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by The Imperial Dominion of Osieana. . 2 reads.

Imperial Constitution

1. Imperial citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression so long as it does not call for the overthrow of the Emperor and his government.

2. Imperial citizens are free from the burden of providing shelter to imperial soldiers unless absolutely necessary for national security or during war time.

3. Any Being living within the Empires borders is free to worship any religion of their choosing, however the practices of sacrificing a sentient being or any other living creature for that faith is forbidden.

4. Only members of the nobility are allowed to receive an officer rank in the imperial military but enlisted members of the military can be promoted to officer but require the support of at least one member of Nobility who is actively serving in the military.

5. Individuals living within the borders of the Empire who are charged with a crime have the inalienable right to appeal to the emperor to act as the judge for their case, but can be turned down by the emperor if he deems it a matter that should be handled by the imperial courts.