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The West Pacifican (Desktop Edition) - September 2019

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

My Vision for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I’ve loved the concept of foreign affairs for as long as I’ve understood it, both within NS and outside of it. Since becoming MoFA of TWP, my eyes have been opened in terms of both the importance of the foreign affairs department and the responsibilities of its head. One such responsibility that I plan to focus on going forward is the responsibility to recruit and educate new blood for the Diplomat Corps.

Presently, the corps consists primarily of fewer, more experienced diplomats. I hope to reach out to the game-side population more often in order to find players who are interested in forging new careers in FA rather than depending on a few seasoned ambassadors to bear the workload. I am confident that this will be a healthy change for the FA department going forward.

Upright Recruitment and Citizenry Brigade

The Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry has, in my opinion, one of the tougher jobs in a feeder region like TWP. The ministry does a number of things, such as maintaining the official roster of citizens and the occasional purge of the non-compliant. But more importantly (and more vaguely), R&C is charged with recruiting new players to become members of the Hall of Nations and, once they are citizens, helping them get plugged in with any and all Ministries that they want to be a part of.

This election cycle, R&C has once more fallen into my clutches, and this go round, my goal is to focus more on getting players involved from game-side onward. Out of over 5,800 nations, less than 1% are citizens. The RMB is frequently the first place newcomers will interact, and it stands to reason that a warm welcome there and through personal telegrams can go a long way toward getting them interested and involved. If you’re the outgoing type (or even if you aren’t), we have a place for you in the ministry staff. Just telegram me for details or
hit me up on Discord.

WA Nations Honored With Rank of Youxia

For a resident to be considered eligible for Youxia recognition, a nation must hold between 100 and 150 endorsements over a period of two weeks. This is to prevent obvious threats from gaining recognition, especially if they cross the endorsement cap. This is also to promote responsible endorsement swapping in the region by considering only those who hold above 100 endorsements in the two-week period. Being below 100 endorsements in the two-week period can deem a nation ineligible.

For Aug 10-24: (13) Fujai, Wickedly evil people, Westwind, Liberillia, Cro Magnon, Gryphonian Alliance, The Undivided, Bhang Bhang Duc, Papercuts and Skittles, Denieria, Doggerstan, Oometz, Ilmecith

For Aug 25-Sep 6*:(17) Fujai, Wickedly evil people, Westwind, Liberillia, Cro Magnon, Gryphonian Alliance, Oometz, Papercuts and Skittles, Denieria, Bhang Bhang Duc, The Undivided, Doggerstan, Pandaland II, Shaqolandia, Kittenlicious, Zamoland, Halvard

*Tentative as list published prior to official announcement.

The Wild West Show

It has been one helluva ride the past few months. We have ridden bulls, dressed in drag, awkwardly danced at prom, crooned on the RMB, and shown we march to the beat of our own drum. While the staff at Ministry of Internal Affairs have been the architects of eccentricity, the success is entirely the doing of the denizens of this great region. With your continued support, IA will continue to build servers, events, and opportunities to come together and have our own kind of fun.

September Word Search
Guardians & Ministers

Can you find all twelve names?

Delegate’s Discourse
Where Have We Been; Where Are We Going?

By The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Delegate of The West Pacific

Although Delegates of The West Pacific may step down whenever they please, the tradition is to not serve much more than a year. Governing a GCR for too long can lead to burn-out and stagnation. Our longest-serving Delegate was All Good People at 407 days, followed by Big Bad Badger with 368. As I took office on November 2, 2018, it is expected that I will abdicate sometime in November. That means I have roughly three months left of my Delegacy.

What have my team and I (mostly my team!) accomplished so far? The biggest change was the institution of TWP’s new theme – Imperial China (with an island flavor … we won’t give up our rum!). Just the discussion and planning leading up to this change precipitated unprecedented participation from our residents. To complement the new theme, I also established a new body in our government, LinkThe Hall of Peers. The new theme and structure now makes available to the LinkDelegate as Dragon-Emperor a raft of Linktitles and honors that may be bestowed upon those who contribute to our great region, recognizing and promoting merit.

Another focus has been team-building. Often in any region, most of the work is done by a handful of talented, enthusiastic people. In TWP these are primarily the Ministers. To aid them, prevent burn-out and spur wider input, we have stressed the importance of building teams. This also deepens the pool from which future leaders may come. Until real life recently abducted a couple of key players, our Ministry of Internal Affairs has exemplified this team work and allowed our talented and energetic Bran Astor to support TWP with many new programs and events, while being able to maintain at least a tentative hold on his sanity.

As our Ministers will be writing their own articles, I will try not to steal their thunder and just touch on a few of the highlights here. As mentioned, Internal Affairs has been extremely active contributing such programs as an arts showcase, senior prom, music festival, rodeo and much more. They have also made a huge new commitment to expanding and supporting RP … not something traditionally found to any great extent in this region.

Our military, TWPAF, has been cleared of the dead wood under Commander Kawaii Schoolgirl, and is beginning fresh recruiting and training initiatives. They continue to support our allies and have also won several entertaining operations.

Led by Arkadia Universalis, our Foreign Affairs Minister, we have negotiated treaties with Lazarus and The Hall of The Red Rose and détente with The South Pacific. In order to promote awareness for the safety of our players, we, along with Osiris and The East Pacific, established the Protecting Our Player Accord which now has 17 signatory regions or organizations.

I think that NS can be a confusing place for new players, so education has always been an important focus for me. Rizorien, our Minister of Education, has assisted in this effort by producing several educational programs. The most recent was a WA symposium, presented in conjunction with our WA Ministry, led by Denieria. Anyway … I said I would try not to repeat too much of what the Ministers themselves will publish, so let me turn now to the future.

Where do we go from here? With three months left, there are a couple of FA initiatives I would like to pursue, and of course I have to choose my successor, but these I will have to update you on in a future issue. A drive to increase activity in TWP is how I would like to finish my term. This is a game, a leisure-time activity. I don’t think there is any way to force a player to increase their participation. Obviously, our approach should be to make them aware of the many opportunities we provide to enrich their play. We will address this in a few ways. First, this article is part of a new commitment to revitalize The West Pacifican. We must communicate better with our residents. Next, Dalimbar, our Speaker of The Hall, will lead a campaign to make our residents aware of the importance of endorsing the Delegate and his Guardians, as well as of joining the WA. Finally, our new Minister of Recruitment and Citizenship, Overthinkers, will develop an outreach to those players still only answering issues. He will also assist me in developing teams of active but not yet involved players to join our Ministers in their work.

I have enjoyed serving The Best Pacific … and I still have more to do! Help me and your Ministers to continue to make playing NS in The West Pacific amazing!

RP in the West?

C.J. Ryland of Nieubasria met his match in a
bull named Trebuchet.

Lady Anastasia and Tracy Martel search for
TWP's Next Drag Superstar.

Home opener at Badgerroot State University.

The center of RP in TWP is the Map of The West Pacific. LinkCitizens of The West Pacific can claim territory, develop a history, culture, and people for their nation alongside other nations in our fair region. RP relating to the map is very welcoming of whatever things you want to include in your nation, within reason. The current RP year is 1420 SM, or 1,420 years after the founding of the Holy Principality by Saint Mark. This translates to 2020 CE on Earth. Most technologies are equivalent to modern day, but some may be slightly more advanced.

There are four continents in The West Pacific: Andolia, Aura, Doll Guldur, and Polaris.

Andolia is located in the southern hemisphere—a land of plateaus and grasslands in the east and mountainous shores in the west. Some of the major nations in Andolia are Overthinkers, Nrevyw, and New Velka.

Aura is the historical center of The West Pacific—much of the continent is tropical, covered in lush rain forests and fertile plains. Its largest nation is The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, which has long been a beacon of culture and power in The West Pacific. Other major nations include Arkadia Universalis, and Dilber.

Doll Guldur is a wildland in the northeast of The West Pacific—its rugged land is made up broken shorelines and plains between its great mountain ranges. Major nations in Doll Guldur are Denieria, Mediobogdum, and Rizorien.

Polaris is located in the far north of The West Pacific—it is a land of great forests and greater mountains in the west, grasslands and hills in the east, and desert in the center and south. Major nations in Polaris are Nieubasria, Recuecn, and Bran Astor.

TWP's two RP locations are the Linkregional forums and the LinkRP discord. However, these two places have different uses.

LinkTWP's forums are the official home of TWP's traditional-style RPs. These usually involve continuous stories told collaboratively through forum posts. These don't usually go very quickly, as not everyone can be active all the time, but they tend to produce very immersive stories because of the ability to write longer posts. Sports RPs and international incidents are other types of RP that live on the forums.

LinkTWP's RP Discord server is the home of our less traditional RP. The server is a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone who is interested TWP's roleplaying community. It is not a game-play or foreign affairs Discord, nor is it a substitute for the general chat and spam functions of main TWP server. Its activities include nation building, arts and crafts, regional planning, and all sorts of other things. The server has a lot of different channels, but don't be overwhelmed, a rundown of what they all mean can be found in the #welcome channel. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ping (@) or direct message (DM) one of the Lorekeepers—they're there to help.

The Continental Congresses don't currently have meaning beyond out of character (OOC) planning, though there are whispers of the development of international organizations in The West Pacific. You are a member of the Continental Congress channel for whatever continent your nation is located on. The channel is meant to be a place for denizens of each continent to come together to discuss collective histories, geography, and give support as needed. At some times, some Congress channels may be more active than others, but don't let this discourage you. If no one else in your channel is active, then that's a fantastic opportunity to start something completely new to inspire your neighbors! The bottom line here is that activity begets activity.

Stay tuned to official RP channels for more information in the coming weeks!

Unfortunately, the following ministers elected to not participate in this month's issue of The West Pacifican. Contact them directly with questions, comments, or concerns.
The West Pacific Armed Forces - Kawaii Schoolgirl (Commander), Nrevyw (Sergeant-at-Arms); World Assembly Affairs - Denieria
Education - Our new MoE spent the last week glaring menacingly at Hurricane Dorian. Dilber was so intimidating the storm veered north and decided to make a mess of the Carolinas.