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A Quest with TRR and XKI

Taking a page from the lovely event hosted by Dali and Bran at Dali Drag Race, TRR and XKI are joining together to do our own puppet region showdown!

We've created the region The Unicorn The Island and the Wardrobe, and we would like you to join, with a brand new puppet!

Your puppet should have a fantasy name. Something inspired by Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and so forth. Once you've made the puppet, join the region and tell us who you are on the RMB!

"That's nice, but what is the point, Sarah?"

I'm glad you asked! The point is, this will be a competition! Starting on Sept. 13th, there will be a theme. You will be encouraged to change your flag, motto, currency, and so forth to fit the theme of the day into your region. There will also be daily questions on the theme on the RMB that may or may not sway the judges voting!


  • 1 point for flag change to theme

  • 1 point for motto change to theme

  • 1 point to money change to theme

  • Each judge will award 1-5 points based upon their subjective feels. Then everything gets tallied up


  1. Kuri

  2. Sarah

  3. Jack

  4. TwoBagger

Judging will be done at 9pm est each night. The next theme will be announced after the judging has been finalized. The first theme will be announced 9am est on Sept 13th.

The region will be open from Sept 6th to Sept 13th 8am. After that, the region will be locked. You MUST create a new puppet for this event!

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