The Solar System Scope answers correctly. 10 points to TSSS!