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Autropolis - Statement Bulletin

[size=150][b]15. April, 2020 | Statements from the Office of the Secretary Chancellor[/b][/size]

It has been a while since my last post to this bulletin so I will be sure to update you on all the happenings over the past three months.

It's important I begin with the present. As of this week there are now three major headlines circulating through the nations of Autropolis:
∙ The region has been password-locked to completely fortify our borders. Nothing may get in without direct clearance from either I, Ellenburg or Endolantron.

∙ The regional election is coming up; there are three seats under the referendum:
⠀⠀┗ Secretary Chancellor
⠀⠀┗ Secretary Executive (FA Minister)
⠀⠀┗ Chief Recruiter
In addition, two appointments for Judicial judges of Autropolis are vacant and need to be filled. Please telegram either I or [nation=long+noflag]Ellenburg[/nation] if you're interested in these positions.

∙ The URA is under threat from The Black Hawks. A total of four raids took place, of which two were successful, by the time a warning was dispatched by [nation=long+noflag]Bluelight-R006[/nation] of [region]OmniOne[/region] to all members of the URA. Our region has learned a lot in the wake of the raid against us and we have a great amount of stored influence to recover quickly from a raid. Autropolis and the URA are doing all we can to resolve the conflict peacefully.

Other headlines circulating through Autropolis include the amendment to the Government Reform Act, A.L. 0001 on April 9th. A planned amendment to the Government Elections Act, A.L. 0002 which is undergoing formal writing. There is also a contingency plan in the works should one of the elder nations of Autropolis cease-to-exist due to uncontrollable external factors.

News circulating in our region originating from outside of Autropolis and the URA, [nation=long+noflag]Kuriko[/nation] has won the seat of General-Secretary of the WA. This region supported their campaign and we hope to see real change in the WA in order for new writers to grow.

That is all for now, take care and be safe.

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