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by The Kingdom of Rebels and Saints. . 41 reads.

Liberalians Going Camping

Abbots: Nobody knows where he is. Ate a gallon of "powdered sugar" and has now seemingly vanished into the wilderness.

Adenaline: Meditating in order to achieve peace with nature. Contemplating the problems of the world.

The Australian Crownlands: Currently wrestling with a bear.

The Benain empire: Sitting in a quiet field, reading. Has literally reached paradise.

Crissalia: Murdered a snake because he was convinced it was the devil.

Eaglenest: Eating tons of s'mores.

Klorgia1: "See, normally you tell campfire stories. But today, we're going to have a campfire singing competition."

Pizza puppett: Trying to figure out the campsite wifi password.

Rebels and Saints:Accidentally gave into pyromaniac tendencies and burned down the forest.

Uoool: Hiked to the top of the nearby mountains. Not quite sure what everybody else is high on.