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"There is no definition of beauty,
but when you can see someoneís
spirit coming through,
something unexplainable,
thatís beautiful to me."

Amzielean Proverb
ďLook around you. Everything changes. everything on this world is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this world to remain stagnant.Ē

- Amzielian Proverb

New Amzielean

A dawn came to a new world. A world not of war and strife but of renewal and peace. Project Zero Dawn, the massive terraforming system brought both a end and a beginning to Angelarium. No longer are the oceans stain red but instead brimming with life and a brilliant shade of blue. The skies once choked by pollution and a ever present cloud layer now gave way to a cerulean expanse. The idyllic landscape was not the only thing be remade by the program. Scattered across the Pangea, the continent formed from the smaller landmasses, new life would open their eyes for the first time to the world around. These were the Amziel but not any typical Amziel. Rather they were the combined blood of Amziel, Teu-tel-quessir, Drachidae, and Zeidaen. Such union was the work of Rayla who believed that it was both symbolic and sentimental for her circle of friends. It was also a way to differate them enough so Tiamat won't see the need to wipe them out. These children in a new age stood as a typical humanoid would. Their size and shape still retain similarities to their Amziel heritage. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, and the like. Racial features on the other hand is more Teu-tel-quessir in nature.

Typically pale to dark skinned with colored markings stretching across parts of their body. Sprouting from their head are a small pair of horns. Unlike pure Teu-tel-quessir the horns don't possess any mystical properties. Instead they are much more mundane in chemical properties. Serving as a reserve for micronutrients, which can be valuable in case of food or water sources. Due to this there is myth that if grinded could be a cure for hangovers, cancer, and impotence. Running through their veins is the blood of Zeidaen. The golden ichor of a immortal race. Who had once sculpted the heavens and held dominion over it. This race has long since passed but now it flows once more in the new race. It holds similar properties to the Zeidaen of old. Rejuvenate dead body cells, strength the immune system to a high degree, and grants them agelessness. Their bodies ceases to mature when they reach full adulthood. It serves as a defense mechanism when shed that if coming into contact with exposed skin cells it will seep into it. Resulting in a neurological shock that overstimulate the brain to the point of seizure or heart attack. Those who survive it state the effects are similar to lysergic acid diethylamide ony a hundred times more powerful. If non-Amziel were to distilled and drink it they would find the sensation of years rolling off of them with less intense hallucinations.

The nature of their Drachidae quarter is nebulous for it is believed that the gift is great willpower. Forever unbroken, unbowed, and unbent to all those who would overtake them. An beautiful facet of Amziel nature but marred by the consequences of having such draconic influence. Before the mental state of a person varies but now they have become creatures of wild emotion and instinct. Driven by an eternal and insatiable hunger to devour. The craving worse so when the combined genes leads to a high metabolism. If the powers to be have not been in Angelarium when the race was reincarnated, it was very likely a cannibalistic culture would have sprang up overnight. The danger is still there of course, the need to kill, kill, and kill lurks in the back of their minds. [This will be learn later that the source of this is due to the Amziel template that was in the program was based on the very original gene sequence of Amzielean. This is important because on the original homeworld they had a form of gas called Ambrosia in the atmosphere which they rely on for nutrition. Given the lack of it on Angelarium, their bodies are unable to cope and try to use any source as a substitute.] To eat another to grow stronger for when an Amziel devours something their body breaks the substance down and convert the released energy to their own. No matter what it is that they eat. Whether is be something biological or mystical of nature they have the need to consume it. The race is still sensitive to the mystical realms of the universe. Aware of many supernatural elements and can even perceive it with their eyes. They still have capabilities to tap into the arcane as before only now more refined. However with their nature they are more at risk to lose control of their energies, hurting both themselves and others.

Ishnar Amzielean

It's no surprise for Ishnar Amzielean to be radically different than their Angelarium cousins. Not for the fact that they were spliced with other genes but that their template were Amzielean as it was since they first became a dominant species on their homeworld. Since then they went through generations of evolution and slight genetic modifications over time. By the time of their exodus into the new universe they were completely different than their origin genetic template in almost every way. Not much is yet known about these ancient ancestors of the New Amziel. Recent discoveries by the Anubite Lady Kissa who after discovering their existence and visiting their homeworld took note of a few characteristics. Skin possessing some nature of bioluminescence due to their unnatural sheen. Their iris constantly change hue. Hair were more lush, vibrant, and colorful. More information about this race will come with time as the existence of the Ishnar slowly becomes known across Hoshizora.

Shared Biological Trait - Magic Circuits

Despite the gap in genetics there is one biological feature that they both share. Magic Circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and what qualifies a person to be a magus. Their normal functions are to act as paths that convert Life Force into magical energy, but Amzielean learned how to control it and use it to perform mysteries. They are that which connects the material world to the astral plane, the paths which connect to the foundations underlying Grand Rituals. If magical energy is the force that actualize the rules of a Thaumaturgical Foundationís system, then the Magic Circuits are the pipelines that converts magical energy and transmit that energy from the magus to the system. Magic Circuits reside within the magusís soul, and what is found on the body is just a physical expression of them that stretches itself throughout the body in a fashion similar to the nervous system.

They are composed of core components, which are the actual Circuits so to say, and bypasses that connect those components to the brain. Magic Circuits do not change and once damaged they cannot be repaired. Because organic activity is necessary for the operation of Circuits, it is a common mistake to think that they are literally a part of the magus body. There are rare occasions in which the Circuits continue working even after the practitionerís body has ceased all vital functions. In these cases, destruction of the brain is necessary to stop the Circuits. Their Quality and Quantity are ranked through letters like Magecraft, and their Composition often varies between magi.

Like any other organ, the number of Magic Circuits that one possesses is determined at birth and cannot decrease or increase naturally, meaning that those from older lineages will be more powerful, but it is possible to change that number artificially through a number of methods. One of those methods is through the establishment of a mystic pass between two magi from which the Circuits can transferred. As the Circuits are located in the soul, a fusion of body and mind is required during the transplant. However, the process carries the same risks and complications as a transplant of organs. Furthermore, as the Magic Circuits become unstable if tampered while in use, there is a possibility of mutual destruction if a contract similar to that between a magus and his familiar has not been established beforehand.

For that and other reasons, lineages of magi seek not to tamper with the Circuits of their members while they are alive, but rather try to produce descendants with the greatest "extra" number of Magic Circuits possible. Note that number is not everything, and quality and precision of the Circuits are also an important factor that differs from lineage to lineage. The Zaokia bloodline is known for producing magi with a low quantity of Magic Circuits, but the great quality of their Circuits is more than enough to compensate for that. Meanwhile, the Lolemoht possess a powerful brand of Magic Circuits known as Blue Blood Noble Magic Circuits. Despite the radical genetic and spiritual change for Amziel Post-DOR it's recorded that many of these 'bloodlines' manage to survive the transition.

A note of interest that have been securely recorded by the Alexandria archives is that for Pre-Dor Amziel. The Circuits are ultimately something unnatural for the Amziel body and their activity will cause pain and numbness to the magus. Their very presence in the human body is something uncommon and an ordinary person will have little to none. Also, the use of Magic Circuits increases the magus bodily temperature. After the transition the degree of which this side effect went down is debated. Some have been recorded to take longer than normal to experience pain while others display normal readings. Suggesting that perhaps the transition has kicked an evolutionary leap in Amziel genes and it will take a few generations to see if this change will stay. On a relevant statstic it's also reported that the average number of Circuits for Amziel went up to 40 from Pre-DOR 20.

Shared Biological Trait - Magic Crests

Magic Crests are the most important treasure of a lineage of magi and while uncommon, non-magi Amziel as well. Engraved on the body in a variety of shapes, most typically in a magic circle, a Magic Crest is a series of Magic Circuits that were given a more stable form in order to act as an archive of thaumaturgical capability. At some point of the magusí life, he will forge some of his own Magic Circuits into the Crest, store many, if not all, spells that he learned in life and then pass it down to his successor. As the process repeats itself with each new generation, the older a lineage is, the greater the number of Circuits forming the Crest, and the greater the amount of knowledge stored inside it. It is the duty of any heir of a family of magi to successfully expand and pass down the Crest to the next generation.

As the complexity of the Crest increases with each new generation, the spells stored inside them become more stable and easier to activate. As long as the Crest is completely integrated with the magus' body, he will be able to cast any spell recorded in the crest, even if he himself never had the chance to learn it properly. All he has to do is to activate the Crest just like he would do to a normal Circuit (by running magical energy inside of it), find the spell stored inside and activate it with its relevant incantation and thaumaturgical process. Furthermore, it is possible to use it to support the magus' regular spellcasting and, whenever the magus gets heavily injured, the Crest is capable of keeping him alive for as long as there is still magical energy inside his body. Location of the Crest varies. Heulyn Lloyd for instance (Whose Aztiluth acts as a proxy Magic Crest) is engraved on top of her right hand.

Although the Crest is a set of Magic Circuits independent from those natural to a magusí body, and cannot be detected when no magical energy is being passed through them, transplantation of a Magic Crest is still very much like that of an internal organ and thus can only be done to a compatible host. Normally that would mean someone who shares blood relation with the magus, but that is not an unbreakable standard. Even between close relatives, the chances of rejection are high. Therefore, in order to increase the chances of success, the transplant is done slowly throughout the heirís childhood, so that their bodies can get accustomed to the presence of the Crest as they mature. Furthermore, the use of medicines made of special herbs and crushed bone is normal during the whole process, although bloodlines with a long history of 500 years or more have achieved a genetic uniformity that allowed them to overcome the need for that altogether.

Despite all the troubles, the Magic Crest is still a highly valued article for any magus. But since usually only one person can inherit it, troubles can arise when there is more than one candidate. Itís not unheard of for bloody feuds to erupt within a clan of magi because of a dispute between two or more children fighting over the familyís Crest. It was because of that and other reasons that the current trend of only one heir per family (and the consequential policy of forsaking or excluding all other children) came to be. In a sense, Runes and magic jewels can be considered simplified forms of Magic Crests. The Mages Association also has technology for extracting just the magic crest from the body and storing it.