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by The People's Republic of Adenaline. . 44 reads.

Liberalians as Time Periods in American history.

This is my attempt.

Abbots 1980's (Crack epidemic.)

Adenaline 1940's (New Deal.)

The Australian Crownlands 70's (When recreational exercise became popular.)

The Benain empire 50's (Quiet but tense.)

Crissalia 1840's (When Godliness was still in America.)

Eaglenest Early 2000's (Perfectly fine time with lot's of good stuff happening.)

Klorgia1 1920's (Roaring 20's with lot's of theater and movies.)

Pizza puppett Late 2000's (Technology and Pizza!)

Rebels and Saints 1870's (Gilded age, corporate greed)

Uoool 1990's (The most average period of history, yet the most comforting.)

Hopefully no one got offended.