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Scriptum Pacificus Orientalem - Your One Stop Shop to TEP Law

Scriptum Pacificus Orientalem

I'm proud to announce that I can release a new, revised version of the Scriptum Pacificus Orientalem.

The SPO is a reference book containing all official TEP law, including the Concordat, treaties, laws, resolutions, standing orders, .. .

First published in April of 2013, this edition is the 31st edition overall! Previous versions were all posted on the TEP forums (Linkfind them here).

For this edition, all of TEP's legal texts were updated to reflect the current state of TEP law, and the SPO itself, which was becoming a huge document, has been split in 4 parts : The Concordat, Interregional law (treaties), Laws & Resolutions, and Standing Orders. This means the documents themselves are less complex and easier to navigate.

More good news : I've started working with Serge (Libertanny) to refresh the graphics used in the SPO. We are aiming to release another version soon, including the new artwork. Meanwhile, I release this version already to provide a new update of the legal texts. Stay tuned!

Lastly, this edition does not feature any Executive Orders any more, as they have gotten out of use, and no Executive Orders are really in effect at this point.

It is my sincere hope that the renewed publications of the SPO will allow the Magisters, government officials and Citizens of TEP to understand, use and reform TEP law more efficiently.

LinkDownload the PDF-files here

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