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In Defense of NS Stats

A lot of people on F7 have seen me actually use NS stats not just on myself but for other people as well, this has upset some people. To those people I have a question "why are you making an account on a political simulation game, if you're just going to ignore to political aspect of the game". I understand there are draws to the forums for role playing and i know factbooks exist to set up your nations lore, but those in my opinion should be secondary to the games actual premise of politics. I use NS stats because it is the most accurate political reflection of a nation in question. Anything can be written in a factbook, but the stats show an unbiased numerical reflection of how a nation carries itself politically. I'm perfectly fine with a nation wanting to role play a bit, I fully understand wanting to develop a nations lore, but i think there are ways to better conduct concepts like "The technologically advanced space empire" without totally flipping off the population stat. My main problem is all too often I see people declare the NS stats BS because they have a high tax rate, or not as good of an economy as they'd like, but in my opinion the stats that NS provides aren't BS they just show problems in your nation that you need to put some time into fixing.